REVIEW: Teen Titans East Special #1 & Batman and the Outsiders #1

Many of you are probably wondering why I’m reviewing these two books together. Is it because of some compare/contrast essay I wished to pen? Was I trying to create a sort of Zen balance by reviewing one book each by one of the most outspoken liberal writers in comics (Judd Winick) and one of the most outspoken conservative writers in comics (Chuck Dixon)? Did I wish to compare Winick writing an entirely new team book to Dixon taking over the team book Winick left?

These are all very valid guesses, but they are wrong. The main reason I’m combining my reviews for these books is because I can’t be bothered to write a full review for both of them. It’s more than I can take.

So granting off the bat that both of these books contain a level of hack writing that is becoming increasingly commonplace at DC Comics and that the artwork by Ian Churchill and Julian Lopez is woefully sub-par, which of the following points should we comic fans be most insulted by?

a. Judd Winick and/or his editor failing to do the basic research to learn that Hawk is Dove’s younger sister – not her older one. A fact easily discovered after 30 seconds on Google.

b. Cyborg apparently knowing about Power Boy’s “run-in with Supergirl” (i.e. the stalking, kidnapping and attempted rape of Supergirl) and not having any problem with this guy being on his team.

c. Yet another Judd Winick one-shot ends in death, in order to promote a new series.

d. Batman making an unprovoked disapproving remark about Thunder and Grace’s lesbian relationship.

(The Following Transcript was provided by a man who has asked only to be identified as ‘Roy’. He had the issue in question but no scanner, but was none-the-less willing to give me a transcript of the next page of the comic.)

THUNDER: WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT GRACE AND ME? Have you been spying on us? You like watching, freak?

BATMAN: You have too many issues competing with your primary role in this group. You have skills. You may be even be gifted beyond your powers. But you’re not ready. The simple fact that you would interfere with me while your teammates are in the field proves that. And I surmised that you and Grace were good friends by observing your body language when you’re together. I didn’t know it was more than that until you told me.


e. The idea that the World’s Finest Detective is unable to tell the difference between close female friends and lesbian lovers.

f. The return of generic ‘Batman is a dick’ characterization.

g. All of the above are so equally offensive, it’s hard to pick just one.

Me? I’ve got to go with G. I’m giving both of these books a 1 out of 10 rating and welcoming you all to record your votes at the Comics Nexus boards . You will need to register to vote, but if you’ve never been it is a fun little forum with more intelligent conversation than most comics news boards.

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