MTV Mix – Volume 60

We have finally cut all of the crap and just have nothing but the best left. Of course, that will all change in the new year so you better enjoy this “Mix” for the next couple of weeks. After that, it will be gone forever! So lets get to it…



The Hills

Lauren doesn’t know if she can ever be in a relationship with Brody, since Brody not only likes her, but also likes every other girl in Los Angeles as well. Brody jokes about the “hotties” around them, while they are on a date, but Lauren doesn’t think he is joking. Brody sounds eerily similar to Spencer here. Whitney and Lauren both agree that Brody “loves the ladies” but Lauren doesn’t need to be just one of “his ladies”. Agreed.

Heidi and Stephanie, Spencer’s sister, talk about the wedding. Heidi tells her that she thinks it will be best to wait especially since they can’t agree on anything about the wedding. Heidi tells Stephanie to not say anything to Spencer, but she does anyways. That leads to a big fight between Heidi and Spencer. Spencer thinks Heidi is dragging out the wedding to apparently not have one. Spencer just wants to “get it over with already”. Spencer then walks out and Heidi tells him if he did that, he doesn’t have to bother coming back. So perhaps this could be the end? HA!

Meanwhile, there is a Halloween party? Everyone is in costume. Brody and Frankie are Batman and Robin. Lauren is a flapper chick I believe. Audrina is 80’s Madonna. Audrina has a new date already. His name is Corey and he is from Australia. Oh, and Jen Bunney is there as well. But that whole thing was weird. To sum it, Brody leaves the party before Lauren wanted him to.

Lauren tells Lo that she wants Brody to not date any other girls, but she wants him to want to do that, meaning it’s not her place to him who he can date and not date. This leads to a funny moment. Lauren and Brody go on a date. Lauren grabs his iPhone and proceeds to read off his phone book contact list. There are A LOT of girls on it and they have interesting names like “Britney Canada Whore”, “Blonde Hottie”, and “Bridget, Wanna Bang”. Basically, Lauren says “sometimes no matter how much you like a guy, they are just not good for you”. She refers to Brody her and basically compares him wants to Justin for Audrina. Nothing is really said other than that. Just a bunch of dancing around their feelings and we are left with no conclusion. Basically, a to be continued as next week is the season finale…


A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila

We are down to three people. There are two women and one man. Tila takes them all to Mexico. Bobby is not that sad he is the only guy left. Dani thinks Bobby is threatened by that fact. All of them are confident that Tila will pick them in the end.

Tila has planned group activities for all 4 of them during the day and then at night each person gets some “alone time” with Tila. The first group date is swimming with the dolphins. Everyone talks about it being a once in a lifetime experience. Amanda especially loved it when the dolphins ripped off her bathing suit bottoms and gave her a “push”.

Amanda is a giant compared to Tila, by the way. However, she says she is more submissive around Tila. The next group date is zip-lining through the Mexican jungles. Amanda freaks out. Later, Bobby goes on his individual date, while Amanda and Dani go shopping.

Everyone then goes swimming and that is when Tila wants the other to talk trash about their competition. Almost like she wants them to make her decision easier. Amanda sells Dani down the river by telling Tila that Dani likes to go to strip clubs three times a week. Dani won’t talk trash about anyone, though. For some reason, while Dani and Tila have their date, Amanda decides that she and Bobby should dress up like each other. A little too weird. Although, it seems like Dani may be the leader as jealous really begins to set in.

But now it’s time to lose one more. Dani is the first one safe, because she opened up Tila on a level that she never knew she had. So it’s between Amanda and Bobby. In the end, Amanda is going home. Not a total shock. I knew Bobby would make it to the end. There has to be one guy and one girl left. But Dani is more like a guy, so that is a slight surprise. I still think Bobby wins this whole thing, though. We will find out next week!


The Real World: Sydney

Issac returns from his grandfather’s funeral. He finds out that the house has gone to crap. He actually thinks Trisha going home is funny. Issac doesn’t think that anyone liked Trisha, but apparently Kelly Anne liked Trisha or at least she doesn’t like Trisha. But Issac could care less about the girl drama.

Dunbar and Ashli have been “spooning” a lot lately. But no “forking” yet. Issac tells Parisa that everyone was happy that Trisha left. Kelly Anne just needed something to do, so she got pissed according to him. He says he will beat the “Trisha” out of the “new Trisha”, Kelly Anne. I’m so glad Issac is back. He quickly sets everyone straight and tells the truth. There are no good qualities to Trisha, except she was “fun to party with” according to Ashli.

Kelly Anne eventually attempts to talk to Parisa, but Parisa can’t forget all the things that Kelly Anne said to her. Meanwhile, more flirting from Dunbar and Ashli. Later, Kelly Anne and Ashli come around to not liking Trisha as well. They are going to give Parisa a chance and try to get to know, etc.

This leads to the best moment of the season. In fact, probably of any Real World season EVER! Issac is naked and he decides to get his snorkel gear and hop into the fish tank! Yes, he is swimming naked in the fish tank inside the house! Fantastic! Dunbar then pretends it’s his birthday so they can party some more. Everyone seems happy without Trisha. Kelly Anne and Parisa chat in the hot tub. Parisa can’t believe she took Trisha’s side over her. Kelly Anne attempts to apologize, but Parisa is not ready to forgive just yet. Of course, that changes five minutes later as we have to end on a happy note.

But before that, we go back to more of Dunbar and Ashli. They go from the hot tub to the bed. They begin to “spoon”. Eventually, they kiss and we fade to a commercial. But when we come back we hear Dunbar talking on the phone with his girlfriend, Julie. Apparently something happened as Ashli writes an e-mail outloud or at least we can see what she is writing. She says they got a little carried away and ended up having sex. Dunbar won’t tell Julie, though. He will wait until he gets home apparently. Not sure if that is a smart move, but that’s his choice.

Actually we end with Parisa and Issac talking about his grandfather. He somewhat opens up to her. Apparently his grandfather was over 90 years old. He end with Parisa “cleansing” herself by jumping into the fountain and running through it in broad daylight with lots of people watching. Silly kids and their water fun!


Run’s House

Justine’s sister stops by and drops of his very young daughter so that Run and Justine can babysit. Run pretty much acts like a child himself. “Rock the 40 oz baby food jar!” More crazy fun with dirty diapers and really that’s about it for the baby. Just what you might expect.

Meanwhile, Angela and Vanessa are mad that their “Pastry” line of shoes don’t have a bigger display inside Finish Line stores. They go to speak to Russell about it. He tells them to go meet Arthur Ashe’s niece, since they wanted to have a display next to Arthur Ashe’s big display. Angela and Vanessa eventually decide to create a show for charity with the Arthur Ashe Foundation.

Rev Run sits in his tub and writes. Good morning. Do you strive for excellence? Wile talent and heart get you in the game, it’s hard work and tenacity that puts you in the winner’s circle. Find the champion in yourself and soar like a star. God is love, Rev Run.

And that ends the 60th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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