MTV Mix – Volume 59

The last few weeks have been crazy for me personally, but have no fear. I haven’t gone on strike. I’m back to cover three weeks, yes THREE weeks worth of MTV action! So forget about those “double-stuffed” columns of the past. This one is “triple-stuffed”. So much MTV goodness it will be flowing out of your ears! Buckle up and hang on tight, this is going to be one fantastic ride on the Mix express…



The Hills

Let me sum the episode that happened two weeks ago for you real quickly. Heidi and Lauren yelled at each other. They yelled some more in public. They finally then talked at Lauren’s house, where a little more yelling happens and Lauren basically tells Heidi that she wants to forget Heidi from her life completely. Lauren still thinks Heidi is lying for Spencer.

Last week, Heidi and Spencer fight about wedding planning. Heidi doesn’t understand why Spencer doesn’t want to plan the wedding with her. Probably because he is a guy. For some reason, Heidi is now more concerned with her family and friends being at their wedding when the entire season she has only cared about her and Spencer.

Meanwhile, Whitney goes on a date with her personal trainer, Jaret. They go to “Big Wings” with Lauren and friends. Jaret and Whitney both just got out of an relationship and just want to have fun. So they are just two single people having fun. Whitney then tells Lauren about the date. She got the “friend vibe” from him. Lauren confirms what every guy should know. Women look at your shoes and they tell a lot about you. So get to shining!

After fighting with Spencer over him wanting to get married in Vegas, she gives the ring back at him. Apparently Heidi doesn’t want to marry Spencer until he is serious about him. Not going happen, but dare to dream. Spencer comes back home, after staying at his parents’ house, and apologizes. He wants to have a big wedding like Heidi now. “All I want to do is marry you!” says Spencer. That’s a song I’m sure.

This week, we meet Spencer’s sister! Who knew he had a sister?! Her name is Stephanie. Apparently she threatened Audrina and Lauren. But first she chats with Heidi and Spencer about their Heidi plans. They still can’t agree on anything.

More issues with Justin and Audrina. Justin always checks girls out in front of Audrina. Audrina says that Justin doesn’t seem to care about her in public. Later, Audrina and Justin go to the club with Lauren, Brody, and Frankie. Guess who is there as well? It’s Stephanie! Stephanie and her friend, Roxy, tell Lauren to leave Heidi alone, etc. She also says that Brody is on the “evil side”. Stephanie tells Lauren that if Spencer hates Lauren, she hates Lauren. Brody tells Stephanie to stay out of it. He loves Spencer, but he screwed up.

Now Justin gets in on the drama. It seems he just left and kissed some random girl in the club. Audrina doesn’t want to talk to Justin anymore. So she talks to him to tell him that. Justin looks to be on drugs right now. Audrina says that she is done. Justin says he would care if she went out with other guys, but still wants Audrina to wait on him to make a decision and do dumb things. That entire conversation made no sense. You want a perfect example of why girls can be dumb so many times? There you go! Listen to that entire conversation again! The emotions went from one extreme to the next. But once again Audrina falls into Justin’s arms.

Stephanies run back and reports to Spencer and Heidi about the Lauren fight the other night. Spencer says he doesn’t hang out with Brody, since Brody hangs out with someone that talks crap about him. Stephanie makes the point that Lauren doesn’t make Audrina chose between her and Justin, eventhough Lauren doesn’t like Justin. That’s because she is staying out of her friends’ relationships now since it cost her a friendship with Heidi. Heidi is tired of talking about Lauren and her friends, though.

Time for Audrina to tell Chiara, her co-worker, what had happened with Justin. Audrina says she was ready to say it’s over, but then they both got in the car and apparently she didn’t talk to Justin after that. She says she is seriously over him. That’s not what it seemed like in the parking lot, but it may have been the way they edited that. Anyways Justin comes over to Audrina’s house later that night and they talk. Justin lies and says he didn’t kiss that girl. We never really did get a good look at, but apparently lots of people saw him do it. Justin just thinks she wanted to see that, so she saw that. Audrina says this entire thing is hopeless. It will never work in the end. So it’s time to say goodbye and they should just be friends.


A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila

Two weeks ago, Tila made the guys and girls eat bull penis and testicles! Yep, that’s nasty! Amanda won for the girls and Bobby won for the guys. They go to the next round and they have to eat eye balls, a heart, and then down a shot of blood. It just gets better and better. Bobby wins the entire thing. He gets to be in a hot tub with Tila.

Brandi and Vanessa still have her problems. They hate each other! Steven doesn’t want to share Tila with anyone. Tila then makes everyone write down who they think is the “most compatible” and the “least compatible” for Tila. They can’t pick themselves. The majority pick Dani as the “most compatible” and Vanessa as the “least compatible”. She still gets to have dinner with Tila to explain herself. Dani gets to have her dessert with Tila. Tila likes Dani because she is “the best of both worlds” according to her.

Two more people went home. The bottom four was Steven, Domenico, Vanessa, and Brandi. But the people going home are Steven and Vanessa! Steven took it okay, but Vanessa snaps and attacks Brandi right after Tila made her choice. They fight and get pulled apart. After the fight, Brandi says she can’t continue either due to the emotional stress all of this has caused her. She loves Tila, but she can’t do this anymore. And we get a to be continued…

Last week, we picked right up with what happened the week before. Since Brandi decided to leave, we are down to five. Tila makes them jump in chocolate and try to use their bodies to soak up as much as possible and then transfer it to a bucket. Bobby won again! Amanda is not happy. Boby gets an alone date with Tila.

Tila is confused. She likes strong man hands, but likes the soft touch of a woman as well. So she’s torn. She likes both Dani and Ryan. They go on a date together with Tila. Dani doesn’t like how Ryan is agressive towards Tila. Amanda and Domenico go on a date with Tila as well. Domenico likes the “threesome” date. Tila informs them that she will be meeting the parents of the “final four” and Domenico worries about telling his parents that Tila is bi-sexual. He thinks his parents won’t accept her.

Brandi comes back to the house and wants to get back in the competition. But Tila won’t let her. So one more person goes home this week and it was down to Domenico, Bobby, and Ryan. In the end, Domenico is gone and we have our “final four”! He doesn’t complain at all, by the way. No one wants Bobby to win for some reason. I honestly don’t know who Tila will pick right now.

But maybe that will change after this week. Tila meets the family of the final four. First, she goes to Worcester, New York. That is upstate New York, which is more country than you would expect. Tila meets Bobby’s mom, dad, stepmom, and stepdad there. Bobby’s mom doesn’t like Tila at all at first. But she eventually warms up to her.

Next, Tila goes to Pacific City, Oregon. That is where Amanda lives. Tila meets her stepmom and dad. Amanda’s parents seem more open to Tila being a bi-sexual. She also meets Amanda’s six adopted brothers and sisters, who have special needs.

The next destination is Trenton, New Jersey. Ryan is living the rich life there. Tila meets Ryan’s friends first. But Ryan’s dad is described as a “general”. He is an owner of a big oil company. Tila meets Ryan’s mom and dad and two sisters. Tila actually thinks one of Ryan’s sister is hotter than him. I have to agree. Ryan’s dad doesn’t seem to like Tila. They just have different values. Ryan eventually takes her up to his room where he manhandles her for real.

Finally, Tila arrives in Deerfield, Florida. That is where Dani lives. She is a firefighter, so Tila meets Dani’s firefighting co-workers. They love the girls and so does Dani, so there you go. Tila goes straight to the fire pole, where she becomes a stripper. Dani’s co-workers pump her up to try and persuade Tila to choose Dani. They eventually meet mom, grandmother, aunt, and two cousins. Apparently Dani hadn’t told her grandmother that she was gay, but she doesn’t really care when she finds out. Tila then proceeds to give grandmother a lap dance. So that was interesting.

We lose another one this week. Bobby is the first one safe. Dani is the next one safe. That leaves Amanda and Ryan. But only Ryan is going home. That shouldn’t surprise you, since that leaves three people that are unique to what Tila wants to find. They represent every possible outcome. Dani is the butch boyish lesbian. Amanda is the lipstick girlish lesbian. Bobby is just the regular straight guy. So it’s anyone’s game. Right now, I’m leaning towards Bobby. Tila says she only liked lipstick lesbians, so I’m not sure if Dani will last the next round but who knows. Next week, they all go on a trip to Mexico! Arriba!


The Real World: Sydney

Two weeks ago, we learn that Issac used to do acid and sometimes he still sees random birds. Usually that means he is just having flashbacks, but sometimes he sees black birds and that always means that someone he knows has died. Issac just saw a black bird and think something is wrong. He calls back home and tries to see if his friend will see if anything is wrong.

The new roommate, Ashli, says she is “boy crazy”. She is only 19, keep in mind. She starts flirting with Dunbar. Dunbar thinks Ashli likes him and Parisa and Kelly Anne both agree that she looks just like Dunbar’s girlfriend, Julie. They don’t think Ashli will try anything with Dunbar, though.

At their work, Trisha, Parisa, and Issac are put into a team and Cohutta, Ashli, Dunbar, and Kelly Anne are put in another team. They have to put together the best two-day trip iteniary. The winning team gets a two week trip to Europe with all expenses paid. So let the competition begin! We will see if Trisha and Parisa can get along, though. They both agree to put personal issues aside for this.

Issac gets on the computer and learns that his grandfather has died. He goes and drinks with Noirin, his new friend from Australia. She comforts him. Issac tells the rest of the roommates that he may be flying to the United States. She doesn’t tell them why, though. That’s a little odd, but the roommates understand that Issac is a private person and they will only push him away if they ask him why he is going.

Dunbar talks to Julie for hours and Ashli informs us that “it’s a waste of a roommate for Dunbar to be cute and not be single”. Ashli is ready to compete. She is cocky! She likes a challenge and says she always gets the guy she wants. So Ashli grinds on Dunbar to make some random blonde Aussie chick jealous. Ashli then confronts the blonde Aussie chick and makes an ass out of herself.

Issac leaves without telling his roommates. So all of them are wondering where he went and for how long? They are worried about him. Ashli thinks she is all bad-ass now for what she said to that Aussie chick. Dunbar is just looking for trouble, since he goes out with ALL the girls the next night. He’s the only guy with them. And more flirting from Ashli occurs. Ashli wants to try out all the sexual positions with Dunbar. Apparently she likes to do one that Julie won’t do. It gets beeped out, though. Possibly something to do with a animal. Watch yourself!

Last week, Parisa and Trisha get into another argument over a phone call. Trisha is talking to her boyfriend, Jarod. Parisa’s mom keeps calling and that makes Trisha mad. They trade words about respect. Trisha doesn’t respect Parisa’s mom. Parisa doesn’t respect Trisha’s boyfriend. Blah, blah, blah, more on this later.

But first Dunbar and Julie have issues. Julie gives Dunbar the nickname “Dummy Bear”. Dunbar snaps because he doesn’t want to be called dumb. Julie acts like a junior high girl and Dunbar kinda acts like her junior high boyfriend. Dunbar gets made and then gets drunk. That means he is all over Ashli and Ashli is all over Dunbar. Ashli says the “Dunbar’s penis wants him to be single so bad!” Okay, she is about as dumb as Shauvon. Ashli says she is not a homewrecker, but she keeps talking dirty to Ashli. Ashli thinks Dunbar wants to have sex with her and Dunbar actually may be thinking that as well since Ashli looks eerily similar to Julie.

Next issue is cleaning up the house. The roommates clean, while Parisa talks to her mom. She tells her mom that Trisha has disrespected her family and she doesn’t like her anymore. She also says the house is too “violent” for her. You can tell where this is going to go. Parisa works out while the roommates continue to clean. Trisha says Parisa is messy and she doesn’t like messy people.

Dunbar eventually irons out her issues with Julie. Julie has a great Southern accent, by the way. They are definitely from Mississippi. But that doesn’t stop Dunbar from sleeping in the same bed as Ashli. He just likes to “sleep” next to someone. Cohutta doesn’t know what is going on between them, but he hopes Dunbar doesn’t regret anything.

More phone fighting between Parisa and Trisha and we FINALLY get the big fight! Yay! And yes, they do fight over who gets to talk on the phone. Kelly Anne takes Trisha’s side. The bottom line is girls hold grudges for the stupidest things! This whole conversation wears me out, so lets get to the good stuff. Trisha finally has had enough of Parisa talking about her and she runs over and pushes Parisa. Parisa confronts her and more yelling happens. Trisha becomes a complete hypocrite by pulling the “Christian” card to her mom. She only wants to act like a Christian when it’s convenient for her. Trisha HATES Parisa. Parisa either wants Trisha to go home or she wants the chance to go in and beat the crap out of Trisha. The conclusion is coming up next…

We pick up this week with more name calling. Trisha is fat and so is Parisa. Trisha’s dad tells her to apologize to Parisa. Bravo dad! She would be the bigger person then. Trisha did say that she was better than Parisa basically. It is now up to Parisa to decide if Trisha is going home or not. I thought that was automatic.

House meeting time! The roommates want Trisha to stay apparently. But Parisa wants Trisha to go home. So everyone will now hate Parisa for the rest of their time here. Why do they not want Trisha to go home? I have no clue. Trisha admits she was wrong, but thinks Parisa is wrong too. Honestly, I think they are both annoying so whatever. This Real World is starting to turn into Survivor. But thank god Trisha is going home! They dragged that out long enough.

Kelly Anne and Ashli promised Trisha to make Parisa’s life hell in the house. Ashli can’t say anything. She hasn’t been there long enough to have an opinion. Kelly Anne is just picking up the “juvenile” slack left by Shauvon and Trisha.

The funny thing about this is Parisa is the only left on her team at work. Issac is back home and Trisha is now gone. Their boss at work moves Ashli over to Parisa’s team and makes Ashli a team leader oddly enough. And that’s really it for this episode.

Pageant Place

Two weeks, the aftermath of the fight between Katie and Josh occurs. Apprently they made up and are still together. But Katie’s reign as Miss Teen USA is over. She shows up at the competition this year to give her crown to the new winner. This is the infamous pageant that had Miss South Carolina make a complete fool of herself! You know like “such as” and stuff. It’s great to see the reactions of the fellow contestants and former contestants. Josh is dumb by picking her to win, by the way. Tara and Rachel all laugh at Miss South Carolina. Miss Colorado ends up winning

Meet the new Miss Teen USA and also new roommate for Rachel and Riyo. Her name is Hilary Cruz. It’s nice to know that the old Miss Teen USA gets tossed in the trash can literally seconds after the new winner is announced. Of course, everyone wants to ask Hilary about Miss South Carolina. She gets tired of that very quickly. But for some reason Miss South Carolina shows up at Trump Headquarters. It’s almost like she won, since she is doing interviews as well. So yes, America does reward stupidity and that proves it!

Last week, we got more of the same. Rachel, Riyo, and Hilary pose for an ad campaign. They then head to the MTV Video Music Awards. Katie and Tara also joins in on the fun, of course. But once again the photographers only want to take pictures of Tara and Miss South Carolina, who shows up out of nowhere, because they made the most headlines! That just pisses Rachel and Hilary off since they are upstaged by people who either didn’t win or had already given up their crown. Miss South Carolina presented an award at the VMA’s, by the way. A side note, Ryan as in Life of Ryan makes an appearance with the girls in their “green room”, which is for “underage” people.

Okay, let me go off on a rant here. I didn’t watch the MTV VMA’s, so I didn’t see Miss South Carolina present that award. MTV made a complete mockery of the pageant. Those lines were written for her to say, which made it seem like Miss South Carolina meant to say what she said during the pageant. So not only does that make the Miss Teen USA pageant a joke, it makes this show a joke, and in a way makes the MTV VMA’s a joke. Yes, I know it was all for laughs and it was funny. But as I said before, that’s just rewarding stupidity, which just makes you look dumb in the end. Enough said about all of that!

Donald Trump likes people that make headlines and that’s obvious as he lets Tara ride in his helicopter, while the other girls have to ride in a car for a VERY LONG time. He also seems more interested in Miss South Carolina than Hilary. Hilary and Miss South Carolina, Lauren, have lunch together. Blah, blah, blah, awkwardness, blah, blah. Rachel and Tara then argue with each other. Blah, blah, blah, see the last line. I’m bored with this show. It’s all about making headlines.

Thankfully, this week is the final episode of this show. Sure, the girls are pretty but the whole show is unoriginal. It’s like The Real World: Trump Pageant Style on acid! Sorry, we already have a show on MTV where girls fight. It’s called The Hills. That’s enough.

But lets finish this off. We basically go full circle. It seems like everyone had their problems ironed out, but they just get dragged up again at the same restaurant where it started. Of course, Josh starts the fire and Katie and Tara keep it going. Fast-forward a little bit. Everyone hates Josh. Katie and Josh argue outside. Tara cries. Rinse, lather, repeat.

A few more shots of girls strutting their stuff and modeling. Especially Rachel, who walks in her first fashion show. Remember she fell down during the Miss Universe pageant. But she walks fine during this and the girls all hug. Of course, the show ends happily. Tara lets Riyo, Rachel, and Hilary shine on their own. She leaves the Trump Organization and Katie and Josh live happily ever after! THE END!!!


Run’s House

To start off the double dose of Run’s House that aired two weeks ago, Run decides to open up “Camp Run”. Some friends of Diggy and Russy come over to the house for fun. They swim in the pool, Run makes them do layup drills, and then DJ Rev Run scratches some old school jams for the new youth of America. “These are the breaks!” by Curtis Blow to be exact. Run then tells the youngsters stories of the good old days and that is all for “Camp Run”. Entertaining as usual.

Also in this episode, Russell Simmons wants to create a new, young, hip clothing line for Phat Farm. Run suggests that JoJo go over to Russell’s house and give him ideas on the new line. JoJo thinks Phat Farm is something that older people wear, which is why Russell wanted JoJo’s help. But first Russell makes JoJo read a bunch of books about how to become a successful businessman. JoJo then does a little hard and says he would like to continue working there.

Rev Run sits in his tub and writes. Good morning. Do you make the most out of your resources? There is no better network than family. Appreciate what you have in your own backyard, because the grass isn’t always greener. Remember, your net work determines your net worth. God is love, Rev Run.

The second episode from two weeks ago saw Russy wearing a robe like Hugh Heffner to start off, which is odd. Angela had a photo shoot for her “Rundown” column. Omarion and Bow Wow pose with her. But Angela now wants her on magazine. Angela meets with the founder of Word Up! Magazine about that. But first she sets up a launch party for her new magazine at a locacl club. That is actually before she gets it, though. In the end, they agree to print one trial issue of Angela’s magazine.

Other random things during this episode. Vanessa’s dog, Juicy, is thought to be pregnant but it turns out she is not. Diggy dances for his mom for money. Run wants Diggy to dance on command. But Diggy won’t dance for his dad, though.

All the stars come out to Angela’s launch party. And yes, Diggy does dance. He’s a young version of Chris Brown. Diggy tells his dad that he is not just a dancer. He can also sing and dance. That is his “triple threat”. Look out!

Rev Run sits in his tub again and writes. Good morning. Are you living up to your full potential? Don’t wait for the invitation to get ahead, go ahead. You can’t win the race until you join the race. Remember, those who reach get the grapes. God is love, Rev Run.

This week we get only one episode. Kid Rock is in town and Rev Run invites him to stay at his house. Apparently Kid Rock was very accomendating to Run down in Malibu, when he was there. So he is returning the favor.

Meanwhile, the Girl Scouts of America want Angela and Vanessa to be the “role models” for the organization. They get bombarded with questions from a group of teenage girls. They are giving back to the community. Everyone feels good about it.

Kid Rock, Diggy, Russy, Run, JoJo, and Justine all go to Hooters. Kid Rock gives Russy a shirt of his and they have a contest. Whoever gets the most compliments about the shirt they are wearing from the Hooters waitresses wins something. Russy wins hands down, but Kid Rock does have a funny shirt that says “I ‘heart’ Black People”. Later, Kid Rock gets Russy a new guitar. It costs $3,000!! Kid Rock finally leaves but not before he puts a Hooters bumper sticker on the bumper of Run’s Phantom!

Rev Run sits in his tub and writes. Good morning. Do you surround yourself with people that bring you joy? When you open your home, you open your heart. So let good friends in and let the fun begin. God is love, Rev Run.

And that ends the 59th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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