Ring of Honor Live Review: 11/3/07 Glory by Honor VI Night 2 in NY, NY

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Before we get to the matches, I’d like to thank the ROH staff and workers for the classy treatment and great experience. If you’ve only been to WWE level shows, you absolutely must try the far more personal experience available at a Ring of Honor live event.

Match 1: El Generico vs. Chris Hero w/ Larry Sweeney, Bobby Dempsey and Sara Del Rey

Chris Hero showed again (see Race to the Top Night 2) that he’s a generally superior athlete and wrestler to Generico here, but, Hero being Hero, can’t stop showboating and so Generico has plenty of openings to get offense in. Eventually Hero sets Generico too far for a guillotine legdrop and no misses. That gives Generico the ability to use his speed to keep things even, but when he goes for a top rope brainbuster, Hero isn’t hurt enough, so he nails a corner Yakuza and goes up. Generico stops to taunt here, and pays when as he dives for a headbutt from the top, Hero catches him in the cravate. That leads to a Hero’s Welcome and we have a winner.

Chris Hero defeats El Generico (Pin, Hero’s Welcome, *** ¼)
Hero was better here, but his cockiness nearly cost him the match. When Generico controlled, he, too got cocky, paid for it as Hero used his superior skill to take him out. Very good stuff and there is little doubt these two could steal the show were that the intention.

The Hangmen 3 come out to attack Generico, who’s slammed through a table. This draws Delirious and Steen to battle BJ Whitmer and Brent Albright.

Match 2: The Hangmen 3 of BJ Whitmer and Brent Albright with Shane Hagadorn vs. Delirious and Kevin Steen

Steen is hugely over and kept the crowd alive through the long heat segment on Delirious. When Steen is tagged, he’s in control with his usual mix of speed and power. Whitmer tried to whip him to the ropes and he just straight out dove onto Hagadorn and Albright. Del and Steen work well together with a Panic Attack leading to a corner cannonball, to a Shadows Over Hell and then to a Fat Man Swanton. The pin is broken up, but Steen goes for a package piledriver for a sure finish. Hagadorn nails a low blow and BJ hits an exploder on a chair for a win.

Steen and Delirious defeat BJ Whitmer and Brent Albright (Pin, Whitmer exploder on Steen, *** ¼)
The Hangmen’s racism against masked wrestlers continued here and Steen is their champion battling valiantly, but for all his success, the Hangmen have Del and Generico’s number.

Post match Hagadorn lays out an open challenge.

Match 3: Shane Hagadorn vs. Austin Aries

Hagadorn is decent for a few moments, but not long as Aries finishes with a brainbuster 450 combo as usual.

Austin Aries defeats Shane Hagadorn (Pin, 450, no rating)
Hagadorn goes squash.

Aries post match disbands the Resilience so he can focus on being the first two time champion. Booooo!

Nigel McGuinness comes out and accepts a challenge for Dec 29. Aries accepts and we’ll have the coverage!

Match 4: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Naomichi Marufuji

They started off with a bit of mat wrestling, as usual in Marufuji matches, establishing that Claudio can hang. That was rather boring, but pointed. To wake the crowd they do a bit of comedy which finally leads a lucha sequence, but Marufuji, again as is his wont, attacks the leg. That was his strategy at Respect is Earned against Romero and it paid off when it made him have a speed advantage, but Claudio is too strong and can use his power to wear on Marufuji. The entire time Claudio is on offense he sells the leg, but as he wears Marufuji down, the speed difference becomes less and he can use some of his speed. Marufuji, ever the smart wrestler, begins counter wrestling, trying to change it up, since CC has had the advantage so far. Neither man can hit a big move, but Claudio’s early ability to keep up on the mat rears its head and he manages a roll up victory for the huge upset.

Claudio Castagnoli defeats Naomichi Marufuji (Pin, Roll up, ****)
Marufuji has a set strategy in matches that works against almost everyone, but Claudio had too many tools and really has put them together. This should lead to some NOAH bookings and is a great, great match.

Chris Hero and Larry Sweeney jump Claudio post match, saying they will take away whatever he is proud of.

Match 5: ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Briscoes © vs. Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher

Two minutes in Mark and Necro attacked each other with chairs and the match was thrown out. Next.

The Briscoes and Age of the Fall went to a no contest

Next is a presentation of several plaques for Joe Higuchi, one from ROH owner Cary Silkin and one from the legend err, no the true king of wrestling, Harley Race. Harley got a great reaction, but a Briscoes chant as they left was disrespectful.

Match 6: Alex Payne vs. Tyler Black

Tyler squashes Sugarfoot, finishing with a fisherman’s DDT variation.

Tyler Black defeats Alex Payne (Pin, fisherman’s DDT, squash)
This was just to set up

Briscoes come out to beat on Tyler. They challenge the Age of the Fall to a non sanctioned title match tonight!

Match 7: Takeshi Morishima vs. Bryan Danielson

Danielson attacks Morishima pre-bell with a dive and smashes Morishima into the guardrail As soon as they finally get in the ring, however, Morishima uses his power to dominate. Danielson is physically no match for Morishima and only nearly won the first time due to a superior strategy. Now, angry, Dragon doesn’t have that so Morishima dominates and attacks the hurt eye. Dragon ends up bleeding and can only get offense off working around basement dropkicks, but he’s so smooth that’s nearly enough as he hits kicks, MMA elbows and a German suplex. Dragon tries to choke out Morishima with the triangle choke, but Morishima escapes with a powerbomb. Morishima attacks the eye of Danielson, who finally has enough and goes with a low blow. Curb stomps aren’t effective enough, so Danielson curb stomps Morishima’s nuts until the ref is forced to disqualify him.

Takeshi Morishima defeats Bryan Danielson (Disqualification, Ball stomping, ****)
When guys hate each other, this is how they wrestle. Morishima kept attacking the eye, making Danielson angrier and angrier, and as Dragon got madder, he found his focus and was able to take it to the physically impressive behemoth. Eventually winning wasn’t as important as hurting Morishima, so Dragon just tried to make him sterile.

Post match Nigel McGuinness tried to confront Danielson about his actions and got a kick to his hurt arm for his troubles.

Match 8: The Vulture Squad of Jack Evans, Jigsaw, and Ruckus with Julius Smokes vs. The NRC of Davey Richards, Roderick Strong and Rocky Romero

If you’re going to do a spotfest, this is how you do it. They pulled off a ton of awesome stuff, escalating quite well and exciting the crowd. Strong dropped Jack on the exposed floor and then brought him in and finished with a filthy Stronghold

The NRC defeat the Vulture Squad (Sumbission, Roderick’s Stronghold on Jack, *** ½)
Good stuff.

Post match Julius Smokes teases kicking Jack Evans out of the Vulture Squad since they can’t win. Instead they decide on a TLC match at the upcoming December shows.

Next, Chris Hero and Larry Sweeney come out to announce that at the PPV taping December 29, it’s Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli and if Claudio loses, he’s out of ROH. They then go on to badmouth Aries for thinking he can be number one contender when Hero had Nigel “beat” the night before. Aries comes out and puts his number one contendership on the line against Sweeney having to face Claudio, instead of Hero getting to do it. It’s Hero and Aries now!

Match 9: Austin Aries vs. Chris Hero

This match saw Hero’s antics cost him far more dearly than they did against Generico and Aries was intense and all over Hero at any opportunity. Eventually, Hero gets caught in Aries new submission (which really needs a name) after a brainbuster, but Sweeney interrupts. Claudio stops that and Aries re-locks in the submission for the win.

Austin Aries defeats Chris Hero (Submission, Neck Mutalock, ****)
This was all about the face heel dynamic and Hero having to pay for using his antics on someone of Aries caliber. It made Hero look great due to how good he was when not showboating, and Aries looked amazing due to his intensity and making Hero pay.

Match 10: GHC Title Match: Mitsuharu Misawa © vs. KENTA

This was just really good. KENTA used speed to keep Misawa off balance since Misawa was used to facing bigger opponents, but the NOAH tiering of moves was in full effect here. KENTA had to throw everything at Misawa to get him off balance, but Misawa was able to keep pace with his basics. Eventually, though Misawa was just unable to finish KENTA, who kept coming, even through a Tiger Driver, Emerald Fusion, and running elbow. KENTA even managed a Go To Sleep for a surprise near fall. Misawa eventually had enough and a vertical suplex into the Emerald Fusion finished off KENTA.

Misawa defeats KENTA (Pin, Suplex into an Emerald Fusion, **** ½)
Misawa vs. KENTA is just special so I’m not sure how strongly I stand behind the rating, but it was an emotional matchup and really might be that special, if not more.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: The Briscoes © vs. Age of the Fall of Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher

This match was at first about each team capitalizing on each other’s huge, high risk mistakes. All four of these guys were too damn tough to stay down, so the Briscoes tried using double teams and the Age tried to keep the Briscoes separated. This worked for a bit as the Briscoes nearly lost to a DDT and guillotine choke on a chair, but they recovered for a big victory with a Jay Driller on Necro.

The Briscoes defeat The Age of the Fall (Pin, Jay Driller on Necro, *** ½)
There was no reason for the Briscoes to win this, but I seem to be in the minority as the crowd loved this. The Briscoes now defeated their major opponents immediately in a type of match that heavily favored the Age, leaving this major feud no reason to continue. The match was good, but I might be getting sick of the Briscoes. There are only so many kill moves with no selling that I can handle.

Get the show. This is among the better ROH shows ever. ‘Nuff Said.

Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.