Updates on Bret, Cena, McMahons & More


WWE have released Ryan Wilson, who worked as Jacob Duncan in OVW and Tryton/part of Red Shirt Security in TNA, according to PWInsider.

TMZ.com has a new piece up on the Nick Hogan car crash, complete with video footage the Hogan party says proves that Nick and his friend were not drag racing.

The South Carolina State website has video footage of the Fabulous Moolah’s memorial service up here.

For a transcript of Vince and Linda McMahon’s interview with Drew Griffin of CNN, click here. This is the important line from Vince – “So, a bigger body on TV, does that in any way relate to dollars and cents? No, it doesn’t. Again, I’ve just finished telling you why people are attracted to our product. It’s personality. It’s what you do with that personality. And again, in ring performance, you don’t have to be large to be a great performer.”

Some highlights from the recent John Cena conference call:
– He doesn’t see himself leaving the ring to follow in The Rock’s footsteps.
– Hogan vs Andre is his favourite old school moment and Andre would be his dream opponent.
– He claimed not to know if TNA was still running but put over Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and Kaz as great talents.
– He is looking at movie scripts to possibly begin a new film project in early 2008.
– He would vote for JBL as President only if Stephen Colbert wasn’t running.

On the Bret Hart front, WWE.com has a ten years later feature up, looking at the Montreal screwjob. Here’s part 2 of that feature. Elsewhere, you can hear an interview with Bret discussing his autobiography here.