Happy Doodle Holidays – DVD Review

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Directed by
Wayne Moss

Moe ………. Jonathan Wexler
Rooney ………. Chad McNamara
DeeDee ………. Lisa Lennox

Run Time: 86 minutes (for all episodes)
DVD Release date: November 6, 2007

They’re the Doodlebops, Canada’s somewhat psychedelic answer the the Wiggles. Near as I can tell, there are three Doodles that make up the band: Deedee, Moe and Rooney. There is no word yet whether they have an attractive cousin named Magna Doodle, or the ever voluptuous Titsy McHooter-Doodle.

Deedee plays an odd piano-guitar. She’s the Doodle that kind of looks like Polly Pocket. She spells her name as one word so as not to be confused with Dee Dee Ramone.

Moe is some sort of evil break-dancing Ronald McDonald/Richard Simmons hybrid. Unlike the Moe of the Three Stooges, Moe is not the leader of the Doodles.

Rooney is the one that looks like if Adam Duritz dressed up as Blue from Blue’s Clues for Halloween.

Now, reviewing The Doodlebops is something akin to reviewing the birthday party of a four-year-old. It’s loud, and full of bright colors, and obviously not meant for me. As such, I abstain from a number score of the episodes. These Doodles are things for the pre-school, who seem to enjoy all thing garish. This show is there to get kids to sing, dance and teach them the values of sharing, honesty, and other socialist Canadian mores.

Another thing the tots like: repetition. To call The Doodlebops formulaic or structured would be an understatement. The Catholic Mass is wild and unpredictable in comparison to The Doodlebops.

Here is every episode of The Doodlebops in a list you can easily discern:

1. Opening Song.
2. Deedee introduces herself.
3. Rooney introduces himself, showing a bit of disappointment and cattiness that his fanfare is less flashy than Deedee’s.
4. Moe is missing; they look for him.
5. Act 1 of the Homily.
6. The band’s Manager arrives, scats and then magically disappears.
7. The Doodlebops wonder how their manager can disappear like that.
8. A whistle blows, dropping a rope.
9. The Doodles tell Moe not to pull the rope.
10. Moe pulls the rope, gets a bucket of water over the head, and shakes himself dry. (It’s a re-use sequence, meaning that they use the same video each time.)
11. The Doodles film a video in the studio. A dog named Audio Murphy is their producer.
12. Homily act 2 in the studio.
13. They hear the horn to their bus.
14. They get on their bus and play the same “get on the bus” re-use sequence.
15. Homily act 3 on the bus.
16. They get to the concert venue. (It’s the same one, with the same kids each episode.)
17. End of homily.
18. The Doodles ding at the concert and the show ends.

So what I’m saying is that this show is probably not going to be affected by the writers’ strike. The producers could pretty much Madlibs it.

“Let’s see, we need one more line for this song about treating others with respect. . . “

“How about, ‘We’re the Doodlebops’?”


Anyways, this DVD contains their holiday episode. It is a normal length episode, with the main conflict being that the Doodles really want to sing. . . a song. . . about the holidays. It’s not really high drama.

I say holidays, and not Christmas, as the Doodles seem to celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah. I’m not sure if each celebrates all three, or if like, you know, Moe is a jew, and Rooney’s race of Blue people also came from Africa.

Three other episodes are included on the disc, but they don’t have anything to do with Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanza, or Ramadan, or snow, or Santa.

The first is called “Don’t Use It, Don’t Need It” and evangelizes the good of giving away the stuff one no longer uses/ needs. They just give the stuff away, and don’t even try to Ebay it. That is how you can tell that they are not Americans.

The second bonus episode is called “Fair Share”. Deedee is dancing on a carpet that makes some noise when you step on it, a sort of poor man’s Dance Dance Revolution. She is peer pressured into sharing what is rightfully hers by the others. I think the lesson being that we should always give in to peer pressure.

The final bonus episode is entitled “Deedee’s Big Break”. Moe’s got he cool toy this time and makes Deedee wait to play with it. (Moe is [a] hypocrite!) Deedee gets all antsy in the pantsy, and plays with the new toy when Moe isn’t looking. Naturally, she breaks it. Then she secretly breaks Rooney’s tool that can fix anything in an attempt to cover up her deception. Deedee falls into a web of lies and trickery, because that’s what women are prone to do in this situation. These Canadians can be such misogynists!

The Extras
We get Trailers, four Sing-alongs, two Dance-alongs, and four Knock-Knock Jokes.

The DVD Lounge’s Rating for Happy Doodle Holidays
(OUT OF 10)





7 (for the kids)
0 (for the adults)

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