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November 27, 2007


The best-selling toy line for girls comes to life as four best girlfriends are trying to make their way through the first year of high school. They stick together and decide to face off against the domineering student body president that wants to split them up into different social circles.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, music videos, numerous featurettes

Futurama – Bender’s Big Score

A hostile takeover has taken control of Planet Express away from the gang and the new owners want Bender to head back in time and do what he does best, steal the world’s most valuable treasures. It’s the first full-length feature film for the popular television series.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, trailers, documentaries, featurettes, behind the scenes, text galleries, photo galleries, and much more

Guy X

Rudy has mistakenly been sent to an Artic military base that is almost deserted except for the hot girlfriend of Colonel Woolwrap. Through some boredom and mishaps, Rudy uncovers some dangerous secrets and must get a horrible operation eliminated.

DVD Features: None

Happy Days – The Third Season

Wasn’t life just plain swell in the days of sock hops, drag races, and original rock n’ roll? Oh, if you’re too young to have experienced those days then feel free to live them through Richie, Potsy, Ralph Malph, Joanie, the Fonz, and the whole gang.

DVD Features: All 24 episodes from the third season

Hot Fuzz (3-Disc Collector’s Edition)

Nicholas Angel is a fantastic cop that far outshines all his colleagues. Jealousy shows its head though and they end up getting him transferred to a sleepy town and a horrible partner Danny Butterman. Little do the new partners know they are about to strap in for the ride of a lifetime and even more in this huge 3-disc set.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, deleted/alternate scenes, outtakes, Fuzz-O-Meter, trailers, video blogs, storyboards, over fifteen featurettes, and much more

Hot Rod

Rob Kimble is a wannabe stuntman and is preparing for his most miraculous jump ever and plans to clear fifteen buses in order to raise money for his abusive step-father’s heart operation. He wants Frank to live and be healthy so he can take him out himself.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, bloopers, deleted scenes, trailers, training videos, numerous featurettes

I Know Who Killed Me

A small town is shaken at its foundation when Aubrey Fleming is abducted and tortured by a madman. After her escape, she then awakens in a hospital and things are not as they seem. She insists that she is not who everyone thinks she is and that the real Aubrey is still in great danger.

DVD Features: Alternate scenes, blooper reel

Laverne & Shirley – The Third Season

Schlameel, schlam…ahh fuggedaboutit. You know the song and you know the hard-working, but fun-loving, girls from Milwaukee that always happen to get in every bit of trouble they possibly can. Well they’re back for more with their pals Lenny and Squiggy which means things are going to get a little bit crazy all over again.

DVD Features: All 24 episodes from the third season

Mork & Mindy – The Third Season

As if Robin Williams needed to look any more like an alien. Or is that a sasquatch? Anyway, Mindy tries to live as normal a life as possible while her weird and wacky alien friend Mork studies the citizens of Earth to learn all he can.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the third season

The O.C. – The Complete Series Collection

Enjoy the drama, love, suspense, and wild times all in one place as the lives of the upper-class youths of Orange County are displayed in all their traumatic glories. The multiple award winning series is here in its entirety from episode one all the way the exciting series finale.

DVD Features: All 92 episodes from the entire series


Two clans of werewolves are at war with one another over the lives of a young twelve year-old boy and his mother. The mother and child are very valuable to the two packs for different reasons and they’ll do anything to get them.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, making of, special effects featurette


A pregnant waitress is doing whatever she can to get by. She also lives in the Deep South and is unhappily married thinking that her life is set to stay that way forever until one day a stranger walks into her diner and he just may be her last shot at true happiness.

DVD Features: Making of, “The Pies Have It” featurette, “Hi, I’m Keri. I’ll Be Your Waitress” featurette, and more

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