Random Reality: Josh Clinton Interviews Beauty and the Geek's Dave Olsen and Jasmine Moore

We now know that Dave and Jasmine have won Beauty and the Geek 4. That seemed highly unlikely in the beginning since they weren’t much of a team at all. I had the chance to talk to them both before and after they learned that they had won $250,000. We discussed what they would do with the money, why they became such a great team towards the end, what their relationships were with certain people within the house, and of course, all about the “LARPer” stuff. Here is what they had to say as another season of Beauty and the Geek comes to a close…

Josh Clinton: Hey Dave and Jasmine.

Dave Olsen: Hello.

Jasmine Moore: Hey Josh, what’s up?

JC: Not a whole lot. How are you doing?

DO: I’m good.

JM: Good, how are you?

JC: I’m doing good. I wanted to know first from Dave, what were your first thoughts of Jasmine?

DO: I think most people know at this point that my first thoughts of Jasmine weren’t that complimentary. I thought she was a little ditzy perhaps. As have been mentioned before, she was the person that I least wanted to be partnered with.

JC: That being said. Jasmine, what were your first thoughts of Dave?

JM: Yeah, he totally hated me! I was like “alright, Dave, I think you should be happy with whatever beauty you get since you are a geek!” But he totally wasn’t, so I was really bummed about that. I thought he really needed to chill out at first.

JC: Right. Do you think it was fair to have Sam and Nicole there as the twist of being the first male beauty and female geek?

DO: Yeah. I’m not sure how much of an advantage that gender gives a person in the challenges. On the surface it appears that gender helped Sam a lot more than it helped Nicole, because he definitely won more challenges. But is it because he is male or because he has a background in that it makes these challenges easier for him? I think it’s his background that helped him more than his gender.

JC: So you think his acting background helped him a lot on this show then?

DO: Yes.

JC: Jasmine, do you think was fair to have Sam and Nicole there?

JM: At first I thought it was totally fair, but when Sam showed up with all of his muscles and won all of the challenges, I was like “no, it’s not fair anymore, he needs to go!”

JC: Yeah. Jasmine, I’m interested in knowing what your motivation was for going on a show like this where you easily can be made fun of for not knowing certain things?

JM: I really didn’t want to go try out. They actually found me at a club. When they came up to me were like “do you want to be on this show?” I was like “of course, I do!” Then, I just made it through to the show.

JC: Cool. So you got off to a rough start as a team. Why do you think you worked so well as a team then towards the end of the show? Was the turning point after what Joshua and Shay said to you?

DO: I think the turning point was the Comic-Con challenge which coincidentally was after Joshua and Shay calling me out on the stairs. But it was really the judges at Comic-Con who called Jasmine hilarious, because she was. I sorta was blind to these qualities because I was just so focused on the negatives, which were her ignorance and lack of knowledge on things, and I forgot to think about her creativity and her sense of humor. Once I opened my eyes to these things that is when we started to bond a lot more.

JM: I think a lot of it had to do with what Joshua and Shay said, because I think the whole house was thinking that as well. I had told Dave that, but he heard it more when other people told him. So I think after that and then definitely in Mexico he started to listen to me more when he won the salsa challenge. He got more confidence. I don’t know, we just started doing really well. I don’t know what it was. Magic, I guess.

JC: Yeah. Dave, lets go back to the Joshua and Shay comments. What were you thinking when they said that since you really didn’t have time to reply back to them?

DO: The first thing I was thinking of was very practical. I told myself to accept the comments and move on, because the last thing I wanted was to get in any sort of argument on the stairs. So we ended up taking the argument upstairs, which I felt turned more into Shay berating me for being a deficient partner. It wasn’t completely unfounded, because I really wasn’t that good of a partner before that moment. That said, her remarks were pretty hard to take so I had to process that.

JC: Right. Jasmine, did you have a favorite challenge?

JM: Yeah, the comic book challenge was my favorite one because I got to pretend to be a superhero that liked to sleep a lot, and I think I should have won it. I was kinda mad. Then, my other favorite challenge was the wine challenge.

JC: Cool. Dave, when you saw Nicole on the show were you immediately attracted to her and knew that was someone you wanted to get to know right away?

DO: Yeah, when she first walked up the stairs my first thought was “wow, she’s actually pretty cute!” I was intrigued by her. I really wanted to get to know her more, especially since at that point the rest of us had known each other for 36 hours and this was someone new. Frankly, she seemed more interesting that Sam was. So yeah, I think I was attracted to her at first.

JC: Yeah. Do you think you will really get to hang out with her back in Boston?

DO: I hope so. It appears that dating is out of the question at this moment, which I find unfortunate. But she is only a 15 minute walk away from me. I timed it. (Laughs). I think it would be a shame to lose that friendship so I would hope to continue hanging out with her, especially since we haven’t seen each other in the last four months.

JC: That’s cool. If you had to pick one, who do you think was the hottest beauty in the house?

DO: I would have to go with Katie. I’m not sure her beauty is so much her physical appearance. I like her personality. Katie and I bonded very early on and I think she is very nice and has a great personality.

JC: Jasmine, have you made any friends on the show that you would like to keep in contact with?

JM: Yeah. I mean me and Luke live in the same city. So of course Luke. And then Nicole, Shay, Rebecca, and Katie. I love all of those girls and I plan to stay in touch with all of them. I think Shay and I are definitely going to go somewhere this year.

JC: Cool. Dave, I forgot to mention this earlier but Anthony Robinson from Survivor: Fiji said he really liked the “LARPer” stuff you did on the show. Do you know him?

DO: (Laughs). Yes. Anthony is a good friend of mine. We were part of the same LARPer group, which is how we met. We have known each other for years. Interestingly enough, the swords that you saw on the show were not my swords, they were his swords. I wasn’t going to fly across the country with my own swords and have to deal with security. (Laughs). “No, these swords are harmless!” So I called Anthony, since he lives in Los Angeles, and asked him if I could borrow his swords for a few weeks. He was very gracious in lending me his swords. Anthony is sorta of an inspiration in getting on the show in the first place. I never watched reality television before. I watched him on Survivor: Fiji and I was like “okay, well Anthony is on it. That kinda looks like fun. I could do that!”

JC: Very cool. Jasmine, how did you like all of the “LARPer” stuff that you did on the show?

JM: (Laughs). The “LARPer” stuff was cool. It looks really odd and dorky and I felt kinda awkward at first, but it’s actually fun. You can like kill people and take you sword and make them fall over. I liked it!

JC: Cool. When you heard about the final twist and that America would be voting for the winner this season, what did you think about it? Did you think you had a better chance of winning?

DO: My initial thought was actually that I don’t have that good of a chance, because I have never been popular. So winning a popularity contest wasn’t what I was looking forward to. Over the past couple of months, I have read some message boards online. At first, people hated me! They seemed to have really turned around and tend to like me now.

JM: When I found out that America was going to vote I was kind like “okay, I don’t have to go through an elimination” because I am bad at thinking of answers on the spot. So I thought I couldn’t do that. But since America is voting, let’s just hope that I didn’t seem like a brat on the show.

JC: Yeah. How have you changed from this experience?

DO: It’s hard to say if I have changed. I feel the change has been very subtle. It hasn’t been a drastic, monumental shift in personalities. It’s more subtle changes. A friend of mine commented that I had more poise, which I don’t know if I do or not, but it’s something that an outsider would notice before I would. But I feel internally more comfortable with who I am. I think that is how I have changed.

JM: I feel like you have to be comfortable with being who you are on the inside like all the geeks were. They were comfortable being geeky. I wasn’t comfortable being myself, because everyone has told me I was dumb forever. So I just relied on my confidence in my hair or whatever else. But now I realize not to worry about what other people think. If you think you are smart, you are. I think that is what I have learned. You just have to be true to yourself on the inside. That is what is important.

JC: Right. Jasmine, do you think you were portrayed accurately on the show?

JM: Oh yeah. Some people think the show makes these girls look so dumb. That is just how I am in real life, why are they saying they make me look dumb. I say that kind of stuff all the time. I wasn’t saying anything out of the ordinary. I thought it was funny.

JC: Right. So now that we can reveal that you have won this season of Beauty and the Geek, how does it feel?

JM: It feels great.

DO: Yeah, it feels pretty awesome. I suggest you go on a reality TV show too.

JM: (Laughs).

JC: Yeah. Why do you think America voted for you to win?

JM: I think they thought that we didn’t get along at first, but we came together at the end. So it was kinda obvious that we had changed. That’s why I think America voted for us.

DO: Yeah, I think America saw real transformation. They saw that we went from a team that couldn’t get along with each other to a team that seemed to really compliment each other.

JC: That makes sense. What do you plan to do with all of the money then?

JM: I’m going to put a down payment on a condo for my family and then help them out with the payments.

DO: Yeah, I’m going to make a couple of donations to organizations that mean a lot to me. Then, I will probably put the rest in the stock market.

JC: That’s interesting. Do you think you would want to do any more reality TV shows after this?

DO: I would love to do more reality television after this. The Amazing Race looks like fun. Jasmine, do you think we should become a team on The Amazing Race?

JM: (Laughs). Yeah. We were partners before, so that would be pretty cool to do it again.

JC: Alright, very nice. What are you plans now?

DO: I don’t really have much in the way of plans right now. My life has been so incredibly busy the past few months. I have been just living from moment to moment. I have had the end goal of December 4th. All of my planning has revolved around December 4th. I haven’t really thought past that date. So I’m not quite sure what is next for me, but we will find out.

JM: Right now, I’m here through Saturday. But Monday I have to go back to babysitting and that kind of stuff. So no big plans yet unless I get invited to some cool party in LA. I would definitely come back. I don’t know. Just back to the Ohio life, I guess.

JC: Alright, that’s cool. Well that is all I have for you. Thanks for your time and good luck with everything.

DO: Thank you.

JM: Thanks Josh.

Beauty and the Geek airs on the CityTV network in Canada on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Beauty and the Geek airs on THE CW in the U.S. on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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