Ultimate Marvel Handbook #224

Hey all and welcome to yet another edition of the Marvel Handbook. We have a lot of questions and answers in store for you all. But first let me introduce Daron. Hey Daron how are you?

I’m good, but let me ask you this? Do you really think I need to be introduced at this point?

I‘m good. Done all the Christmas decorating around here already. Which is a good thing. I‘m pooped though. At least it‘s finished and the article is ready to go. Cory mail had to be cut in half. I also have extra email too so that‘s good. Let‘s start.

Well that’s good to hear…even though I didn’t ask.

Cory emails

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving fellas. Cory’s here, had to fight a cold & sore throat, shopping, and overtime, but I’m here. So here goes my “all”:

Hey Cory. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you to.

Belated? It’s 1 days till Christmas! But hey nonetheless.

1- Since the new ongoing Cable series will start in March 2008, what’s to do with Deadpool? I hear nothing of a solo series for him, so dare I say put him on a team? If so, which one? Heroes for Hire? They have Paladin already, and plus he seems bigger than that team himself. X-Men? After the mutant shortage, they probably need all the help they can. What to do with ole Wade Winston Wilson?

I‘ve heard and read rumors of possibly Deadpool joining X-Force from a few sources. Now I can‘t confirm or deny it though. I‘d rather see Deadpool get a series again. Deadpool needs to be somewhere.

2- Since The Sentry “handled” The Hulk thanks to Iron Man’s help/influence, does this now make Iron Man look “golden” in the eyes of the public?

Public in Marvel or public as in fans? I‘m going to say the public in comics might still see him as a hero in their eyes. Not all of them. That‘s never the case with any character in reality. But the public still very well be seen as a hero more now. As for Fans. I think Tony needs to do more.

Like die? That would work for me. Let Rhodey take over as Iron Man.

3- Has a battle ever happen between The Crimson Nutcase & Scarlet Swashbuckler? If so what happened? Deadpool vs. Daredevil?

I give it to Deadpool. After all Deadpool could always just drive poor Matt mad with his insanity.

4- Daron how bout a top 10. Top 10 reasons why you hate Gambit? (this will be good!)

Daron this is all yours.

Okay, here goes:

1. He’s Gambit – nuff said!
2. His costume – could he be more stuck in the 80s? Did Liefeld design that thing?!?
3. His accent…when he has one, which isn’t very often, or at least very consistent.
4. His origin – what a retarded cluster%$@& that is!
5. His power, or rather his use of cards to use his powers. Couldn’t he you know use something that might be “throwable?”
6. He’s ruined Rogue. She used to be an interesting character, now she’s almost as annoying as he is.
7-10. Do I really need any more reasons? There’s nothing really left to him. Plus all that really needs to be said is that he’s Gambit!

5- I’m not gonna touch that Deus ex Machina aka Batman question too much, since I started it…but i know it will be ongoing like the Lambchop theme song. But how would DD fare in Gotham and how would Bats fare in Hell’s Kitchen? I asked a similar question a loooong time ago about Wolvie in Gotham and bats in Madripoor, so I figured why not since DD was brought up as his counterpart.

Hmmm are we comparing Rogues as well here? Because that‘s where the big difference and challenge will be in the most part. Batman as most everyone knows has one of the best rogues gallery in comics. Most of that is because of one character of course in Joker. Daredevil has quite an impressive rogues gallery with Bullseye being his big bad. Compare those characters and you have to give Joker the advantage in many ways. So I think in reality Bats would have it easier in Hells Kitchen then DD in Gotham.

Oh yeah, Bats would probably clean up Hell’s Kitchen in a matter of Months. DD on the other hand, would probably be lost in Gotham. I don’t think he’s ever faced anything like the Joker, or half of Bat’s rogues. Hell no one in Marvel has faced anything like the joker.

6- Just how possible is it NOW that Cap maybe a Skrull and could be hiding with Fury somewhere? I mean Wolvie did sniff him, with DD to confirm that it was him, but he also couldn’t sniff out Elektra as a skrull either.

I just don‘t think Cap was a Skrull. The Skrulls on death change back into their natural form. Cap did not. He should‘ve if he was a Skrull.

7- Am I the only one that can sense a blooming, yet low key, romance between Iron Man and Ms. Marvel? I mean this is Tony Stark we talking bout and she is his 2nd in command.

I‘ve actually seen the hints you have as well. I mean I know she‘s with Wonder Man but we know Tony. He‘s the ultimate playboy. He could get Carol if he wanted. I can see them getting together or atleast doing it given time

8- Speaking of eviqualents, who is DC’s Deadpool? Not Deathstroke, I mean in terms of 4th wall awareness & his crazed personality/dark humor?

Hmm that‘s a good question. Joker may actually be the closest. Joker has broken that Fourth wall before and does remember events that are comic related.

I believe Animal Man is another. I’m no 100% certain of that, but I’m pretty sure.

9- Since he is a founding Avenger, what Avengers team would fit better for The Mighty Thor?

Right now? Thor would be a better New Avenger. He has issues with Tony after he was cloned and has no wish to register.

10- I know that Angel is a big playboy, maybe not as big as Tony, but is it true that he & Scarlet Witch dated briefly? Also, what’s this about Deadpool being a bodyguard for Dazzler?

It is true Archangel and Scarlet Witch had brief romance. It actually was in the pages of X-Men First Class. It was short though. As for Deadpool body guarding Dazzler. Let’s go back to Deadpool # 67 where Dazzler returned to music and he had to protect her from the Rhino.

11- Where the hell has Cloak & Dagger been? Aint seen them since they teleported the CW fight to NYC?

They haven‘t even appeared since Civil War. I have no idea where they are right now in fact

I will leave my questions this week at 20. But will give my Bats/Cap .02 next week, among more. Until then, thanks a mil, see ya in 7, and Make Mine Marvel.

With that many questions I decided to cut your email in half Cory. I hope you don‘t mind. Saved the rest for next issue. Your welcome as always. Catch you next time.

Indeed, and see you soon.

Nightvision emails

Hey Jim and Daron,

Hey NV

So messiah complex is getting pretty good with the recent knowledge we gained about the baby. My only trouble with it is how Xavier is being shoved off to one side. Now dont get me wrong or anything I know we still have a while until this thing ends but is there any chance of Xavier secretly working with anyone?

You know I‘ve heard this theory more then once. It‘s possible Xavier isn‘t exactly working with the X-Men. I‘ve heard he could be very well a traitor and could be after the baby all to himself. After all Xavier isn‘t exactly always telling the truth.

House of M Synopsis

House of M Avengers #2: Shang-Chi and the Dragons fight the New Avengers over the Sons of the Tiger and the Tiger necklace. Shang-Chi leaves. The Avengers leave the amulet as a man takes it. Frank Castle and family find a mob in the park and Frank deals with them. Thunderbolt meets Frank offering a place with the Brotherhood (Blob, Avalanche, Boom Boom, Taskmaster and Feral) The Avengers meet with man looking for help and they agree. Cage and Misty talk after. Misty reports to Thunderbird. Avengers and Dragons meet again and fight with the Brotherhood showing up and injuring Tigra before Misty is ordered to shoot Cage.

World War Hulk Synopsis

Heroes For Hire #15: The Heroes see the new Humbugs face who is now loyal to Miek and Brood before he attacks them and escapes after before collapsing in pain. The Heroes find Colleen and Tarantula. Shang Chi goes after Humbug. Humbugs mask comes to life going after Brood only to be killed. Shang-Chi finds and kills Humbug in the end before returning to the others to escape. Paladin frees Moon Boy and the team seperates

Incredible Hulk #111: The Hulk defeats Strange/Zom as the Renegades watch. Wong appears to deal with Zom as the Renegades are forced to go after it as it takes over the Hulk Buster armor. They battle it and watch Sentry battle Hulk. Cho takes on Zom’s power to allow Wong to capture it. Namora saves Herc from drowning as the Hulk is defeated. The Renegades separate with Herc going with Cho.

World War Hulk Frontline #6: Sally and Ben watch and cover as Sentry and Hulk battle destroying most of the city in their paths. Ben consoles his wife as they lost everything. Detective Granville and the police try to deal with the aliens now left here. Hells Kitchen: Daredevil watches as many people can’t return home and Sally unhappy gives him the finger. Sally goes for a drink as Ben stops her. Sally goes to see Jonah and we find out he’s been funding the Frontline.

World War Hulk Aftersmash: Tom Foster gives a speech which reporters mock. Misty calls herself a murderer as clean up begins. SHIELD takes in the Warbound. Tony Stark tries to heal as he’s given reports. Herc and Cho deal with an Earthquake which splits New York. Damage Control gets into an Avengers Lab where Tom takes the Pym serum. Tony gets on his armor. Herc tries to pull things together. Iron Man saves Misty as Foster attacks taking out bugs. Warbound escape. Misty and Iron Man deal with the Death’s Heads. The heroes fight the Warbound. Korg and Hiriom help save the city. Tom Foster stops the bugs as live begins to move on. Warbound escape as Foster joins Damage Control.

Initiative Synopsis

Captain America #32: Soldier holds the gun at Faustus only to find blanks and get knocked out by Faustus men. Falcon and Widow find where Sharon went and follow. Stark is told Sharon is pregnant. Sharon follows Faustus as Red Skull contacts him. Falcon and Widow fight their way into Faustus base allowing Soldier to get free. Sharon goes after him and takes him to Faustus. As they escape Sharon throw Soldier out of the jet forcing Falcon to catch him and Widow to arrest him.

Iron Man Annual 1: Viper takes out the a Hellicarrier as Tony is told in reports. Tony heads to Madripoor to find her. Tony goes to see Viper shortly after arriving. We see women with Tony are actually undercover shield agents as they face Bloodscream and Roughhouse. Tony and the females head out only to find Tyger Tiger who agrees to help. Tony goes after Viper and only defeats her after his armor arrives in time to help him

Penance #3: SHIELD finds the remains of the Robot Master. Penance and Wolverine fight. Tony and the doctor talk over the numbers Penance left behind. Penance takes on Fin and Man-Eater to get to a power plant and draw in the Thunderbolts only to take their jet and go after Nitro.

Thunderbolts Breaking Point #1: The Thunderbolts capture Brother Nature. Norman talks to Moonstone and Songbird about the mission. Swordsman and Moonstone discuss killing Songbird. Songbird and Radioactive Man talk about matters. The Jury is sent out on a mission with the Thunderbolts. After the mission Songbird and Moonstone have a long chat.

Sub-Mariner #6: Namor and Iron Man argue over how everything was handled until both go to reflect. Namor thinks of what might happen if war came and after tells his people they are leaving Atlantis and they do threw the hidden tunnels. Namor gets Nitro and Kamar and tied Kamar to throne as he has Nitro explode taking out Atlantis. Namor leaves and SHIELD investigates only to find the tunnels Namor sends his people into hiding as sleeper agents and then heads to Latveria

Avengers Initiative Annual #1: Gauntlet is sent to return an alien object that came from space only to find a Hydra agent after the same one. They fight until Gauntlet gets the device stuck on his arm Gyrich tells the backstory to Goodman. Armory meets with Burke as she reveals her origins and helped the Avengers before joining the Initiative and getting kicked out. Burke contacts Gyrich. Woodman goes to see HYDRa and tells the origin of Hardball and we see Hardball face his brother before getting powers off the Powerbroker and saving a life to meet Wonder Man who has him join the initiative. Hydra wants Hardball as a member. The Baron and Pym deal with MVP who comes out a containment unit. They take him to see his father who tells MVP how he was trained. The Baron and Pym leave and we see the Scarlet Spider’s train. Revolutionary reports on his group the Liberteens facing the Flag Smasher in battle and defeating him. We find out Revolutionary is a Skrull and he’s reporting to one at Camp Hammond.

Ms Marvel #22: Carol and Cru face the Brood. Sleepwalker is waken as his human host is knocked out. Arana and Sum argue over things. The team find out where Carol is at. Carol sees her past selves in Cru’s mind as Cru takes over. Carol wakens only to see the Brood Queen

Order #5: Kate Killdeer gives her backstory only to go see Becky. A giant Turtle attacks a car as the Order come in to help. Tony shows Henry the new Order base of operations. Kate talks to Pepper as the Order fight the Black Daihlias. Pepper and Kate talk to Becky. We find out Mulholland is a former Black Dahlia

One More Day Synopsis

Sensational Spider-Man #41: Spidey talks to the little girl who leads him to a man who is alone and does computer stuff all his life never finding the love of his life. As another man shows up having everything including money but the love of his life. He finds the woman in red who tells him that those two men where alternate versions of him. Pete isn’t told about the little girls story as Mephisto emerges to help only for his marriage and he will have one more day to decide what to do.

Annihilation Conquest synopsis

Annihilation #2: The Phalanx interogate and kill Blastaar in the process getting no answers. High Evolutionary discusses matters with Phyla, Moondragon and Warlock.Wraith and crew watch as Ravanous crew battle the Phalanx only to have Ronan ask to see Ravenous. Starlord and his group continue their battle. Evolutionary discusses why he is there as Ultron arrives and kills Moondragon only to see Adam Warlock.

Messiah Complex Synopsis

New X-Men #44: Predator X attacks a mutant in the woods. The New X-Men team learn the Purifiers are involved in the baby disappearance. Xavier talks to them about it. Madrox lies in a coma as Forge contacts Cyclops. The New X-Men decide to go after the Purifiers. Antartica: The X-Men find who they are looking for. Rictor meets the Purifiers. 80 years in the future Madrox and Layla find a Mutant Relocation Camp. Washington: The New X-Men arrive. Antartica: The X-Men attack the Marauders. The New X-Men run into Rictor before being attacked as Lady Deathstrike attacks Hellion

X-Men #205: Jamie and Lalya try to decide a way into the cap. The X-Men attack the Marauders. The ONE sentinels watch the school as Cyclops talks to Bishop about the attack. Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers attack the New X-Men only for Pixie to teleport them out in the end and contact Emma. Emma loses contact with the main team as Kurt starts teleporting them out only to pass out afterwards. Wolverine contacts Emma about what happened. The Sentinels attack the school as we learn Cable has the baby.

Uncanny X-Men #493: Wolverine gets his group on board the jet back home as Storm deals with the injured. At the Mansion Emma is down as the team face the Sentinels with as many members there helping as possible. Antartic: Sinister and Mystique get ready to leave. Cable continues to protect the baby. The New X-Men arrive home with Iceman crashing their jet into a Sentinel. Xavier is down as well. One of the Sentinels take out Nezno before it’s stopped. Dust finds a robotic creature in one Sentinel. X-23 can’t stop it before it escapes. Wolverine and crew return home. Cyclops and Wolverine talk and form X-Force (Wolverine, X-23, Hepzibah, Warpath, Caliban, and Wolfsbane) to deal with Cable.

Secret Invasion Synopsis

She-Hulk #23: She-Hulk gets his into a movie by Absorbing Man as Titania helps by fighting inside She-Hulk’s head. She-Hulk’s partner deals with Rockey Davis and fixes her neck after. Absorbing Man knocks Titania out of She-Hulk’s head as the fight continues until She-Hulks partner shows up and threatens Titania only to get Absorbing Man to stop. We find out afterwards She-Hulk’s partner is a Skrull named Jazinda

That‘s it for today. With a full amount of email questions and more to come we‘re good but it never hurts to get more. So Daron what you think?

I think you have just a few too many synopsizes. But, whatever.

I had fun as normal and I‘ll likely get right to work on the next one too. Just because I can. I just hope those emails keep coming.

Indeed. Maybe if we ask Santa he’ll send us more emails!

1. Digital comics Comics you can read online

2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

3. As always your opinions on anything in the article or out on the shelves is welcome. After all you never know what type of response you will get.

4. Keep those emails coming and make sure to label them Marvel Handbook. The more emails the better the articles are. With the new format next week we’ll need all the support we can get. Until next time Make mine Marvel.

And make mine with a cherry on top.

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