Chapter By Chapter: A Story Of Hate

Chapter Two: The Ernest P. Worrell Memorial (Industry, CA 3/12/2005)

This chapter opens up with an Excalibur Promo gone wrong.

Excalibur is standing in the ring with long-time friend Super Dragon, and mentions how good it is to once again be in the ring with him. He talks about how Disco Machine was promoted to Co-Commissioner of PWG and suspended him for one month with no pay. He and Super Dragon conquered that Disco Machine is on a power-trip and needs to make a decision if he wants the title of “PWG Commissioner”, or wants to be a member of the hottest trio in wrestling today along with Super Dragon and himself. The microphone is placed down and Excalibur is facing the curtain expecting Disco Machine’s music to hit. Super Dragon then clubs Excalibur in the back and knocks him to the ground! Turns out he was standing with Fake Super Dragon the whole time. Disco Machine runs out with the real Super Dragon and Fake Super Dragon runs to the back.

Last month we saw Kevin Steen lose to Christopher Daniels despite a hard-fought match. An after-match rampage saw the angry side of Steen as he demolished Daniels. He then grabbed the microphone, and stated he wanted a main-event spot. The match of Christopher Daniels vs. Kevin Steen vs. El Generico vs. AJ Styles was set up for tonight’s show, and the winner of this match would go on to face Super Dragon in the main-event of the night. While Daniels and Styles were on the outside of the ring, Steen picked up a cheap win over El Generico. This win in his 4th PWG match leads him to the main-event in tonight’s match. Will Kevin Steen be victorious tonight? And if he is, will it be with the aid of Fake Super Dragon?

Super Dragon © vs. Kevin Steen for the PWG Title
Super Dragon is walking to the ring from the ramp with his apron still on. Out from the back comes Kevin Steen knocking Dragon out on the ground. He beats on Dragon a bit in the outside with some kicks. He mocks Dragon by starting a “Super Dragon” chant. Dragon is thrown into the chairs and Steen follows. Dragon returns fire with a forearm, but Steen sends him right back to the ground with a forearm. Steen throws Dragon into the ring and the bell sounds.

Instead of opening the match with chain-wrestling holds, they try to give each other their finishers. Steen fails to lift up Dragon for the Package Piledriver, and Dragon couldn’t even turn Steen around for the Curb Stomp. Dragon takes charge for a bit, and works on the neck of Steen with various knee-drops and submission holds. Super Dragon is leashing out his confusion and hate for Fake Super Dragon on Kevin Steen tonight. Bad place and bad time for Steen. Steen just can’t seem to find a clean way to get the advantage. The 1st Momentum Change happened when Super Dragon under-estimated Steen’s stamina. Dragon sent Steen to the outside of the ring and charged going for a Flipping Tope Con Hilo, but Steen sidestepped and Super Dragon flew through the air and landed on his butt-bone demolishing 6 rows of chairs. After some jabbing with the crowd, Steen throws Dragon’s limp body back into the ring. A missile dropkick only gets Steen two, and he’s back to breaking down Super Dragon. The chants from the crowd of “Super Dragon” and “Let’s Go Dragon” are doing absolutely nothing for the champ, as Steen applies another submission hold. Steen dedicates his Somersault Legdrop to an annoying fan and connects, but only for a two count. The annoying fan keeps on chanting a word I can’t make out, but it’s annoying the hell out of Steen. As a matter of fact, it bothered Steen so much, it changed the tides of the match in Super Dragon’s favor. While Steen was making his way to the top rope he stopped on the apron and started trash talking the fan. Super Dragon got right up and gave Steen a forearm, sending him to the Gymnasium Floor. Steen looks at the fan, turns around and is the victim of a SUCCESSFUL Flipping Tope Con Hilo.

Super Dragon is the first to pull himself up off the floor and throws Steen in the ring. He teases the Curb Stomp but Steen grabs onto the bottom rope. Dragon isn’t going to let him get away that easy, and gives him a double stomp right to the chest. Dragon drags Steen to the middle of the ring, and gives him one of the smoothest, most painful Curb Stomps I have ever seen. The crowd wants another one and Dragon gives in to their demands (something he rarely does). Steen reverses it with a small package and gets a very close two count. Dragon has him tied up again in another Curb Stomp, slaps his head 3 times, and slams the face of Steen into the canvas. Dragon only gets a two and follows the pin attempt with a stop rope senton, which also gets him only two. He turns Steen on his stomach and goes up top for a Top-Rope Double Stomp. Steen gets up, runs to the corner and shoves Dragon’s foot out from under him, sending Dragon crashing to the ground. Steen goes for a top rope move of his own, the Moonsault, and connects. Referee Knox counts a near fall, and both men are down for 9 count. Steen is on his feet first, shortly followed by Dragon. Another high-impact move gives Steen another hot near fall. The crowd is stomping on the ground, clapping their hands to get Dragon to his feet. Dragon takes down Steen with a lariat which sends Steen flipping through the air. Shocked that the lariat only got him a two count, Super Dragon takes some time to think about what it’s going to take to put Steen away. Steen rolls out of the way of a double stomp and gives Dragon a lariat of his own. Steen picks him up and gives him a Fisherman Buster which got the closest near fall of them all. The crowd is about 50/50 now. Steen ties Dragon’s legs up and gives him a Curb Stomp! The crowd is all the way behind Steen now. He picks Dragon up and gives him a Package Piledriver! 1.. 2.. Super Dragon kicks out. Super Dragon is now about to give up his PWG Title to a PWG Rookie with a record of 1-3. Steen picks him up and says “If the Package Piledriver won’t work, I got just the thing.” He picks him up and sets up for the Psycho Driver. Dragon wiggles out of it, kicks Steen in the midsection and nails the Package Piledriver! 1…2…3.

Super Dragon beat Kevin Steen when Dragon gave Steen the Package Piledriver. (****) Such an amazing performance by both men that made me want to see more and more of these two hate on each other. The fact that Kevin Steen stole Super Dragon’s Curb Stomp and Super Dragon stole Steen’s Package Piledriver made the story un-fold that much more. Super Dragon did an amazing job selling his head following the lariat and moves leading up to Steen’s Package Piledriver. MOTN.

Steen gave it all of his might and willpower, but it was nothing matched to Super Dragon’s title run. It was a close match with many near falls on both sides, but the amounts of near falls doesn’t matter when the victor’s hand is raised. Super Dragon has walked out of yet another PWG Main-Event with the PWG Title over his shoulder. But would it have been the same if Fake Super Dragon interfered?


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