Ultimate Marvel Handbook #223

Hello all and welcome to another edition of the Marvel Handbook. I’m Jim of course with my partner and bud Daron. Hey Daron how are you bud?

I’m pretty good. You?

I’m good and trust me I’m enjoying what we have in store this week. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just like you normally do. So let’s start.

Sure but before we do I have to apologize to everyone for the extremely long delay in getting a new handbook up. Obviously as many of you know, the site was down for about a week. Since it came back up there have been a lot of bugs, including the fact that we still can’t reliably post pics in the columns. But I didn’t want to make you all wait any more so going old school for a while. Thanks for waiting with us everyone!

Jason emails

Hey Jim and Daron,


Hey Jason.

Been a LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGG time since I emailed in a question or two so here we go, oh and btw Spoilers included

Cool with me for spoilers. Good to have you back.

1. Who do you think is a Skrull (I know old question but still). can you list your top five choices and give a little reasoning.

other then who we know of course My list of 5

1. Wonder Man: of all the Mighty Avengers he makes a ton of sense. In reality he can be the Skrull in Ms Marvel and in Mighty Avengers
2. Maria Hill: She took over SHIELD rather quickly and appeared out of no where
3. Jessica Jones: possible Skrull. Explains the baby too
4. Black Panther: I’m starting to think this more and more with all the stuff he’s done lately
5. Hank Pym: Acting oddly of late and makes a lot of sense

I think everyone’s a skrull…hell I might even be a skrull!

I personally think Namor is, like I said on the Marvel forums, If you look at the panel right after the big explosion caused by Black Bolt Skrull, Namor is there and he has this wierd cape thing on… Now look at the pictures of the Skrulls WIERD CAPE THINGS. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Black Bolt with a cape like that (although who knows with Black Bolt right) but never Namor, I’m also pretty sure he isn’t wearing it anywhere else in the issue. I know it sounds crazy but I mean he has been acting wierd lately as well.

I’m not sure any of the Illuminati left are Skrulls. It makes a lot of sense but more just wouldn’t in my opinion.

2. So the death of Sabretooth seemed kinda cheap. Here’s this villian who has been around for a long time and is the foil of Wolverine (kinda) and he dies extremely quickly. I dunno seems kinda wierd to me… what do you think do you feel ripped off with the Sabre-death

Hmmmmm where’s the change over though. You know the fact that when dead they change back into Skrulls.

3. So I am as excited about the new cap as the next person but what about Stevie. he is returning in Avengers/Invaders right? Here’s my theory. I think that The Invaders are pulled out of time some time after they sort of faded into obscurity, and Steve is pulled out as the plane is exploding (or whatever caused him to plummet to earth). Then after they are done with the Avengers, they place them back in the time stream, The Invaders back where they came from, and Cap minutes before he is found by the Avengers of the past, and they have been mind wiped.. but it also prevents the time stream from being corrupted.. kinda like what i think they will do with Mar-Vell.
What do ya think?

I don’t like that idea. It would change the time stream and screw continuity up worse then it is now. Think of DC and how they have to have a crisis every few years. You want that with Marvel? That’s what WILL happen if you keep fooling around with time like this. Mar-Vell is likely going back. If he doesn’t expect Mar-Vell to be from a different time line not our own.

4. Who are the top ten Lamest Super-Villians?

1 The Eye
2 Tiger Moth
3 Needle
4 Asbestos Man
5 Mr. Doll
6 Humbug
7 Gibbon
8 Stilt Man
9 Changling
10 Toad

5. And Top Ten lamest Super-Heroes?

1 Moon Boy
2 Devil Dinosaur
3 D-Man
4 Triathlon
5 Cypher
6 Combo Man
7 Rocket Racer
8 She-Thing
9 Captain Ultra
10 Devil Slayer

Well I think that’s it for me, later

Nice questions as always. See you next time.

Um…yeah…see ya next time.

Cory emails

Sup guys, Cory’s back….been a long work week, and week period. But, better late than never, eh?

Hey Cory. Good to have you late or early..

Since there have been a lot of top tens posted recently I have a few for the both of you.

1- Top 10 most agile MU characters?

1 Wolverine
2 Captain America
3 Beast
4 Spider-Man
5 Spider-Woman
6 Taskmaster
7 Deadpool
8 Nightcrawler
9 Black Panther
10 Black Cat

What? Are you on crack Jim? Cap and Logan are nowhere near as agile as either Spidey or Kurt, hell even beast for that matter. When was the last time you saw either of them hanging from the ceiling by their feet? (something the 3 I mentioned do on a daily basis.)

2- Top 10 fastest?

1 Fast Forward
2 Runner
3 Makkari
4 Quicksilver
5 Speed Demon
6 Super Sabre
7 Black Racer
8 Wheelie
9 Gzoom
10 Miximixum

3- Top 10 characters with the highest/longest stamina?

1 Thor
2 Silver Surfer
3 Thanos
4 Hulk
5 Gladiator
6 Sentry
7 Sersi
8 Beta Ray Bill
9 Wolverine
10 Deadpool

4- Top 10 that could Batman fight for the ages?

ruling out cosmic here
1 Wolverine
2 Taskmaster
3 Deadpool
4 Captain America
5 Hulk
6 Moon Knight
7 Spider-man
8 Iron Man
9 Spider-Woman
10. Juggernaut

I’m just not going to comment on that one…yeash.

5- Is it just me or isn’t/wasn’t Cap’s costume “bulletproof”? Captain America’s uniform is made of a fire-retardant material, and he wears a lightweight “duralumin” scale armor beneath his uniform for added protection. This “protection” just include…bullets?

Hmmm good question. I would think it would be but it’s possible it was and never was tested as such

6- When and where did Wildchild become such a lil prick? I loved his character in AOA, then again he never really talked.

He actually was for some time.

When Kyle Gibney’s mutant powers began to emerge at an early age, he was left with a freakish appearance. Horrified, his parents kicked him out of his home, and he was left wandering the streets. Eventually found by the subversive organization, the Secret Empire, Gibney was experimented upon in their attempts to create a perfect killing machine. As a part of the experiment, Gibney was injected with DNA from the assassin Wyre, which left Gibney near-mindless, animalistic, and uncontrollable. Wyre later rebelled and destroyed the Secret Empire’s headquarters, and Gibney was found by agents of the Canadian government and given over to Department H, then headed by James Hudson as a sanctioned program for developing Canada’s superhero teams. Hudson placed Gibney in the entry-level Gamma Flight with the code-name Wild Child. (Like all recruits, those who developed their powers sufficiently would be placed in the premiere team, Alpha Flight.) During his training, Wild Child was mentored by Wolverine until he left to join the X-Men.

Unfortunately, the government disbanded the Department H program and, by extension, its hero teams. Gibney’s subsequent activities remain unrevealed until Delphine Courtney and Jerry Jaxon recruited him for Omega Flight. Jaxon hoped to destroy Hudson and his Alpha Flight, which had reassembled as a private team, but Omega Flight was captured by Alpha Flight and its members imprisoned. Gibney managed to break out only once, and in his rampage, began killing indiscriminately. Nearly killing Heather Hudson, it took Wolverine to hunt him down and capture him again.

During a period of time in which Alpha Flight was believed dead, the Canadian government decided to reinstate a fully-sanctioned hero team under the name Gamma Flight. Gibney was recruited for the team and pardoned for his previous activities. When Alpha Flight reappeared, the two teams clashed, and Alpha Flight was forced to go on trial. Ultimately, Alpha Flight rejected the government’s support and decided to operate independently once more. Gamma Flight continued as the government-sponsored team, and the two teams eventually met again to fight the evil Llan the Sorcerer. Gamma Flight was nearly destroyed in the final battle, but Llan was defeated. Afterward, the two teams combined into one, with Alpha Flight again reinstated as Canada’s official superhero group.

Kyle soon found himself slipping into his bestial nature more and more often. One time in particular, he savagely went on another rampage, in the process attacking his teammate Pathway. Gamma Flight’s former leader, Nemesis, teleported Kyle away to an unknown location, professing to have a solution. He reappeared months later as Weapon Omega, mysteriously cured of his animalistic rages and possessing a handsome appearance. He helped Alpha Flight on numerous occasions, soon joining their team once more. To further disassociate from his past, Kyle took a new code-name, Wildheart. During this time, Gibney and his teammate Aurora fell in love and began a relationship. However, Kyle eventually began to mutate back to his ugly appearance. Since he could not stand to be seen that way by his lover, he left, unaware that his sudden departure would cause Aurora’s fragile psyche to deteriorate even further.

Kyle Gibney, now calling himself Wild Child once more, accepted an offer to join the United States’ sanctioned mutant team, X-Factor. This caused a bit of friction between Gibney and X-Factor’s associate, Sabretooth, who was impressed into service. Eventually, however, Gibney’s body began mutating even further, and he quit the team to explore his new mutations and to find his true self.

Somehow, Kyle ended up in custody of the new Weapon X program, under the auspices of the mysterious Director, who hoped to use the program’s mutants for the benefit of humankind, even if that meant performing deadly missions and interning mutant captives. The programs scientist experimented on Kyle, who became more intelligent but more feral-looking, and was once again dubbed Wild Child. The Director found that Gibney had been twisted so many times that he no longer held an identity of his own, needing only minimal suggestions via conventional methods to follow orders like a machine or an animal.

One of Gibney’s initial assignments was to recruit mutants for the Weapon X program. On one particular mission, to recruit Sunfire, Kyle’s teammate Sabretooth became annoyed with him, lashing out and severing Gibney’s vocal cords, rendering him mute. Another assignment was to recruit Kyle’s one-time lover, Aurora. (In fact, this assignment was one of the reasons the Director of the program wanted Kyle in the first place.) Wild Child successfully freed Aurora from the mental asylum she was assigned, but, unfortunately, after Aurora was believed cured of her mental condition, she rejected Gibney due to his new freakish appearance.

Wild Child continued to serve in Weapon X, even to the point of capturing innocent mutants to be interned at the camp Neverland. In watching Aurora, who was becoming increasingly romantic with the Director, Malcolm Colcord, Gibney was persuaded to join agent Brent Jackson who was hoping to form a group to stage a coup with the Director. Gibney agreed, and Jackson’s allies joined the team Underground, led by Cable who hoped to take down the Weapon X program. The Underground was able to infiltrate the Weapon X complex, ousting the Director and nearly crippling the program. However, before the final defeat, agent Jackson betrayed the Underground, turning Cable’s psychic powers against his allies. Jackson captured the Underground members and altered their memories to erase everything they saw and learned about the program. Jackson took credit for saving the program and was named the new Director of the Weapon X program.

Gibney continued to serve the Weapon X program under Jackson, being named the Head of Security. However, when investigating Weapon X, Wolverine found the program disappeared, its compound suddenly vacant. Wild Childs whereabouts and subsequent activities remain unrevealed.

More recently, after reality was twisted by the Scarlet Witch, many of Earths mutants were stripped of their powers. Wild Child was revealed to have been among these, as his mutant energy signature was recognized as having been absorbed by the Collective.

However in a recent issues of Wolverine he has reappeared not only with his powers, but with a noticeable enhancement to them. His appearance has also reverted more to resemble his original form, only he has numerous piercings in his ears, eyebrows, and face. He claims to be working for the mysterious figure claiming to have guided Wolverine for his entire life, Romulus.

7- What’s the difference between Black Knight’s Ebony Blade and a lightsaber?

You mean the old photon sword he had right? Not much of a difference in reality. It’s basicly the same thing

I thought the photon blade was nonleathal. That it was like a stun blade or something like that?

8- Seeing as how Wolvie has regrown his whole epidermis thanks to Nitro, what makes Deadpool’s healing factor so much better than Wolvie’s?

Deadpool can do the same but much faster. Actually there’s not much different but Deadpool is supposed to have an improved version

9- In Endangered Species, what/who possesed Omega Sentinel to defect or was she in full control when she did?

Actually you can thank an old enemy named Malice. That;s right Malice. Who is now a digital entity instead of a psionic one, via email virus

10- In X-Factor #92(his first actual appearance), Exodus appears before X-Factor to do battle. It seemed as though Exodus wanted to tell them something, but he refrained and left. What secret did he want to reveal?

We actually never learned I believe. It’s possible he wanted to reveal anything in fact since we never found out.

11- Who or what is Predator X?

After learning of Emma Frost’s plan to have X-23 leave the school, Cessily Kincaid takes X-23 to Salem Center for coffee to cool Laura down. Facility agents led by the Weapon Plus program, including X-23’s former handler, Kimura come for one of them. Laura believing it is her begs Cessily to leave, but not before Kimura shoots Cessily with an electric bullet, stopping Cessily from doing anything, and stating that they were actually there for Cessily. After capturing Cessily, Kimura leaves before Laura can recuperate from a grenade blast. At the lab, Cessily questions who they are and what they want but is given no answers. When she replies that her friends will come for her, Kimura informs that “The Elephant” (Mammomax) said the same thing while showing a picture of his corpse in a cell. Apparently William Stryker, before dying, had requested a living weapon, a huge beast called the “Predator X”, and Mercury’s metal skin was needed to give him more durability and powers. Gruesome experiments partially stripped the girl of the needed bio-metal, granting the beast her powers and leaving her in extreme pain. The experiments left her physically and mentally traumatized, and she is currently in recovery at the institute. Predator X is, presumably, now covered in a flexible metallic skin.

12- Since we all know that Cyke is the ultimate boy scout, was he always this way? I mean like did he only become this way when Wolverine showed up? The Good guy vs. The loner. A clash of personalities with 2 opposites.

He was actually always that way. I mean he was the first and best pupil of Xavier’s. Always listened to orders and the like.

That’s it for me this week guys. My apologies for the short length, and the lateness. Thanks a mil, See ya in 7, and Make Mine Marvel.

It‘s all good Cory. You gave us enough. Catch you next time.

Jag emails

Hey guys,

Here are some Handbook questions:

1) I’m no anatomy expert or anything but shouldn’t Wolverine’s teeth be adamantium as well?

Yes in fact they should be I believe. I wonder if and why they aren’t

2) You guys usually mention that Marvel needs a Crisis to clean things up and I agree but what do you think are the most glaring problems as to why the Marvel universe needs one?

hmmmmm ok this is complicated. We would have it worse if they keep doing stuff like the Mar-Vell thing for instance. Like one emailer mentioned earlier the idea to bring Cap back to him. I said we would need a crisis but in fact in many ways we do.

1. The constant Continuity mistakes in many stories
2. The fact that many of the heroes have had their past changed already over the years to update them to bring their ages younger
3. The continuing alternate realities that appear from no where. I love What if but it seems as if something cool gets done in a what if there’s a need to bring it into Marvel as well
4. The movie changes. Unexplained changes to the characters like how and why did Blade change his looks to the movie one. The Mystique change for a time was explained in X-Men Forever but there’ so many others

I’ll have to think of other things that can be fixed

It basically boils down to massive continuity errors, and some horrible mishandling of key characters by various writers *cough* Morrison’s X-Men *cough*

3) I have to admit, in the past few years, I’ve moved farther away from being a Marvel fan. Civil War was a let down and WWH was alright, I guess, but nothing breaks my heart more than seeing the X-Men in such disarray. As a big X-Men fan in the early to mid 90s, I just cant take reading them anymore. They add such boring/clicheed young mutant characters and alter old favorites like Archangel and Bishop to near unrecognizable personalities (not to say that change isnt good but too much just smells like bad writing). Messiah Complex is supposed to really get things going again for the mutants but I doubt it will. What do you think would cure what ails the X-Men?

Better writing. Well not exactly that since I have actually enjoyed the work in X-Men and Uncanny. Astonishing is constantly late, New X-Men is off and on. X-Factor is the BEST X-title right now. That’s one of the bad things in a way. When one of the other X-titles is better then the core titles. Exiles needs to get rid of Chris. I love Chris but he’s lost it over the years. Killing Excalibur is a good move. X-Force could be good but they need to make 1 core team and try to keep it that way for now.

Keep up the good work,

We’ll do our best.

House of M synopsis

House of M Avengers #1: Cage starts fighting one of the mutants to get into a clue. Willis Stryker holds Riva an old flame of Cage’s who he took after framing Cage and sending him to jail where Cage got his powers. Cage and Stryker fight with Cage winning. Cage heas to Sapien Town where he started uniting the heroes there and battled the likes of Cockroach Hamilton, Piranha Jones and Hammerhead before running into Hawkeye and getting him to join. Then meeting with Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and Mockingbird who join. Cage save Tigra who joins. Misty Knight is sent after Cage.

World War Hulk Synopsis

World War Hulk #5: Hulk orders Reed to kill Tony who refuses before Hulk tells them why he’s doing this again. Sentry attacks and fights Hulk destroying most of the city around them. The Warbounds try to help Hulk but he refuses it. Both Hulk and Sentry fight all their energy off to only become humans again. Rick goes to Bruce only to have Miek attack and badly injure Rick. Hulk emerges and attacks Miek who tells Hulk the truth of all that happened and why he did it. Hulk kills Miek and becomes the Worldbreaker until Tony stops him until Hulk is finally united with his bride as Bruce returns. Bruce is taken by SHIELD. The Warbound is taken into custody. The issue ends with Bruce bombarded in red energy and on Sakkar we see the birth of another.

Initiative Synopsis

Avengers Initiative #7: The Baron meets with Voodman about the Hulk attack on the Avengers and Earth as the Vultures attack. The Scarlet Spiders go after the Vultures. Stamford: Just and Cloud 9 want answers but don’t get anywhere with Pym or War Machine. Pete checks on May only to spot the Scarlet Spider pass by him. Kentucky: We see the Action Pack team of Prima Donna, Frog Man, and Vox invaded by Justice as he arrives. Pete attacks one of the Scarlet Spider’s only to allow another Scarlet Spider be captured by the Vultures. The fight is caught on tv as Jonah and Tony watch. Cloud 9 and Justice find the farm where they had located MVP before and find no one there. Spidey agrees to help the Scarlet Spider’s who use Spider-Man guises to confuse the Vultures and defeat them. The Scarlet Spider’s escape as well as Pete. As the Scarlet Spiders report to the Baron we see they are MVP clones.

Captain Marvel #1: We start with reports on Captain Marvel’s return hitting. In France: Captain Marvel is at a museum when Cyclone attacks. Mar-Vell takes care of him leaving. Agent Sante contacts Tony Stark about Mar-Vell. A group called the Brotherhood of Hala praise Mar-vell’s return, Sante meets with Mar-Vell. New York: The Mighty Avengers face a giant robot until Mar-Vell shows up to help out and defeats it. (note this issue also fits in Back in Black as well the Secret Invasion)

Thor #4: A man comes to find Blake and ask him for help. They head to Africa to help as Blake does his best. Terrorist attack only to have Blake call forth Thor and battle them. Thor finds 3 soldiers who turn out to be the reborn Warriors Three/ One of the leaders of the tribe Thor helped ask Thor what will happen when the attackers return. Thor uses his hammer to split the sides up by making a large chasm. Thor and the Asgardians talk of finding the others as Heimdall offers to help.

Back in Black

Punisher War Journal #13: Rhino and his crew go on a bank heist only to have Punisher show up and stop him. Spider-Man shows up to take Rhino. Turkey: Domino is on the run only for her to run into GW who wants to form Six Pack. Spidey fights Rhino as Punisher shows up only to get webbed before Kraven show up and take Spider-Man out of the fight and take Rhino. Spidey gets back and tries to talk to Frank before webbing his mouth shut. Rhino wakes in a cell with other animal based villains held in cages to around him.

Messiah Complex Synopsis

X-Factor #25: Wolfsbanes attacks the Purifiers and avoids capture to lead them to Rictor who is sent in undercover. Siryn and Wolfsbane escape and contact Cyclops. X-23 and Rockslide wish to talk to Cyclops. Madrox and Layla go to see Forge who has found something in the time stream since the birth of the new child. Madrox dupes are sent into time to investigate. Wolverine is sent to find Amelia Voght who tries to escape only to be captured by Storm. We watch the dupes sent into time as Layla goes with one of them only for Madrox to find out there is no return. Madrox passes out. The New X-Men offer to help out only for Cyclops to warn them if and when they are sent to help that they might wish they didn’t. Rictor finds out the truth about the Purifiers being bigger then expected

That’s it for this week. A good amount of emails. I left one out. We’ll get it next time out I promise. So Daron what did you think?

Some pretty good stuff this week. Hopefully we’ll have pics back in time for the next one!

I’m telling you our readers are not letting us down. I’m sure we can keep this going to. Heck I admit I let this one get long. So next time I’ll cut one more email. That’s it though. Care to sign off Daron?

I don’t care if I do, do you?

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4. Keep those emails coming and make sure to label them Marvel Handbook. The more emails the better the articles are. With the new format next week we’ll need all the support we can get. Until next time Make mine Marvel.

And make mine damn pictures work!

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