REVIEW: Fables #67

REVIEW: Fables #67

Writer: Bill Willingham

Pencils: Mark Buckingham

Vertigo Comics

This book becomes more and more difficult to review with every passing issue. The English language allows me only so many words to describe the exact greatness of Willingham and Buckingham’s Magnum Opus. If Fables has a flaw, it is that it is so complex and so epic that it is impossible to begin reading in the middle of an arc.

It has been particularly difficult to review The Good Prince – the storyline which has taken up the book for the last half-year – for this reason. Unless one has been reading the book since the very first issue, one cannot really appreciate the story and the grand transformation that has made the comic Flycatcher (aka Ambrose, The Frog Prince) into an epic hero, great leader and all around bad-ass.

If you’ve been reading Fables, this issue is a perfect 10. If you haven’t, I fear it will be too easy to be lost and confused as to who is fighting who and why reading this issue, though the heroes and villains are made plain. Still, there is quite a bit of good action here and Buckingham’s art does not disappoint, as per usual. So if you haven’t been reading Fables – and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be – do yourself a favor and pick up the first few trades before catching up on the recent issues. I promise you’ll be glad you did.