Interview with Diamond Dallas Page

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The last time pro wrestling fans saw Diamond Dallas Page working on the national scene was in May 2005. At that point in his career, Page was wrestling for TNA but hardly anyone was watching TNA in those days (this was before the promotion began on Spike in October of that year).

So what has the “King of Bada Bing” been up to since then? Uh, teaching yoga… of course.

DDP is the brains behind the Yoga For Regular Guys Workout also known as YRG. One can buy DVDs to learn about his workout by going to the YRG Workout website or if you live in LA you can even workout WITH him. More info on that here.

But the former WCW champion is not just teaching Yoga these days. He is also a motivational speaker and a budding movie star. He even wrestles on the Indies from time-to-time. To steal a line of his from our interview (found below) “DDP is a renaissance man.”

Amen, champ. Amen.

Wanna feel good about yourself or your future? Take a listen to my interview with Page. DDP made me want to jump out of my apartment and run eight marathons after talking to him. The man certainly knows how to motivate and appears to be loving his life after wrestling. Shocking, right?

Oh, don’t worry, we also talk about his illustrious in-ring career too.

.:: Interview with Diamond Dallas Page ::.

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