MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge: Volume Three – DVD Review

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The Tokyo Broadcasting System


Victor Wilson………Vic Romano
Christopher Darga………Kenny Blankenship
John Cervanka………Captain Tenneal
Mary Scheer………Everygirl

DVD Release Date: November 6, 2007
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 260 Minutes on 2 discs

The Show

There isn’t much to be said about MXC so I’m going to explain the original idea before the entire thing. The Tokyo Broadcasting System had created a show called Takeshi’s Castle that aired in the late eighties. People would be put through some of the strangest, and most painful, competitions in order to eliminate one another and move on. All this leads to one person left who could complete all the tasks and win one million yen.

About twenty years later, a few Americans got together, found the episodes of Takeshi’s Castle, and edited the show to their own liking. Some editing and photoshop allowed the competitors to be placed into different teams and hilarious voices to be dubbed over the Japanese voices. Announcers Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano add some rousing commentary to each event as teams that have no bearing to one another compete to win the day’s events.

Some of the events are just downright ridiculous. One of the weirdest ones would have to be the competitors getting into giant hand costumes and having to throw themselves face down onto cards with the correct answers to whatever questions were asked. One of the most painful contests includes a bunch of rolling logs and people having to jump from one to the other and get to the other side. Needless to say but most of them don’t make it and fall to their painful doom.

You can’t help but laugh while watching the show and it’s not even because of the fantastic things each competitor says before heading out to battle. The events themselves are just totally insane and I would be incredibly impressed if anyone that took place in the original episodes are not in traction today. For those that think Jackass is nothing but a bunch of idiots hurting themselves for no reason and won’t ever watch the show, then this is your healthy alternative. With MXC, you can watch a bunch of everyday people trying to win some money but hurting themselves in much worse ways.

Right you are Ken!


Disc One:

Republicans Vs. Democrats Vs. Third Party
Unemployed Vs. Environmentalists
Snack Food Industry Vs. Print Media
Baby Products Industry Vs. Paranormal
Adventurers & Explorers Vs. Dental Industry
Country Kids Vs. City Kids

Disc Two:

Organized Crime Vs. Weight Loss Industry
Novelty/Gift Industry Vs. The Death Industry
The Amusement Park Industry Vs. The World’s Oldest Profession
Oil Industry Vs. Make-Over Industry
Film Industry Vs. Phobias
Romance Industry Vs. Firearm Industry
Footwear Industry Vs. Electronic Gaming

The Video

The episodes are shown in 1.33:1 Full Screen format and it looks like they always have. Each of the episodes are taken straight from Japanese television with little or no touch-ups done whatsoever to them. But they really don’t need to look too good in order to be enjoyable.

The Audio

The episodes are heard in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound and come through just fine. The announcing can all be heard clearly and the dubbed over voices for the competitors is great too. Every scream, shriek, moan, grunt, and sound of pain comes through loudly and awesomely. It would be nice though if it was tried out with surround sound so the announcing could come out of one place while the dubbed competitors could be heard all around.

Special Features

Two Original Episodes Of Takeshi’s Castle: Episodes #1 & #67 – Imagine the exact same show but in Japanese with subtitles.

Kenny Blankenship’s Top 25 Most Painful Eliminations Of Volume Three – Take the twenty-five best eliminations and put them all in one collection and that’s what you get in this special feature. It really doesn’t matter how many times you see them, they always look painful.

TrailersMoving McAllister, Exiled, Weirdsville and The Signal

The Inside Pulse

MXC has been a series that I’ve seen on numerous occasions and have watched one too many marathons when there is nothing else on television. Still, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the DVD full of episodes I had already seen. You can’t help but just crack up laughing at the commentary or more importantly, the comments the competitors spew out right before doing each event. It’s nothing more then mindless entertainment that would have been fun even if the added American comedy hadn’t been thrown in because these people really knew how to take a beating. Still you can’t help but enjoy severe pain, insane games, and tons of sexual innuendos. The special features aren’t much, but it was neat seeing Takeshi’s Castle as it was intentionally meant to be. Kind of strange knowing that anyone was ever really serious about this, but crazier things have been done for money. Don’t get eliminated!

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