Roisin Murphy, the former singer of Anglo-Irish trip-hop outfit Moloko (as well as the voice of Handsome Boy Modeling School‘s fantastic track “The Truth”) sustained a serious injury to her eye socket while performing at the Ikra Club in Moscow this past Saturday.

The singer, who was touring as a solo act, had been performing some sort of dance routine during the set and accidentally struck her head against a chair, according to witnesses. She was immediately rendered unconscious and was rushed to an area hospital. A spokesperson for Murphy told reporters that she had a severe concussion and lost “a lot of blood”, but her vision was unharmed and she was expected to make a full recovery.

Subsequent shows in Krakow, Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Munich and Vienna have been canceled in order to allow Murphy the seven-day recovery that her physician has ordered, but according to her management, an upcoming tour of the U.K. and Ireland that is scheduled to start later in the month will go on as planned.

Interesting to note that Murphy’s former band, Moloko, is named after the Nasdat slang (from A Clockwork Orange) for “milk”, which was taken from the actual Russian word of the same meaning. This injury occurred in Russia. Coincidence… or conspiracy?