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December 26, 2007

American Pie Presents: Beta House

Erik, Ryan, and Cooze are all set to get into college and pledge the Beta House. And who should preside over the Beta House but none other then Dwight Stifler. It turns into an all-out war when a band of geeks rise against them and the Betas have to fight for their right to party.

DVD Features: Deleted scenes, interviews, outtakes, “Bobbie ‘Yule Log'” featurette, “Most Embarrassing Sex Stories” featurette, and much more

Battlestar Galactica 1980 – The Complete Epic Series

The Battlestar Galactica has inadvertently brought serious to danger to the planet Earth after landing there to prepare and fight the Cylons. Little did the crew know that the planet was not advanced enough to fight and now faces total destruction.

DVD Features: All 10 episodes from the entire series

The Brothers Solomon

The Solomon brothers are trying to grant their dad’s dying wish to see a grandchild before he goes. The problem is that the boys are rather clueless and socially idiotic in the ways of everything that are the wonders of women.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, making of, “Extended Dressing Up Montage” featurette

Eastern Promises

Nikolai is a ruthless man who is a long-time driver for one of London’s most notorious crime families. All is right with him until he crosses paths with Anna, a midwife trying to right and wrong. When she gets caught up in the lineage of the family and ends up in danger; Nikolai finds his loyalties divided.

DVD Features: “Secrets And Stories” featurette, “Marked For Life” featurette

Living & Dying

In a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a trio of thieves find themselves to be the possible victims as two killers arrive and hold everyone hostage. The thieves realize that they must turn the tables on the killers and work with the police before anyone dies.

DVD Features: None

Movieside Film Festival: 20 Award Winning Short Films from Around the World!

A collection of 20 short films by independent, underground and alternative filmmakers featured at the Movieside Film Festival, the world’s largest short film festival.

DVD Features: None

Rush Hour 3

Detectives Carter and Lee hit the mean streets again, but this time they are in Paris and caught up in the middle of a deadly secret game involving one of the biggest crime syndicates in the world, the Triads.

DVD Features: Available in single disc or two-disc versions, audio commentary, deleted scenes, trailers, sneak peeks, numerous featurettes


Neil and Abby Warner have the perfect life with their beautiful little daughter Sophie. But as everyone knows, things can change in the blink of an eye and they do for the Warners as Sophie is kidnapped by the sadistic and calculating Tom Ryan.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, “Breaking Apart The Wheel” featurette, “Hero To Villain” featurette, Due out December 25, 2007

WWE: The Best of Raw 15th Anniversary

For fifteen years, the WWE has presented Monday Night Raw and has now produced more original episodes then any show in television history. Relive the greatest moments from the past and present including great matches, great laughs, and some of the most unforgettable times in this three-disc set.

DVD Features: Complete Match Listing – click this link to find out all the matches and segments that are included in this set.

WWE: Survivor Series 2007

The stars of ECW, RAW, and Smackdown come together for the annual and traditional Survivor Series. It’s usually a time to give thanks at that time of year, but the superstars of the WWE are only looking to outlast each other.

DVD Features: Backstage interviews, vignettes, a traditional Survivor Series elimination match, Hell In The Cell, diva’s tag-team match, and much more with plenty of championships on the line



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