Basket Case 2 – DVD Review

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Frank Henenlotter


Kevin Van Hentenryck………Duane
Annie Ross………Granny Ruth
Kathryn Meisle………Marcie
Heather Rattray………Susan

DVD Release Date: October 20, 2007
Rating: R
Running Time: 90 Minutes

The Movie

The freaks of nature Belial and Duane are still around and this time they are in the national spotlight. The police have found out about them and taken them in which gets their freakishness to the forefront and they gain a bit of celebrity status. During their big steps, or slithering, onto the front pages of the celebrity reports, the boys almost end up dead. Resilient as they are, Duane and Belial end up in intensive care and soon meet up with someone that will change their lives.

Due to their exposure on television, Granny Ruth has seen them and pays them a visit. She explains who she is and that she isn’t there to hurt them or take advantage of them like everyone else is; she only wants to help them. Granny Ruth takes the boys with her to her home which they soon find out is a haven for other freaks like themselves. Belial not only finds it to be a blessing, but also has found someone that may be his long-lost love. Duane on the other hand isn’t so sure that everything is as it seems and there is more then meets the lazy (?), multiple (?), err…regular eye.

It’s rather difficult to explain what else is going on in Basket Case 2 other then that because there isn’t much more. But then again, that’s not exactly true either. This film has so much to see, and look at, and be disgusted by that you kind of forget about a plot after a while and are just wondering what kind of freak will walk out next. It’s fantastic work with prosthetics and make-up that CGI could never do justice to.

Don’t expect a lot of deep and intense situations because you’re not going to get them. Sure there is a plot and it’s rather good when you start actually paying attention to it more so then the moonfaced man or the boy with a giant clam head that sings all the time. But just because there’s a plot and a lot of humor doesn’t mean that Basket Case 2 isn’t disgusting or gross. Oh no gore fans, you are in for some serious kills and a good amount of blood. But even fans of the grossest of the gross are going to want to turn their heads as one of the freakiest sex scenes in cinematic history happens before them. Trust me on this one, brace yourself.

Overall this isn’t meant to be an Oscar winner or make you feel like you can accomplish something with your life after it’s all said and done. It’s meant to be gross. It’s meant to be disgusting. It’s meant to be funny. And it’s meant to be disgusting and stupid. Of course I would like to know where all these freaks come from and how they became who they are, but that’s not what Basket Case is about. One more film follows this one in the franchise and they were never meant to give you a history and build to something bigger. They were created to gross you out and give you some good laughs in a film that doesn’t make you think at all. I like that.

The Video

The film is shown in 1.78:1 Full Frame format and for a film transferred from 35 MM, it looks beautiful. The colors are bright and crisp making the freaks look phenomenal in all their nutcase glory. A lot of it takes place in the dark as well, but nothing is ever too dark and that makes it even better.

The Audio

The film is heard in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound and I really wish they would have done surround sound, but then again I’m not sure it would have mattered. Not saying that it wouldn’t have been good to hear the noises of the freaks as they surround you, but you have to wonder how much background noise was actually recorded.

Special Features

The Man In The Moon Mask – Here is a feature that is an interview with David Emge who plays the Man In The Moon Mask in the film and it is quite fun. He goes in depth into how it was to wear the mask and what they could and couldn’t do. He says they couldn’t talk and weren’t even allowed to grunt because it would be viewed by SAG (the Screen Actor’s Guild) as some form of communication. It only lasts a little over six minutes, but is still an interesting watch.

Beyond The Wicker – This is a twenty-three minute feature that is basically a “making of” segment. The special effects supervisor gives an introduction in what looks to be a crematorium but I’m not sure and leads into footage from way back in 1989. All of the work done to make the freaks come to life in puppet form, acting, and even animatronics is shown. It’s a fun and playful behind the scenes look.

The Inside Pulse

I hadn’t seen Basket Case 2 in years, and it’s a shame to let it go so long because I forgot how much fun it actually is. It’s a nonsensical film that is meant to just make you laugh and gross you out all at the same time. Well, they accomplished what they were going for and with this new beautiful transfer to DVD; it’s made even better. The special features are rather bare, but what’s there is good. The behind the scenes featurette is enjoyable and the short interview with the man in the moon mask could have been longer, but is good for what it is. Overall, it’s not bound to have a huge pricetag attached to it, so if you’re a horror fan, then I recommend picking one up. For those who find blob sex too disgusting for more then one viewing, try a rental.

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