Serial Watcher – Friday Night Lights – Episode 2-08

Oh Landry, Landry. We knew your conscious wouldn’t let you keep this secret for ever. You’re too nice a guy. But think about how your honesty affects other people. Think of Tyra, who will now be an immediate accomplice, even if you don’t mention her. Think of your dad, who destroyed evidence. What will happen to them? Personally, I blame Lyla. It’s easy to blame the Jesus freak for everything. It’s also fun. So Lyla and Jesus – you’re to blame.

And while Landry is doing what is morally right, but wrong on any other level, things also go wrong for the others.

Tami surprised me with her reaction to the thought of Julie having a crush on her English teacher. The way she confronted Noah and threatened him was more like something Eric would do, as it was very impulsive and aggressive, which is unlike her. It was good that he stood up to her, because he’s doing nothing wrong (so far), but it will be interesting to see his reaction when he realizes that Julie does have a crush on him and that he may have indivertibly encouraged it. It’s going to be painful for Julie, but I hope Noah will know how to let her down easily.

And while Julie is falling for a teacher, Matt suddenly became a heartbreaker. He learns that juggling to women in the same time isn’t easy, but why does he have to keep going to Smash for dating advice? It’s not like Smash is a role model for good relationships (especially after Matt had to pick him up naked from college). He did manage to leave one girl, but is he naïve enough to think he can have a real future with Carlota? She’s a smart woman and she knows better than to get involved with a kid like Matt. They may fool around for a while, but nothing substantial will come out of it.

But there were also two positive stories in that episode, that show how sometimes people need to hit a new low in order to get their act together.

In the Taylor household, Eric had to spend the night on the couch after a harsh war of words with Tami. While they had disagreements in the past, it never came to this. But I guess this showed them how much they mean to each other and the makeup at the end was very sweet. Eric found the perfect words to describe how much he needs his wife and misses her, and Tami was able to understand him. I hope she will be able to see that just like Eric saw things that aren’t there between her and Glen, perhaps she should have given Noah the benefit of the doubt when it came to him and Julie.

And the better story was Riggins. As if living with naked fat hunting guy (NFHG) wasn’t bad enough, he found out NFHG is running a meth lab. And while his threats of killing Tim may have been partly joking, we know this guy has a gun and shouldn’t be messed with. Realizing his life may truly be in danger, he decided to do anything in order to get back the one thing that always set him straight – his spot on the team. His public apology and promise to make up for his mistakes later in the shower were the highlights of this episode and while Riggins will screw up again in the future (it’s in his blood) it was nice to see Eric finally give up and take him back. Now all that’s left is to get him away from NFHG.

The drama of Lanrdy confessing to the murder capped off a very good episode of FNL, the second in a row. Just like another NBC show, Heroes, that had some troubles getting its sophomore season up and running but knew how to find its groove again, Friday Night Lights is also on a good roll after a disappointing start. Keep it up.


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