Make Movement: Heat for Orton and the Return of Y2J


Apparently, I’m in the minority with my view that Randy Orton versus Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series was not great. It really has nothing to do with Shawn Michaels ring work and I realize everyone’s view of the match is very overshadowed by the fact he used the Crippler Crossface in his match and we haven’t seen it since Benoit’s death. Yes, it was a shocking thing to do and I popped for it. The real truth of the matter is, Randy Orton abandoned all psychology and did not sell any submission move Shawn Michaels put him in properly. I’m really angered by this because everyone, including myself has been hard on John Cena’s psychology but there is no large outcry in the wrestling community over Orton’s selfish actions not to be vulnerable for a Crossface or a non-half assed Sharpshooter. I may not like Cena’s work, but I do believe John Cena always wants to do right by the business. Simply put: I don’t believe Randy Orton has any respect for Shawn Michaels or the sport by not selling the big moves. Would Orton no sell Chris Benoit in his better days? Would Orton not tap out to Bret Hart’s Sharpshooter? Where is the line drawn that Shawn Michaels must put over every younger guy in a main event match? Why is it hard to understand that fans would support Shawn Michaels as WWE Champion?

I’m further angered that Randy Orton was so pushed on RAW and though I understand why (so Jericho could save us!), I was detesting the entire show because of the overexposure. First of all, it looked like Orton had a rash or a bad pimple scarring outbreak on his head. That was distracting and when has anyone sold a Superkick (and nothing else) like he got carpet burned? The biggest mistake WWE is making right now is keeping the title on Orton. He’s boring on the mic now (Santino has him beat by leaps and bounds), his character is over the top in attacking superstars without any punishment and his reputation backstage and to fans in public, will continue to haunt him.

As far as the return of Y2J, as expected, the fans went nuts for his return. I did too – it could have been better, but anything to save us from more of Orton on RAW. Yes, Jericho’s return with the predictable run-in to attack the torch runner was not shocking. Y2J looks to be in the best shape of his career and fans who haven’t seen him on TV with all the interviews this year, get to see a more clean-cut Y2J. It will spice up the main event picture but I find that it’s sad that Jeff Hardy isn’t getting a shot first though I like the idea of him and Triple H working together. I would like to see a Triple Threat match with Y2J versus Randy Orton versus Shawn Michaels, but I’m also having to accept a good program between Mr. Kennedy and Shawn Michaels as well.

And if somehow it isn’t more obvious than ever, women wrestlers in the WWE Division are putting themselves in increasing danger without the proper timing and the true training of wrestling on the road year after year. Last night, Melina was placed in danger by the lack of coordination and timing of Maria and Jillian Hall’s sequence that could have taken her out with a serious injury. I am glad Mickie James is returning to her crazy roots (the Kiss of Death with the Kick is perfect) but I miss her mic time. She still remains as the most popular WWE Diva and things should be interesting when Candice does return. No one does the teasing of bisexuality meets crazy better than Mickie James. Have I said lately that I miss Victoria on RAW?

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