Pulse Wrestling Roundtable for WWE Armageddon

Welcome one, welcome all, to the Pulse Wrestling Roundtable for WWE’s Armageddon 2007.

Will Chris Jericho “Save Us” from Randy Orton? Will Triple H kill Jeff Hardy’s momentum? Will Finlay beat the crap out of the Great Khali? See what YOUR favourite Pulse Wrestling Writers think, by clicking on the link!

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

Paul Marshall: As much as I want to see Jericho win the title, I have to stick to logic…

Winner – Randy Orton (Retains Championship)

Mark Allen: The fan in me really wants Jericho to win the Championship, but I just don’t see it happening here. I look for Orton to carry the belt all the way to WrestleMania as he has a lot of logical and legitimate contenders on the horizon.

Winner – Randy Orton

Danny Cox: Hmmmm Jericho was gone for two years, has two matches, and now gets a title shot. Jericho isn’t going to be pinned just yet, but he’s not going to win the title either. Randall keeps the title by shenanigans.

Winner – Chris Jericho; Still Champion – Randall K. Orton

Matthew Michaels: I keep going back and forth on this one. The key here is that the champ faces either Jeff Hardy or HHH at the Rumble. Since neither challenger is a heel, and I just can’t see Jericho/Hardy drawing money or Jericho/HHH making any sort of sense with no build, my money’s on Orton retaining. But you JUST debut Jericho only to job him out in his first PPV main event? The lack of logic in doing that makes me feel like they’ll end this one in a screwy way, setting up a feud between Jericho and someone else, while letting Randy slip away with the title. So, who interferes? All I know is that if I were Bobby Lashley, I’d be kind’ve pissed this guy Jericho took my spot while I was out injured…

Winner – Chris Jericho by DQ

Jake Mulligan: There’s no way Orton drops it here, a Jericho run just doesn’t lead to anything good at Wrestlemania.

Winner – Randy Orton

Vinny Truncellito: Jericho’s second coming isn’t thrilling WWE officials, so I doubt they’ll shift the strap here.

Winner – RKO (or Jericho via DQ/Count-Out) NO TITLE CHANGE

Andrew Wheeler: Armageddon holds a special place in my heart. Armageddon ’99 was the very first PPV I saw in person, so even though it usually winds up disappointing (the show I saw in ’99 was headlined by Triple H/Vince and Big Show/Bossman…wow did I get screwed!) I still get all misty eyed whenever I hear that Jim Johnston Doors rip-off “The End is Here”. So, onto the first match. Well, we’ve got Jericho and Orton going for the WWE Title, and I for one have to say that I couldn’t be more scared of a match in my life. There are several reasons that Chris Jericho is going to get screwed over in this match, and since I am in fact a longtime supporter of Jericho, I am not too thrilled about this happening. First, there’s the fact that he’s in a feud with Randy “Deadweight” Orton. Orton as a champion is not at all convincing of a placeholder champion the way Edge is. Orton isn’t even as convincing as Khali (and that’s saying something). Randy was almost main event on Smackdown and even made it to the world title match at Mania, but he then got shifted to RAW and became the number 2 guy in Rated RKO. Combine that with the rumors of his backstage antics and his piss-poor in-ring work and you’ve got a paper champion. Unfortunately, Vince loves multi-generational talent. I don’t know why, but he does. There’s something to the fact that he can say that so-and-so is someone’s kid or grandkid so that it makes wrestling feel like a more ingrained sport. Randy’s a 3rd generation superstar and the last guy with that albatross around his neck turned into one of the biggest moneymakers in wrestling history. Randy will not ever be the Rock. He’s not as good as the Rock in the ring or on the stick. No one expected Randy to be the next great talker, but the fact that his in-ring work has almost devolved (get it? he was in Evolution and then his talents de-evolved?) is inexcusable. His father was a solid worker and Randy was tended to by Ric Flair and Triple H, two guys who know how to go in the ring. What the hell did Randy Orton add to his offense? The little fist push-up thing before he hits the RKO? There is nothing exciting about the way that he works in the ring and nothing that makes me want to watch him compete, especially in the main event. The WWE tried to rehab Randy’s image by having him pin Shawn Michaels, but the fans are smart-ish and know when someone’s doing a job to “get the guy over”. That was what Shawn did, and rather than lose clean, he had to lose with that ridiculous Superkick stipulation. Jericho is now going in there with Randy Orton and has to make Orton look really good. It is no secret that Vince has never thought of Jericho as a true main eventer. Sure, he broke through a little higher than RVD (get it? higher? Van Dam? Smokes weed? Higher as a metaphor for the effects of marijuana? Yeah?), but his title run as unified champion was not exactly electrifying and his big feud with Hunter found him playing second fiddle to Stephanie and her dog. Now, Jericho’s gotta go in there and make Orton look legit. Not just legit, but a killer at the main event level. Chris Jericho has to truly be a saviour and perform a miracle to produce not just a watchable match with Orton, but one that ends with the fans going, “Wow, Randy Orton is in fact a legitimate badass.” The second problem facing Jericho is that his match is probably going to main event the PPV, which means that if the show’s buyrate sucks, they can put the blame on him. His feud with Orton hasn’t exactly set the ratings world on fire, but we can’t blame Jericho. Nope, the blame again falls on the beady eyed, tattooed shoulders of Randy Orton. The night after Orton won the belt was the lowest RAW rating in a decade. People don’t care about this guy! The WWE has set Jericho up to fail because they can say that they bolstered this show with the RAW XV Anniversary Show and the buyrates still tanked. The third and most fatal problem for Jericho is that he is going to have to lose this match and somehow, some way keep his momentum going on RAW. Chris Jericho’s “Save Us” gimmick was supposed to be a way for him to save us from John Cena. A tweener Jericho playing on the smart fans hated of Cena while goading the marks would have been a classic thing to watch. Instead, when John went down, the WWE hastily turned it into Jericho saving us from Orton. The entire return of Jericho is predicated on him winning the title, but the WWE also wants Randy Orton to be a strong and viable heel champion to get slaughtered by Triple H. Their choices now are either let Jericho win the belt and then scramble or let Orton keep the belt and let Chris yet again struggle to get back to the main event. I said in my column that Jericho was the #3 guy on RAW behind HBK and HHH, and I take it back. In a few weeks, he’ll be the #4 guy behind those two and Lashley. And if the WWE is at all serious about pushing Jeff Hardy, Jericho will be #5 and entering a feud with Carlito over the IC title. Unfortunately, it makes no sense for the WWE to give Chris Jericho the belt now right before the Royal Rumble. We had a face champion for about 2 years, and now that he’s no longer there, it’s the WWE’s first chance to create a new strong heel champ. That heel champ is Randy Orton, who previously held the belt and dropped it in about one month, which effectively killed his cred. They can’t do that to him again, and like it or not, he’s the future of the company. It pains me to say this, but Randy Orton needs to keep his belt. It’s at the expense of Chris Jericho, but why should this aborted Jericho run be any different than the other ones?

Winner – Randy…ugh…sigh…Orton

Danny Wallace: I’m not really sure where this feud is going. It feels to me like they’re treading water, waiting for something else to come along but doing it in the meantime. The smart money’s on Orton walking out the champ, as there’s longer time to play with if Jericho comes up short. If they do go with an Orton vs. HHH WM24 main event (which looks likely), the only way for Jericho to get sidetracked is to have Bobby Lashley return and somehow cost him the title, or… have Jericho lose at Armageddon, lose his rematch at the Royal Rumble, then get thrown out of the actual Royal Rumble Elimination match by somebody like Ken Kennedy. OR, if they don’t go with the Orton vs. HHH match, Jericho should win his rematch at the Royal Rumble lengthening this feud until WrestleMania. HHH could face Ken Kennedy at Mania with a solid 3 month feud where we find out Kennedy is Vince’s real son. Either way, it’s too soon for Jericho to beat Randy.

Winner – Randy Orton

Triple Threat Match
Batista vs. The Undertaker vs. Edge

Paul Marshall: He may be screwing Eddie’s widow…but he won’t be winning the championship. It’s between Undertaker and Batista and I feel that we should see the title change.

Winner – The Undertaker (New Champion)

Mark Allen: I really think all three of these guys could walk out as Champion as they all have legit and logical reasons and ways to make to ‘Mania as Champoin. In order to legitimize the belt I think Batista to keep the strap all way to the big show. Undertaker and Edge have plenty of chances to get a shot until then. Either that or they’ll meet each other in a psuedo-undefeated streak match.

Winner – Batista

Danny Cox: Here is the big title change on the night as I thought Taker was going to win this a long time ago from big Dave, but hasn’t yet. They threw in Edge because he has a thing with Taker and he also had nothing else to do on Smackdown.

Winner and NEW Champ – Undertaker

Matthew Michaels: This match should go on last, and I expect a great one based on the history these three have with each other. Before their respective injuries, the rumors going around were that Taker and Edge were up for long title reigns that would go at least until Mania. Well, here’s the chance to get the belt on one of the two. But which one?

Winner – Edge

Jake Mulligan: Sorry Batista, it’s gonna be Edge vs. Taker in the long run and your not involved.

Winner – Edge

Vinny Truncellito: The Triple Threat stip makes it easy to move a title without making the champ look weak. Edge takes back his belt here and moves onto “streak-versus-streak-for-the-gold” at ‘Mania against the Undertaker. Look for Edge to receive assistance from the “love of his life” Vicky.

Winner – Edge

Andrew Wheeler: With Orton keeping the belt on the RAW side, it’s time for the Smackdown side to drop its gold. Dave, listen man, we’ve really kind of enjoyed your title run in a comical kinda way. The rumors were that you would never get near the gold again, and then Kane went and injured Edge and you suddenly got the shiny gold belt back. Then you feuded with Khali for a while in some horrid matches and then feuded with Taker in some decent and passable matches, but Edge is back and now you can relinquish your spot. Don’t worry, things will work out for you. There seems to be rumors that you’ll be headlining Mania against Hunter. Me? I think it’ll be Hunter/HBK, but what do I know? I was only the Survivor Series Roundtable Champion last month. So, onto the match itself. We’ve seen Taker/Batista a lot, so we really don’t need to see it again without the addition of everyone’s favorite Canadian. Edge is doing some solid heel work here, and finally showing the world that he could be our next great bad guy. I think the logical choice here is for Edge to win the belt. If the WWE wanted Taker to have the gold, he would have won it at Survivor Series and THEN get attacked by Edge. If the WWE wanted Batista to hold the belt, they would have kept him far away from these two and given him Mark Henry. No, the WWE gave us the triple threat, which is a clean and easy way to get the belt off of the champion without making him look weak and a way to keep a third guy in the main event scene even though he won’t hold the title. The WWE can get the belt on Edge here and let him and Vicki celebrate for a few weeks (and I just realized we could be in for a live-on-tape sex celebration). It could also put either Batista or Taker in the Rumble (or both) to add some star power. It would also mean that Rated RKO would hold both major belts. Where does this leave the WWE? Well, they could do Batista/Edge at the Rumble and then we’ve go the Elimination Chamber dealie and wind up at Mania with Edge/Taker and maybe Batista/Hunter (though I think the money’s in turning Dave heel and having him fight Rey). No matter what they do, look for the title to be dropped here.

Winner – Edge

Danny Wallace: As GREAT as Dave’s been as champ (yawn), it’s time to put it back on Edge to inject some life into the title picture. Dave can knob around with Mark Henry for a while afterwards, while we get to witness what should be an epic feud between Edge and The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Winner – Edge

Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy

Paul Marshall: This will be your sleeper match of the night. Triple H will end up with a title shot regardless, so let’s go with giving Jeff Hardy some main event credibility.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Mark Allen: Triple H has really been on his “best behavior” since WrestleMania 21, and I think Hardy will get the win here. They won’t have to rely on Orton-Hardy to carry the buyrate for Royal Rumble so it would be the logical place to hold the match.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Danny Cox: I like how this has been built up as a feud with a closer relationship then when Matt and Jeff Hardy faced off considering they are brothers. Anyway, with Rumble right around the corner, anything is possible. Jeff could get the title shot at the Rumble, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be in it for the long run all the way into Mania. I thought that he would have lost the IC Title to Snitsky or Carlito though, and that didn’t end up happening. Trips ended up smelling like roses at the end of Raw too. I’m going out on a limb here and saying Jeff takes it with a handshake/hug of respect from Trips afterward. Meanwhile, Jeff goes onto obscurity between the Rumble and Mania while Trips jumps into the main event.

Winner – Chubbykins

Matthew Michaels: HHH/Orton is a Mania-level match and HHH/Jericho makes no sense this early into Jericho’s return. I already wrote that I don’t think Jericho will win the title; so I’m betting on Hardy/Orton at the Rumble (and HHH either winning the Rumble or February’s Elimination Chamber match). Therefore…

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Jake Mulligan: Orton vs. HHH at the Rumble is too soon, and would be overshadowed. Expect shenanigans.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Vinny Truncellito: Is HHH man enough to allow Hardy to main event a ppv? If so, Orton will definitely retain against Jericho, setting up Jeff versus Randy at the Rumble.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Andrew Wheeler: Jeff Hardy is going to break through the glass ceiling on this PPV and steal the show in a performance that will rival Sting’s coming out party against Flair. Then, after he beats Triple H, he will go on to beat Randy Orton at the Rumble and hold the belt through what will become known as the Era of Jeff Hardy. Years from now the WWE will make a DVD highlighting this match as the turning point at which pro wrestling again entered the world of popular culture and ultimately brought about world peace. In the real world, Triple H will give Jeff some token offense and then squash him back to the midcard. On the other hand, Jeff winning here could be an interesting and bold move. Orton/Hardy isn’t exactly setting the world on fire, but a show like the Rumble doesn’t need a big time main event since the match itself draws the crowd. It could be a good time to experiment with Hardy, and if there’s one guy that knows about experimentation… On the other hand, Jeff DID main event for TNA and Jeff DID flake out a few months ago, so I doubt we’ll ever know what he would look like as a WWE main eventer. This will be his token match, with Hunter winning here, going onto Rumble, winning the belt, and setting up his slot in the main event at Mania.

Winner – Triple H

Danny Wallace: I can see it now – JEFF HARDY BEATS TRIPLE H! Nah… not going to happen, especially if the rumours about HHH vs. Orton at WM24 are true. What’ll happen here is that Jeff Hardy will put up a courageous effort but ultimately will succumb to the Game. He’ll get a handshake and a pat on the back out of it though, before slipping down to feud with Snitsky. *Shudder*. Or… he could always jump to ECW for a feud with Benjamin, Morrison or Punk. No? Ah well…

Winner – Triple H

CM Punk & Kane vs. Big Daddy V & Mark Henry

Paul Marshall: This match will be “bowling shoe ugly”. The “mountains of flesh” are only just mountains of suckitude. However, look for Mark Henry to pin the ECW Champion, thus beginning a title feud between the two. Shelton, where are you?

Winners – Big Daddy V & Mark Henry

Mark Allen: In a perfect world CM Punk gets the clean pinfall win over one of the two monsters to make him look like a superstar. In reality V or Henry will probably pin him to build up to a championship match later on.

Winner – Mark Henry & Big Daddy V

Danny Cox: I’m not really sure…seriously. I just don’t know. Ya know what I did realize though. If Big Vis and Kane were a tag-team, they could be called “Big Daddy Kane.”

Winners – Punkie Kanester

Matthew Michaels: Uhm…
Winners – Punk & Kane

Jake Mulligan: Does it really matter???

Winner – Big Daddy V and Mark Henry

Vinny Truncellito: Why so many marks still love Kane is beyond me. The character has been completely convoluted by so much reshaping and poor continuity, the wrestler doesn’t offer much in the ring, and he continually hovers around the upper mid-card, taking away a slot that people like Burke, Benjamin and many other talented performers could utilize. That being said, Kane and the reigning ECW champ ain’t lying down for Gigantaur and Mr. Flabulous.

Winners – Punk and Kane

Andrew Wheeler: Are you freaking kidding me? Are you serious? This is a match at Armageddon? This? I…I can’t even begin to explain…I…no. Just no. The WWE squashed Viscera and Henry on Smackdown, having them lose a HANDICAP match to the Undertaker. Yeah, they got a beatdown afterwards, but they got PINNED. 2-on-1. They’re supposed to be monsters! They lost in a handicap match! And now? Now they are going in there with the lamest lame-duck champion since Jericho and Kane, a guy who is now officially the most over jobber to the stars in WWE history. If Punk and Kane win, Viscera and Henry have zero credibility and can be released, which would have negated the months we endured of their incessant pushes. If Viscera and Henry win, then the ECW champion and the former WWE champion couldn’t beat two guys that lost to ONE man a few days prior. Either way, this ends bad. I think they have to have Viscera and Henry win so that they can continue these ridiculous and unasked for feuds.

Winner: Viscera/Henry

Danny Wallace: Wanky wanky wank. That’s all I have to say. Apart from… WWE Creative are morons if THIS is the best they can do with the ECW Champion. Shelton Benjamin anyone? Here’s hoping they get their heads out of their collective arses and come up with something (read: CREATIVE) interesting for Punk to do.

Winner – Punk & Kane

Shawn Michaels vs. Mr Kennedy

Paul Marshall: It’s Shawn Michaels…he’ll make Kennedy look good.

Winner – Shawn Michaels

Mark Allen: I don’t really see this feud being a one-and-done, so I think Kennedy can get the win via shenanigans here so they can build to a rematch next month or carry it further if needed.

Winner – Mr. Kennedy

Danny Cox: Kennedy won the Money In The Bank, got injured, and after coming back he’s been kinda low key. I was hoping he would have won the IC title from Chubbykins a few months ago, but that went nowhere. Then he’s been pinned in tag matches and beaten up by Jesus. Sure Kennedy got the upper hand on Jannetty this past Monday, but so could anyone with a Ziploc bag full of flour and willing to sell it to Marty for $50 or less. After the beatdown Jesus gave Kennedy after the match, it goes the other way here.

Winner – Mistaaaahhhh Kennedy………Kenn-e-dyyyy!

Matthew Michaels: Too early in the feud to blow it off with a babyface win…

Winner – Ken Kennedy

Jake Mulligan: Hmm…one of the best ever and a top draw against a admitted steroid user and a guy who got snagged lying. This is a toughie.

Winner – Shawn Michaels

Vinny Truncellito: EVERY time Shawn’s in a position to give the rub to an up-and-comer, he does the WRONG thing for the younger man AND for the business. Will this time be any different? Kennedy was about to star in the highly desired illegitimate-son-of-Vince angle, so maybe he’s somebody Vince will force Shawn to lie down for. Somehow I doubt it, but they’ve GOT to do something different. Shawn’s peak run was 10 years ago!

Winner – Kennedy… Kennedy

Andrew Wheeler: I feel like this feud is a rerun, but with Kennedy in place of Angle. Let’s hope Kennedy doesn’t become a drugged-out has been who goes to TNA and slowly turns into leather. This feud serves two purposes: 1) let Shawn get a win back after jobbing to Orton and 2) letting Kennedy get to operate in a big feud again, lest he become a high-profile jobber alongside Charlie Haas and Carlito. Either way, this match could let us see that Kennedy is the future of wrestling, or it could show us that he is the biggest flop since Lex Luger.

Winner – Shawn Michaels

Danny Wallace: It’s WAY too early for HBK to win. Kennedy to win by nefarious means.

Winner – Ken Kennedy

Finlay vs. The Great Khali

Paul Marshall: At least Khali is with someone that can get a good match out of him.

Winner – The Great Khali

Mark Allen: Couldn’t care less about either guy. The match will just be an excuse to get some Hornswoggle “fun.”

Winner – Finlay

Danny Cox: Hornswaggle gets involved and all hell breaks lose. I tell ya what though. I’d love to see Finlay just go ballistic and start beating the ever loving hell out of Khali. Starts chopping that bastard down to size and then just starts wailing on him. I’d give anything to see that. But Khali has been on a bit of a losing streak and then got punked out by Hulk Hogan (possible Mania match? Hmmmm!) so he’s going to finally prove his monstrosity here.

Winner – The Slow Walker

Matthew Michaels: Whatever.

Winner – Finlay

Jake Mulligan: Hopefully Finlay gives him one of those death-incurring powerbombs Khali enjoys so much.

Winner – The Great Khali

Vinny Truncellito: I’d love to see Finlay chop Khali down to size, since he’s the far superior wrestler and athlete. Here’s hopin’…

Winner – Finlay

Andrew Wheeler: The fact that this is a match boggles my mind. The fact that this is a match that has the most over person in the company as a manager just hurts my skull. What’s gonna happen here? Well, they turned Finlay face for a reason, and I bet that reason has to do with MVP needing someone to feud with. With that said, I don’t think the WWE can have Finlay get his ass kicked and then pinned. On the other hand, Khali ain’t losing. How does this one end? I’m thinking the use of a wooden stick and a midget, which means a DQ.

Winner: Khali via DQ

Danny Wallace: I REALLY hope Finlay can pull out a win here, as if he turned face just to lose it would be pretty crap in the eyes of the regular fans who know no better. Plus, a feud with MVP or better yet, a heel Batista could come a calling.

Winner – Finlay

Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James

Paul Marshall: Hopefully Mickie James can get more offense in than the last time she was in the ring with “The Glamazon”. She won’t win, because Candice Michelle is on her way back with an attitude.

Winner – Beth Phoenix (Retains Championship)

Mark Allen: I think these two will be able to put on a pretty solid match for the pay per view, but I don’t see Beth dropping the belt until either Candice returns or she defends against whoever is the Playmate of the Month at WrestleMania.

Winner – Beth

Danny Cox: Candice Michelle was able to hold onto the title through a couple matches so I don’t expect Beth to lose it just yet. I do wonder though if the announcers will bring up anything on the storyline Mickie and Beth used to have together before Beth’s injury. Doubt it. Best women’s match in a long time right here.

Winner and STILL Champ – Beth Phoenix

Matthew Michaels: Beth keeps the belt, but I don’t think this one is over yet.

Winner – Beth Phoenix

Jake Mulligan: Mickie has bested Beth at every turn. Yep…

Winner – Beth Phoenix

Vinny Truncellito: In order to exploit this cool new champ, they’ve got to do something with her. I’d like to see Mickie sneak a win here for the title, and have Phoenix go on a dangerous rampage until her return match at the rumble.

Winner – Mickie James

Andrew Wheeler: I forgot this was even a match. Seriously, did anyone actually remember that this was on the card? I’ve been hyping this freaking feud for almost a YEAR now, and when the WWE finally pulls the trigger we don’t even get a storyline? Lame. What’s gonna happen? Mickie’s gonna get her ass kicked. Bad. And not in a crappy Ringdivas.com way where she keeps selling half-assed sleepers and 30 low blows and whatever the hell that company can throw into a match. Anyone who reads me knows of my love for Mickie, and watching her get beat down by Phoenix should be good entertainment for the whole family. Too bad Beth has got to be one of the ugliest chicks on the roster. And yes I know Jillian Hall is on the roster and looks like an aborted pig.

Winner – Beth Phoenix

Danny Wallace: Beth to win, but Mickie to get a rematch at the Rumble.

Winner – Beth Phoenix

MVP vs. Rey Mysterio

Paul Marshall: I’d love to see Michael Hayes interfere, costing MVP the title. Besides, Matt Hardy is out for a while. Let Rey Mysterio run with the title for a bit before dropping it back to MVP and let the Hardy/MVP feud bring us to a great match at Wrestlemania XXIV.

Winner – Rey Mysterio (New Champion)

Mark Allen: Matt Hardy getting injured was the best thing to happen to the MVP-Hardy feud. MVP will keep the belt all the way to WrestleMania when he and Matt can have their proper Championship blowoff.

Winner – MVP

Danny Cox: Like the midget really needs the title.

Winner and NEW Champ – Rey Mysterio

Matthew Michaels: Time to move Porter up to the World Heavyweight Championship division? Nah…

Winner – MVP

Jake Mulligan: They’ve gone too far NOT to do MVP vs. Matt at Mania.

Winner – MVP

Vinny Truncellito: MVP needs to hold onto the strap so he can properly give it to Matt Hardy, likely at WrestleMania.

Winner – MVP (or Mysterio by DQ/Count-Out) NO TITLE CHANGE

Andrew Wheeler: MVP might be the only real reason to watch Smackdown, and we all know that the WWE is not going to pass up the MVP/Hardy feud by having him drop the belt here. Much like the Kennedy match, this one is a bit of a feeler match, with MVP in his first high-profile feud with a true main eventer (the Kane stuff doesn’t count). That said, I think it’s just about time for Chavo to come back. Hmm. Either way, it’ll be a fun match, and one that should end with MVP using the ropes or the tights or something to get the win.

Winner – MVP

Danny Wallace: No way is MVP losing the belt when a feud with Matt Hardy is on the cards, when he returns. Saying that, if Mysterio DOES win the belt here, look for a nice long MVP vs. Mysterio feud to take both guys up to WrestleMania, and possibly look for Matt to get a short run against Edge.

Winner – MVP

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