MTV Mix – Volume 58

Another show possibly gets the early plug and it’s even more proof that MTV listens to me! I should run that channel by now. Don’t believe me, keep reading. The proof is right there in print. I don’t make this stuff up. Oh, and the usual mixture of fun in the sun in late Fall. What else could you want?….



The Hills

Lauren and Whitney are still on the big assignment for the “Young Hollywood” party. Lisa, their boss, tells them there better be no screw ups. Somehow the red carpet gets backed up and the party is running 30 minutes late already. Then more confusion as Lauren can’t communicate with Whitney. But Whitney takes control and everything seems to turn out okay.

It’s also Heidi’s 21st birthday. She’s so young. Spencer then takes her out to dinner and gives her a Chanel bag or something. Heidi still seems a little depressed that the only person she gets to spend her 21st birthday with is Spencer. But she says she would only want to spend her birthday with him. Her face still tells a different story.

Audrina and Justin have a “date” later as well. They go to “The Viper Room” to hear a new band called “The Ruse”. Audrina works for Epic Records, you know, so she wants to take their CD back to work with her. The band invites Audrina and Justin to hang out with them later. Justin seems a little jealous, though. One of the band members, Mark, thinks Audrina is into her. So he asks Justin what her “status” is? Justin says “she’s pretty good” to answer his question of whether Audrina is “available or not”. Basically, that’s saying that they are a couple without actually saying it.


MTV ran a repeat of Pageant Place here this week, so no new episode. But this show still appears on the air. They did run two new episodes last week, which was odd so maybe it was mistake. I won’t miss it, if it is gone, though. Lets move on…


A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila

Tila makes the guys and girls get into teams and wash a couple of dirty cars. They have to do so with very little clothes on and sponges on their bodies. They get “down and dirty” for real. The winning team is Micheal, Ashli, Bobby, Amanda, and Ryan. The losers are Brandi, Vanessa, Domenico, Dani, and Steven.

The winners get a spa treatment with Tila. Michael even gets his private areas waxed! Ouch! They then get alone time with tila. The losers get some alone time with Tila as well but they are supposed to sleep outside. The girls end up sleeping with Tila, though. Everyone just makes their case to Tila.

Vanessa wants to be the center of attention. She runs around naked and wants everyone to look at her. She is trying to use her sex appeal on the boys, especially Bobby. Bobby is having none of it. Now Vanessa is acting like a stalker. Brandi tries to confront Vanessa about her behavior, but she just gets pissed off. She throws water at Brandi and they start yelling at each other. Brandi and Vanessa seem ready to fight, but just a bunch of talk. Vanessa says she is done talking to the others.

Now it’s time for “Tila De Mayo”. They get on their Mexican attire and get ready for a fiesta! This competition is guys vs. girls. They have to spin around in a chair and then try and carry a tray full of drinks. Whoever gets the most drinks to Tila wins. It was a tie until the end when Dani is able to get more drinks than Steven. Steven says everyone, including himself, is disappointed in him.

Before elimination Brandi and Vanessa tell Tila the “Bobby situation” and Tila could care less. She actually looks down on them for all of the drama that’s not needed. Of course, Vanessa lies to Tila. Tila then talks to Bobby to hear the whole story and he tells her the truth.

It’s finally time for two more people to go home this week. The “bottom four” are Michael, Bobby, Vanessa, and Ashli. The ones going home, though, are Ashli and Michael! Ashli is just too young and innocent for Tila. So no surprise at all. Tila keeps the “drama king and queen” in favor of the nice and less dramatic people. Despite what Tila says, she DOES want drama! Or maybe she knows the show is better with drama. Yeah, that’s probably more realistic.


The Real World: Sydney

Shauvon went home last week to please her boyfriend. Dumb move, but no time to cry. We have a new, young, and probably slightly dumb girl to take her place. Trisha and Kelly Anne wonder what the new girl will be like. They think she will probably have a chip on her shoulder.

But lets meet her, shall we? Her name is Ashli. She is 19 and is from California as well. So the differences are she has dark hair and is 4 years younger. She is also single and apparently she is ready to mingle. Yep, she actually said that. She really looks like she is 15, though. She runs around and introduces herself. Dunbar thinks she is attractive and Ashli thinks the same of him.

Besides all of that, Issac finally talks to his girl “friend” he met in Australia. Her name is Noirin. Issac tells Noirin about Shauvon and she thinks she is retarded as well. She does bring up a good point about Issac making out with Shauvon. But that was all in good fun. I’m sure David won’t mind. We found out in their conversation that Issac is Jewish.

Ashli fears that she will be an outsider to the group since they have already bonded. Ashli moves in and rips off Shauvon’s pictures from the wall. Trisha thinks she and Ashli are the same person without the same hair color. Ashli bonds with Trisha over shopping. Parisa is mad that Ashli is more like Trisha than Parisa. So that means we have to hear “Like I Know!” from those two a few thousand times.

Back on the Issac front. He really likes Noirin. Issac goes out to the club and invites four girls home. But nothing is happening here. Kelly Anne thinks that he just really wants to be with Noirin only, so he kicks them out. Still Noirin doesn’t take this news that well when Issac tells her. He realizes he made a mistake inviting the girls back in the first place. Issac just has a good time hanging out with Noirin.

Parisa doesn’t like Ashli. Kelly Anne and Parisa think that Ashli is just asking them questions to learn more about them, so she can attack them later apparently. Parisa is not down with that. Parisa is actually afraid of Ashli. Ashli just rubs her the wrong way and Parisa says part of that fear comes from her relationships with the other roommates, which have turned out to not be that great.

Pageant Place

Apparently Katie is done with her reign as “Miss USA”. So that means she is moving out. But before that here comes Tara to take the girls out and Josh, of course, on a tour of New York City. Josh is just obnoxious the entire episode and looks like Katie is getting tired of his antics as well.

Katie is sad to leave. She and the other girls are finally getting along. They take her to a psychic to tell her the future. Of course, the question of whether she is in love with Josh or not comes up. Katie doesn’t answer right away. And that’s that.

The rest of this episode is just a big love fest! They all may not be best friends, but they do respect each other. They will miss Katie. But it’s time for Katie to move out of the house. Tear! One last speech about how boys suck when you are “Miss USA”. Tara’s voice is annoying, if you haven’t noticed. I thought I would just throw that out there. Here is an interesting sidenote: Katie calls her boyfriend “Joshy”. So I’m not the only one. Being called Joshy by girls I mean.

Anywho, there is time for Katie and Josh to argue some more. They finally do break up. Katie got smart. The President of the “Miss Universe Organization” overhears the argument and talks to Katie. And really that is all for this episode. No more Josh period and no more Katie in the house. Does that mean the show is over **cross your fingers**? We’ll find out next week!


Run’s House

Rev Run plays matchmaker for Diggy. Or at least he tries really hard. Diggy is friends with a girl named Catherine. Catherine is friends with Brittney. Brittney happens to be Ja Rule’s daughter. “It’s Murder!” “Where Would I Be Without My Baby!”

Vanessa is freaking out. She memorized all of lines for her soap opera job. But then they went and changed them, so she had to start all over again. She thought she had a handle on that, but here comes another revision! Lucky for her Run gives her a “pep rap” and Vanessa handles her business.

Ja Rule comes over to the house and Run and him talk about marriage plans and who pays for it? Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? Diggy swears that he only likes Brittney has a friend. But really he is only like 12 or something, so maybe he is doesn’t know that he REALLY likes Brittney. Run finally tells Diggy that he has been joking with him regarding Brittney. He will just mind his own business.

Rev Run sits in his tub and writes. Good morning. Are you prepared for bumps in the road? A path without obstacles is a path without challenges. When you prepare for the unexpected you’re prepared for everything. Remember, life’s lessons come from the journey, not the destination. God is love, Rev Run.

Another “double dose” week! Run gets a flyer from the Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino in nearby Connecticut. They are trying to attract celebrities and offer Run and a guest VIP passes and a suite. Justine doesn’t really want to go. She suggests he takes JoJo. I don’t think he is 21, but that’s just a minor detail.

JoJo and his friends, Reggie and Zach, are trying to get into the music business. Run thinks they have talent. Reggie does the “J5” dance, which is what the “Jackson Five” did back in the day. It looks dumb, but it’s old-school smooth.

Once they arrive at the Mohegan Sun, Run and JoJo got golfing. “Tiger Tiger Woods Ya’ll!” They both suck, but they have fun. It was bonding experience for sure. All is good until the drive home. JoJo left his favorite cologne at the hotel and he freaks out. Run thought it was not a big deal, but to JoJo it is. In the end, they talk things out and all is good again. Much love!

Meanwhile, Russy wants to change his room up. He thinks it’s too childish for him. Run allows him to change his room, if Justine and everyone else can change his room in the one day he is gone with JoJo. It’s a close call, but they get it done. It looks COMPLETELY different, but it looks good.

Rev Run sits in his tub again and writes. Good morning. Does any part of your life need a makeover? Whether it’s sprucing up an old room or maintaining a special relationship, often life’s issues call for an overhaul. Make that change today. God is love, Rev Run.

And that ends the 58th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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