Review: Cable and Deadpool # 47


Cable and Deadpool #47

Writer: Fabian Nizieza

Pencils: Ron Lim

Inker: Jeremy Freeman

Cable died over in X-Men so this book has recently been Deadpool and a guest star. This month’s guest star is Dr. Strange, master of the mystic arts. This means we get an issue of dimension hopping strangeness. That fits Deadpool well enough to be getting on with.

Wheee this plot is nonsensical. Strange transports Deadpool and Bob, Agent of Hydra, around reality, each pointless where Deadpool kills things, so that Deadpool can bring back his nemesis T-Ray. This is a lot of convoluted nonsense to get Deadpool to bring back T-Ray (hopefully with some purpose) and star a semi-hot commodity like Dr. Strange. Deadpool kills random stuff because for some reason Strange requires it. That sentence really sums up the entirety of this issue’s plot.

Deadpool recently decided, yet again, to be a hero. That’s going surprisingly well as he is entirely earnest about the endeavor this time. Unfortunately, that seems to have curtailed his comedic ranting and instability, which absolutely does not work for me since it’s well established that he has no choice in that. More, he’s more distinctive and interesting when he’s wise cracking and unstable. Redeeming himself is an interesting concept, but not at the expense of the character’s voice. Bob of Hydra fills the comedy sidekick role quite well, at least, though his joke of being a normal, dorky man who happens to be a Hydra agent is getting old.

This months issue is ultimately a miss. Deadpool spends a lot of wasted time on magical mumbo jumbo that utterly lacks meaning and alters his character beyond recognition. This book fared far better when Cable was present and allowed Deadpool to be a warped point of view character/sidekick. Hopefully X-Men let Cable rest and we can get back to the book’s core before cancellation.

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