ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series 10.26.07

ShoXC returns two weeks prior to their next EliteXC event. Aaron Rosa battles Jared Hamman in the light heavyweight main event and the undercard featuring Javier “Showtime” Vazquez and two women not named Gina Carano.

Aaron Rosa vs. Jared Hamman (Light Heavyweight)
Ref: Marcos Rosales

Rosa is a student of Tito Ortiz and Team Punishment. He grazes the undefeated Hamman with a wild right to start the fight. Hamman gets a takedown as a means to not get hit in the face anymore. Rosa gets away from Hamman’s underhooks and back up to his feet. Hamman scores another takedown and dominates a little more with the mount work. Rosa finally gets something in his favor when Hamman goes for a belly to belly flip but Rosa ends up on top. Rosa lands a few shots on top including a leaping punch.

Hamman takes Rosa down to start the second round. Hamman is standing while Rosa is down and throws some wild punches but misses. Rosa looks to be trying to catch him in a triangle. Hamman gets down and gets side control and does some work before grabbing Rosa’s back and getting the quick tapout from rear naked choke. The official decision is Jared Hamman by rear naked choke at 1:46 of round 2.

Televised Undercard

– Muhsin Corbbrey submitted Bobby McMaster at 4:59 of the first round. McMaster controlled much of the fight with a takedown and good ground and pound work. Corbbrey remained calm and patient and took advantage of a questionable restart to get a guillotine out of a slam.

– Hey, it’s women fighting and neither are named Gina Carano. Shayna Baszler made Jennifer Tate submit at 0:44 of the first round with an armbar. Pretty smooth performance from Baszler who scored a takedown, moved to full mount, and then got the armbar out of the mount.

– Malaipet leg-kicked his way to a unanimous decision victory over Kaleo Kwan. Malaipet dominated and it would have made sense for Kwan to try to take him down but Kwan isn’t a man that is known for his logic. He’s known for his tough thighs as he took at least 50 unblocked leg kicks throughout the fight.

– Javier Vazquez forced JC Pennington to tap at 1:15 of round one with a one-armed rear naked choke. Vazquez did everything better than Pennington in this fight. After the fight, Vazquez announced his retirement and Quadros proved he is truly a moron. Vazquez was in only his second fight of a comeback from three years of inactivity. After explaining he is retiring to build a training facility and spend time with his family, Quadros asked Vazquez to, “explain exactly why you are retiring.” Listen dumbass.