MTV Mix – Volume 61

This week we get the start of a brief return season for a relatively new MTV show, Newport Harbor. In addition, we say goodbye (for a few months) to The Hills as one season ends. At least part of this season ends. Apparently this show will be back sooner than later and will be set in a different location for part of the time. What is that all about? Well you will just have to continue reading to find out. All of that and more this week as we mix things up…



The Hills

Lauren gave up the trip to Paris for the summer to be with Jason. Dumb move as now Lisa will never let her forget it. Whitney gets to go to Paris for a second time. Lisa wants her to help out over there. Whitney asks about Lauren going and Lisa says “Lauren had her chance to go to Paris!” That was cold. When Whitney tells Lauren about it Lauren is pissed, but says she is not. She is just mad at herself more than anything.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Heidi have issues. They haven’t talked since their last fight when Spencer walked out again. He goes to her work to try and apologize, but she is not there. Heidi’s co-worker tells Spencer to call her. HA! But she really is at work.

Lauren, and her raspy voice, help Whitney make a list of things to pack. Coats, gloves, apparently it’s cold there. Lauren doesn’t know since she has never been there, but that is what she says so you better believe it. Lisa then calls Lauren into her office and tells her that she has a second chance. She is going to Paris with Whitney. Yay!

Time to figure out her relationship with Brody. Brody wonders if Lauren will miss him. Lauren is too excited to care what Brody thinks. Talk of French guys leads to Brody asking Lauren “so you really want a boyfriend, is that it?” That came out of nowhere. Brody says he has had bad relationships, and is scared to get in another one. So has Lauren, but she is willing to give it another shot. Lauren says that “if you really want to be with someone you should be with them and be proud to call them their boyfriend or girlfriend.”

Time for some cliffhangers. Heidi decides to move home to Colorado for a little bit. That will give them both time to think about what they want. Spencer says he knows what he wants, but Heidi doesn’t. Heidi just “needs some space”. Spencer may have a heart after all, but it might be too late. Lauren packs her bag, which apparently is nothing but shoes! Brody hugs and kisses Lauren goodbye. And that is all for this season! See you soon for The Hills: Paris!


A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila

It’s time for the finale! Okay, I was wrong. This is just one last “recap episode” before the finale next week. So find out who Tila will pick next week. My money is still on Bobby, by the way.


The Real World: Sydney

Looks like trouble. Dunbar fights the urge to have sex with Ashli. Ashli thinks he should man up and get over Julie. Meanwhile, Cohutta and Kelly Anne can’t resist each other. Kelly Anne’s screams shake the whole house and then apparently the condom broke while they were having sex.

Kelly Anne might be pregnant, but what are the odds of that happening? Cohutta tells Kelly Anne that if she is pregnant, she is coming to Georgia. Apparently he is the “most fertile man in the world”. Cohutta talks to his grandfather about this and his grandfather has a great accent as well.

Ashli doesn’t want Dunbar to keep lying to his girlfriend about “them”. Either tell her or she is not putting up with him anymore. We will see how long that will last. It just gets worse from here as they fight over using the computer literally. Dunbar calls Ashli a “dumb, immature bitch”. That’s always good.

But back to Cohutta and Kelly Anne real quick. They get dressed up as cowboys and go dancing. They even kiss for the first time in public. Aw, how sweet. They then go to church for some praying on not being pregnant. Kelly Anne then starts her period and jumps for joy. She is not pregnant!

As any good Real World episode would end, there has to be a happy ending. Eventually Dunbar and Ashli talk out their differences. All seems well with them now, but what else would you expect? That will probably change next week, though.

Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County

So call this a mini-season of Newport Harbor. Apparently they shot this “over the holidays”. We catch up on all your favorite kids from Newport Harbor, you know “The Real Orange County”. Chrissy is off at school in Santa Barbara, California. She is in a sorority and loving every minute of it. But what about Clay and everyone else? Well that’s why we are here. Lets find out!

Clay and Chrissy are apparently in a long-distance relationship, except not really. Chrissy has a crush on a boy named Billy. Who knows what Clay is doing? They eventually talk and discuss their relationship. But yeah, everyone (including myself) is still confused about that.

Meanwhile, Chase broke up with Taylor. He is now going out with Chrissy’s sorority sister, Kylie. Chrissy has a party at her house and everyone meets for the first time. Oh look, here comes Billy from Santa Barbara. That was awkward. He wanted to meet Clay for some reason. He is out of town, though. Chrissy and Billy eventually make out in the backyard. Grant, the good friend to Clay that he is, calls up Clay and informs him of this. Hehehehe.

Taylor tells her friend that Chase was all texting her and stuff this morning. He wants to be a “playa”, but Taylor is not having that. Chrissy and her dad have a conversation about Billy and Clay. Basically, he says be honest to everyone and just have fun. That is dad’s motto. That ends the first episode of this mini-season and the show hasn’t changed. Although, everything seems to be a little more “fake” than usual.


Run’s House

Angela wants to move back to Los Angeles, but she has to wait until Vanessa is done with her Guiding Light recurring role. Angela decides to take things into her own hands and attempt to persuade one of the writers of the show to “kill off” Vanessa’s character. Eventually it works, but not because of her influence. Vanessa’s run on Guiding Light eventually runs its course and they both appear to be heading back to Los Angeles soon.

Diggy and Russy are enjoying the last week of summer before school starts. Both Run and Justine tell them to enjoy it. Diggy likes to skateboard, while Russy likes to video tape everything. Apparently Diggy wants a HUGE tattoo across his back like Ryan from Life of Ryan. Shout out! Run says no. Justine eventually attempts to skateboard, but she takes a nasty fall as Russy video tapes it and later shows it to Run. The result is Justine giving Diggy a pink helmet to wear while he skateboards on accident. She thought it was red.

Meanwhile, JoJo wants Run to set up a meeting with record label for him and his friends and their rap group called “Team Blackout”. JoJo really wants to make it in the music business on his own without using the last name ‘Simmons’. However, JoJo still needs Run to set up the meeting by using his connections. They eventually get to meet with a young label called “Latchkey Productions”. JoJo and his friends were all excited for some “advance money”, but the owners of the label quickly shoot that downa agree to work with them but all the money goes into promoting and marketing them first. Basically, they agree to be partners with “Team Blackout” and see what happens.

Rev Run sits in his tub and writes. Good morning. Do you make the most of your time? It’s a shame if you don’t. Appreciate each day and take advantage of life’s opportunities. Time can fly when you’re having fun but can grind to a halt if you’re not. Time waits for nobody, so get with the times. God is love, Rev Run.

And that ends the 60th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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