WrestleMania, Austin, Hardy, Heenan & RVD Updates

WWE continues to modify their WrestleMania 24 plans, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The proposed Triple H vs Batista match has been shelved and now Randy Orton vs Triple H is back on the cards for the Raw main event, although a three-way Randy Orton vs Triple H vs Batista bout has been discussed as well. Smackdown’s main event is still almost certainly going to be Edge vs The Undertaker and there is talk of using some special gimmick for it, possibly a Hell in the Cell to play off of the Survivor Series finish. However, since they are planning to use the Elimination Chamber for the No Way Out main event, they might not want to bring back the Cell again so soon afterwards. One plan that is set in stone is the winner of the Royal Rumble getting an automatic WrestleMania title shot against his own brand’s champion, with the other brand’s main challengers then competing in the Elimination Chamber for the other spot. However, there is a better chance than originally thought that John Cena might be able to appear at WrestleMania in some capacity. He has been working exceptionally hard to get back into peak condition after his surgery, with Stephanie McMahon and Brian Gerwitz holding out hope that he might at least be able to show up for a run-in to continue his program with Orton.

Bobby Heenan underwent surgery on 14th December to have bone taken from his femur and shin and used to reconstruct his jaw, which had been destroyed by the radiation therapy treatment he received whilst fighting throat cancer. The surgery took twelve hours and the doctors found that his jaw was actually broken in two places, which had not been previously diagnosed despite the jaw causing him so much pain in recent years. Heenan hasn’t been able to eat solids for a long time, living off of protein shakes and losing a considerable amount of weight. He was placed into a medically induced coma after the surgery for a few days to help ease his recovery.

Matt Hardy was hospitalised from the 8th to 12th December due to an infection stemming from his appendectomy. 40ccs of fluid were drained from the abcess and he was given a large dose of antibiotics.

Stone Cold has legally changed his name from Steve Williams to Steve Austin.

Rob Van Dam made his debut as a stand-up comedian at an improv show in southern California recently. Booker T was also in attendance, though he didn’t perform. Van Dam and Booker are set to headline the PWA show in Houston on the 28th December, which will be Van Dam’s first post-WWE indie match.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 24 December 2007 (subscribe here)

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