5oz’s of Fury: Rampage, Couture/White, and UFC on CBS?!?

The UFC going prime time? Rampage crossing the border? An Australian on Long Island? We answer those questions, plus the latest on the Couture/Dana/Fedor love triangle, plus actual NEWS on Gina Carano (not just a picture, even though we have one of those too).

UFC on CBS?!: At first I was pissed that the writer’s strike was screwing up my favourite TV shows, but there may be some good coming out of the writers refusing to work. CBS is looking towards programming that doesn’t require scripts or unions. Who are they turning to? The UFC! Rumor has it that CBS is looking to give Dana White and Co. a prime-time Saturday night time slot. If it were me, I’d take the hit on pay-per-view buys and give them the February 3rd show. Having Brock Lesnar fighting will help them draw an insane amount of wrestling fans that will be more curious to see how he does in MMA if they don’t have to pay for it. Plus, if they can sign the rumored Randy Couture/Antonio Nogueira fight (more on that later), I can’t think of a more perfect way to introduce a prime-time audience to the product.

Rampage Jackson: One of the most frequent questions asked by the MMA blogosphere is “Where’s Rampage?” Ever since the unification fight against Dan Henderson, he’s barely been on television and isn’t even rumored to be fighting anytime soon. Or, maybe he is rumored to be fighting soon? MMAMania.com interviewed the light heavyweight champion, and when asked when we’ll see him again and what Dana’s White’s big plans for him are? “I love Mexicans. I love tacos, burritos…I don’t know man, I don’t know what the hell Dana’s talkin’ about.” There’s been talk of a UFC show in Mexico this year, but mainly with a focus on Roger Huerta and Diego Sanchez. I have to admit though, if I were breaking into a new market, I’d definitely put a major title fight on it. And speaking of Senor Huerta…

Ultimate Fighter Finale: This Saturday is the finale for “The Ultimate Fighter: Team Serra vs. Team Hughes,” and his headlined by Huerta vs. Clay Guida, as well as Matt Arroyo/Mac Danzig vs. George Sotiropoulos/Tommy Speer to see who this year’s “ultimate fighter” is. There haven’t been any spoilers other than the one they teased us with at the end of last week’s episode. I will say that Sotiropoulos’s MySpace now says he’s from Long Island, and I can’t imagine someone moving from Australia to Long Island…unless he was training for a major fight, so…*shrugs*.

Randy Couture vs. Dana White: Here’s what we know…or actually, here’s what I’ve read on the Internet. Randy Couture is still a few weeks away from being fully recovered from his broken arm. He’s apparently been offered the Nogueira fight. Dana White claimed in an interview that the two of them have spoken and that we should “stay tuned.” He also said there’s still a chance to see Couture vs. Fedor Emelianenko in the Octagon, so take that for what it’s worth.

Gina Carano’s Next “Fight”: First, we hear that they are making American Gladiators. Then, they cast Hulk Hogan of all people to host the show. Now we find out that one of our own, Gina Carano, will be one of the “American Gladiators” known as Crush. I’m torn on this. On one hand, we get to see her on television more often since there aren’t all that many other female MMA fighters for her to fight. On the other hand, it requires us watching American Gladiators. I’m not sure I can bring myself to do that. I’m not going to lie.

And just because we’re talking aboot her (and I had trouble finding a decent Rachelle Leah pic for this week)…


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