Writer: Ed Brubaker

Artist: Billy Tan

Inker: Danny Miki w/Allan Martinez

Company: Marvel

Bless me, is that intrepid reporter Trish Tilby? Where has she been?

In the experience of this reviewer, people either hate or love Cyclops. The former often cite that Cyke is milquetoast, and just a good little soldier to Xavier (and sometimes even a crybaby). There should be no arguing that Cyclops has long since come out from under Xavier’s wing and become the leader that readers were always told he was. If there is some argument left though, “Messiah CompleX” is just showing once again that Summers is in charge when it comes to anything going on at that creepy mutant school.

X-Men have been placed somewhere in the city to intercept some Acolytes; showing Cyclops is so good that he just knows where some random Acolytes are, and also knows that they will know the location of the Marauders, who also know where the new mutant baby is. Whew. Maybe Cyclops has the mind powers now.

The kerfuffle that inevitably ensues betwixt X-Men and Acolytes ends the only way it can, and the issue also sets up the reasons X-Factor and the New X-Men get involved in the search for the new baby.

Billy Tan is proving to be invaluable on Uncanny, and his battle scenes here are terrific. It is very clear who is doing what to whom, and Angel does not look like Shaft anymore, like he did in the One-Shot.

The stakes get raised, especially for a kind of chunky looking former mutant, while Cyclops gets his tactical mind brewing. “Messiah CompleX” is escalating; in quality, as well as content.