Morrison has Heat with JBL, TNA Stars with Good Attitudes Backstage


At Smackdown, JBL ripped the Miz and John Morrison for making Punk look bad in their commentary and later making Matt Hardy and MVP look bad at the Smackdown tapings. He demanded an apology to Punk, Hardy and MVP, which the Miz delivered. Morrison also apologized, but told JBL to mind his own business, drawing heat and causing the two to have to be broken up.


Scott Hall is going to be featured in TNA since he helped TNA draw their biggest two hour rating thus far. He’s had a great attitude thus far and is not afraid to put anyone over. Hall, however, is not currently under contract, showing TNA learned nothing from the Junior Fatu (Rikishi) disaster. TNA has, unwisely since he has yet to prove he can consistently deal with his demons, decided to try and make Hall an agent.

Sting has also been very easy to deal with (wanting to put over young talent) and TNA is looking to bring him back for one more year.

Booker T has also been a pleasure thus far. He was fed up with WWE and both he and Sharmel are happy and fitting in well.

Is anyone actually surprised that the former big time talents, getting main event pushes are happy? Can we get reports on the young talent constantly smashing their heads against the glass ceiling?


Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.