ECW Preview for October 30, 2007


Preview: Devil’s night
October 30, 2007 has learned that The Miz will face John Morrison tonight in a No. 1 Contender’s Match. The winner will go on to face ECW Champion CM Punk next week for the title.

Both men are coming out of Cyber Sunday hungry for the championship. The Miz had a missed opportunity at the pay-per-view while Morrison has yet to have his chance at CM Punk with the gold at stake. Both competitors also genuinely dislike each other after several miscommunications in matches during the last few weeks where they were forced to team together. What will happen when their destinies are no longer up to our fans, but rather in their own hands? Punk may have preserved the gold for one more night at Cyber Sunday, but more challenges are sure to be knocking on his door. How closely will he be watching the No. 1 contender’s contest tonight?

Halloween starts early on the next ECW on Sci Fi as ECW’s Monster Mash Battle Royal is set to shake the Land of the Extreme. After the match between the Big Red Machine and Matt Striker’s behemoth protégé led to an altercation involving Kane, Big Daddy V, Mark Henry and The Great Khali, the specialty contest was set to settle which monster stands tallest. Who will win this thunderous bout and at what cost?

Balls Mahoney and Kelly Kelly may have reached yet another obstacle in their quest to true love. The Miz promised to use his control over the blonde’s contract to make her life a living hell. What could he possibly have in store for her?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on the next ECW on Sci Fi tonight at 10/9 CT. Also, be sure to catch ECW in its entirety every week on, available from Wednesday to the following Monday afternoon.

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