Make Movement: Lack of Quality WWE Programming

The state of the WWE is really riding on the return of Chris Jericho, and with it being majorly played up the last few weeks and constantly online among the wrestling community, the fact WWE is refusing to deliver it right now is very dangerous. I can and do appreciate attempts to want to dangle the carrot to reach the highest level of fan reaction in bringing a major wrestling superstar back, but, we really need him right now and the longer the WWE waits – the ratings have the potential to bottom out.

WWE: This is not the time to try to teach the Internet wrestling writing community a lesson in controlling your programming. WWE has attempted to resent the Internet wrestling writing community for being outspoken about programming, but someone has to. This is not good quality ANYTHING. I have no problem writing about when I feel the WWE writing is good, but when it’s not, it’s my job to say so. It hasn’t been consistently good in quite some time. Storylines are poorly written and opportunities are missed often. Fans are more tempted to tune out on a regular basis more than ever. Fans need a major shot of someone to bank on that is fresh on the screen, and Chris Jericho and Edge are the ways to go. As much as I love DX and Steve Austin, put Y2J back on RAW, don’t make fans have to pay $40 for the pay off.

The Diva Halloween Battle Royale = Victoria Is Greatness. I may be one of the few to appreciate this, though it’s slow to watch but I have enjoyed her tribute to Yokozuna. It’s not meant to be analyzed seriously and I can appreciate Victoria’s work rate and like the fact that she can amuse me in a oversized sumo costume. Jillian as Britney works for me too because I’m used to Jillian being the comedy portion of the diva roster. Mickie James is one of the most misused talents on the WWE roster, I have talked about this recently in a Pro Wrestling Advocates taped programming last week, and I will get into Mickie’s misuse later.
The rest of the participants? Who cares. Kelly Kelly is the Miz of the Divas roster.

The Shawn Michaels promo with Vince McMahon has been done before. Vince is the Devil’s Advocate and it was distracting for this same type of “you know you got it in you Shawn!” promo was distracting. When Shawn shows passion, we all benefit but Shawn clearly missed the Sweet Chin Music and it looked like they possibly called a audible to make it look like that was planned and Shawn was just teasing Vince with the brush with Sweet Chin Music. Shawn is usually on the mark with that and should have just nailed it (Boss or not), but it was nicely saved by the audible.

How has Randy Orton remaining WWE Champion taken all the wind out of his character? That belt has to get off of him fast, it does nothing for the main event picture, it does nothing for his character. He doesn’t need the belt to be a good performer, but this is definitely and should be a wake up call that the WWE main event picture needs more heels than Mr. McMahon and Umaga. Mr. Kennedy’s not even in the main event picture right now and neither is Jeff Hardy if they are pairing him with D.H. Smith to give him “the rub.”

The real big time heel player right now could very well be Santino Marella. He is so much fun to watch, he has perfected his character and I’m going to enjoy the payoff next week when Austin shows. The only thing I wish they hadn’t done is take the Philadelphia/AIDS shot. Is there a major homophobe on the writing team or what? However, Santino’s development has been one of the biggest surprises of this year.

I’m going to discuss this each and every week until something changes but WWE is ruining Mickie James. Not only are they making Trevor Murdoch even less appealing then ever, they have compromised her character so much that – IS THIS THE SAME WOMAN WHO ONCE WENT AFTER TRISH STRATUS AND WAS ONCE BILLED AS BEING CRAZY? Instead of properly booking her in a proper program against Beth Phoenix, she’s being reduced to being the Trish Stratus in a re-done Christian/Y2J/Trish breakup angle. The only payoff of this completely stupid storyline is Mickie heel turning on Trevor. Either let the angle die out or let her return to some sort of heel glory. Also, fans didn’t give a damn about that tag match later with Murdoch/Cade and London/Kendrick so way to go writers for ruining the division beyond current repair right now.

The PPV apparently didn’t have room for Hornswaggle so it was strange to have the really long “father/son” talk with Vince and Horny, to enrage some raging bull-like hate charge in Hornswaggle. That segment fell on it’s face and it just seemed like a long commentary on how Vince feels about something in his life.

The Mick Foley addition to the match with the Socko we could all see a mile away. It could have been funnier than it actually was with a mini-Socko and not the ‘smaller but not normal sized’ sock they used. They have to watch what they do with Hornswaggle at this point to not dry that well.

The ending of RAW really doesn’t deserve to be talked about because it was such a week show. A no finish on this show, a stupid, DQ finish with the low blow with Orton/HBK on the PPV, all of it insulting to the wrestling audience. I talk about this injustice on Pro Wrestling Advocates radio in-depth, about how I feel that these type of finishes should not happen at all because it kills the creditability of the championship it involves. We have for years have seen screwed up finishes and people using low blows in matches before and not getting the match stopped for that, so that particular finish is completely unacceptable, as well as someone ending the match for not breaking a “beat down” on a five count during a championship match which happened on TNA not that long ago.

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