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TNA held a meeting with talent before the 3 December TV tapings, which was when Terry Taylor offered to release anybody from their contract if they were unhappy. Senshi immediately accepted the offer and Ron Killings has requested his release too, as we previously reported. AAA expects Killings to go full-time for them by February. At the same meeting, Samoa Joe apologised to Kevin Nash and the promotion for being unprofessional in his Turning Point speech. Johnny Devine also apologised for an unprofessional incident thought to have happened at the hotel a couple of nights earlier. Dixie Carter also make an emotional talk, getting choked up and leaving a good impression on the talent. Kurt Angle, Booker T, Christian Cage, Tyson Tomko, Earl Hebner and Brother Ray also spoke about how the grass is not any greener in WWE, despite what some may think.

Additionally, the choice to use Eric Young as the replacement partner in the Turning Point main event was made by Jeff Jarrett. Some considered using Jarrett himself in the spot but he wants to save his return for a built-up PPV in 2008. Joe apparently suggested Homicide but the notion was overturned, although Homicide was under the impression that it was going to go ahead and he got quite upset with management when he found out otherwise.

Young was of course subbing for the no-show Scott Hall, whose decision to stay at home is thought to be attributed more to depression than anything else. He had been complaining to friends lately about how he doesn’t get to see his children enough and that having money didn’t matter if he couldn’t spend time with them. A friend went to his house when he saw that Hall had no-showed the PPV but couldn’t get an answer at the door, although he knew Hall was at home. That person called another friend to come round and break the door down but eventually Hall answered and was said to be in a deeply depressed state.

Spike TV are going to give TNA a special show in January focusing on their appearance at the Tokyo Dome show on the 4th. The show is said to be more of a feature on their international recognition rather than actually focusing on the matches themselves.

TNA is back in negotiations with Bob Sapp, in the hope that he will come in for a cage match with Kurt Angle for the February or March PPV. WWE are also thought to be talking with Sapp at the moment.

Meanwhile, Kurt Angle is planning to release a new autobiography, possibly ghost-written by Mark Madden, while Karen has filmed a pilot for a reality TV show.

TNA is planning on hosting a PPV in the Boston area next year.

Alistair Ralphs, formerly known as A-1 in TNA, has announced his retirement from wrestling.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 10 December 2007 (subscribe here)


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