MTV Mix – Volume 62

Not much happening on MTV the last two weeks thanks to the holidays, but we do have some stuff to cover including some loose ends to tie up for one show. Find out who Tila chose, if you don’t know or can’t guess. You also won’t want to miss the “drama” that occurred the past two weeks on The Real World and Newport Harbor. Plus, I’m writing “The Mix” for the firs time on my new MacBook, so that should be enough reason to read this right now…



A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila

Last week, Tila finally makde her choice. Who does she “love”? Is it Bobby or Dani? They are pretty much both guys, so I’m calling a foul on this show. Sure, the equipment may be different, but they both act the same. Oh well, I got $100 on Bobby.

By the way, did you know that Tila made a cameo appearance during the first season of Rob & Big. Yep, I got an advance review copy of the soon to be released Rob & Big: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 DVD, and there she was. Of course, Rob & Big had to point it out to me in their commentary track, but she is in there. So look for that.

Lets just cut to the chase now. Fast-forward to the end of this episode, since nothing really earth shattering occurs before then. In the end, Tila picks Bobby!! Booyah! I told you so. But really this relationship will probably turn out like any other Bachelor couple. They will soon be broken up or last for a little bit until it ends messy! Tila does run after Dani with “How To Save A Life” music to make it more dramatic than it was, but that’s only to say goodbye properly. Anyways good luck to the happy couple. I’m sure it will be a great two months for you too. See you next year Tila for another shot at love! HA!


The Real World: Sydney

Last week, Dunbar was still irritated with Ashli. Cohutta says that Dunbar lets the girls get under his skin too easily. He just needs to let things go like complaining about the dirty coffee maker. Eventually Ashli and Dunbar chat. Ashli says Dunbar bitches about everything. Dunbar says Ashli is a bitch. In fact, he calls all the girls bitches.

Time to get back to work, though. The deadline is fast approaching for their own travel itenaries. Ashli, Parisa, and Issac work much better as a team than Dunbar, Cohutta, and Kelly Anne. Cohutta just wants to sleep. Then, Kelly Anne thinks that the guys don’t listen to her.

The guys then get out of the house and just drives around. Apparently Cohutta jumps off a cliff. He thought it was a 4 foot drop to the next drop, but it was actually 8 feet down and it looks like he sprained his ankle. Another mark against “Team Dundee”.

Back to more yelling between Ashli and Dunbar. They fight about nothing or at least that is how it is edited. They bumped into each other. Issac says this is basically “who can yell the loudest in this silly ass argument!” Kelly Anne knows the fight is nothing about bumping into each other. It’s basically about unrequited love or basically Ashli won’t have sex with Dunbar. It’s a “love/hate” relationship which means they love each other when they are drunk, but hate each other when they are sober. The honeymoon is over as Ashli says she is “done”! HA! Watch and see what happens next!

This week, Cohutta is still hurt and Kelly Anne is not helping her team either. She gets drunk and gets in trouble with their boss. No drinking while working. Dunbar is left all alone to lead his team to victory and he is not happy about it. Meanwhile, Issac, Parisa, and Ashli bond and create fun little rap sing-songs for the kids to sing on the bus rides to various landmarks in Australia.

Later, Issac and Ashli tell the group of kids that is being led by Kelly Anne, Dunbar, and Cohutta to not vote for them. They are sabotaging them. Of course, they really don’t need to do that. They are fighting enough on their own. Dunbar then explodes some more when some kids joke around, at Kelly Anne’s urging, and write something about Dunbar’s private area. Dunbar and Kelly Anne fight, Cohutta breaks them up, and Kelly Anne is mad at him for it. HA! Kelly Anne is really mad that Cohutta didn’t stick up for herself when Dunbar was yelling at her. Of course, they do make up though.

Time for the presentations and see which team won. Should not be a big surprise. But both teams present a good case. The winning team is Issac, Parisa, and Ashli. They get to go to Europe for two weeks. Issac celebrates in his own way. Dunbar and Kelly Anne then discuss their problems and all is good with them. Only two weeks left of this season it seems…

Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County

Last week, Chrissy came home and had a makeout session with her new boy “friend”, Billy, from school in Santa Barbara. Clay was not at the party but his best friend, Grant, was. Grant calls Clay up and tells him what happens. So the next logical thing is a road trip to Santa Barbara for Clay and Grant.

Chrissy can’t decide whether should wants Clay or Billy. Kylie doesn’t really want to have a serious relationship right now with Chase. Chase has other plans apparently. He tells Samantha, Allie’s friend, that he is moving up to Santa Barbara. Chase says they are “together” but without the title. So Chase likes Kylie more than she likes him. That’s interesting.

A great moment occurs when Chrissy dials Clay’s number. On the first ring, though, Billy walks up and Chrissy hangs up her phone to talk to him. He invites her to a party later. Kylie is coming too. That’s after she tells Chase that she would be “studying” tonight. For the record, Newport Beach and Santa Barbara are two hours apart.

Clay and Grant show up at Chrissy’s dorm room, but she is not there. She already went to the party. Kylie is there, though, and she takes them to the party. Look out! Chrissy and Billy party it up. Chrissy says that Billy and Clay “remind me of each other”. They both look alike as well. Clay walks into the party to see Chrissy and Billy making out. That’s always good. Chrissy looks up and sees Clay, but Clay and Grant jet before they can talk. Clay tells Grant that he is “over” Chrissy.

Grant informs Clay to forget about Chrissy, but he is a nice guy. When Chrissy calls him he can’t just “erase her number” like Grant wants him too. I love Grant’s facial expressions and reactions to Clay telling him that he and Chrissy are “going to talk”. He’s out of here.

Allie and Samantha think Kylie is the “girl version of Chase”. Chase still plans to move up to Santa Barbara. Kylie casually mentions to Chase that “I’m sure things will be different next semester”. She meant for everyone. Hint, hint, there Chase. Clay and Chrissy finally talk. She says she was surprised to see him. He says “whatever”. Seriously that is his response to most everything. Chrissy tells Clay that she and Billy are not a couple. She is not ready to move on to another relationship right now. Chrissy thinks they should both “make the best out of their situations”. So they should hang out with whoever they want to right now. Their long-distance relationship is donzo! It’s all about timing my friends!

This week, more of the same. It’s Thanksgiving time! Chrissy is worried about seeing Clay during the break. Apparently, they are “over” but right not it’s only spelled “O-V-E-“. The ‘R’ is not there just yet. She still has feelings for Clay. Clay is too busy hanging with Grant and Taylor and Taylor’s friend. Dude!

It seems Billy likes Chrissy more than she likes him possibly. He wants her to come up to San Jose, which is his hometown I believe. Meanwhile, Chase is meeting Kylie’s parents for Thanksgiving dinner. Kylie throws out the “random” for us. Chase is definitely into Kylie more than she is. But she agreed to this, so there you go. Awkward family moments. Mom wants to know if this is “casual” or “serious”. Dad’s a big talker. He wants to know what Chase wants to do with his life. Fun stuff.

Big Thanksgiving party is, of course, on! The entire gang is here. Clay wants to be introduced to all the girls there. Here comes Chrissy. Clay proceeds to make her jealous by being all over every girl there. Chrissy leaves before she gets to talk to Clay. I love Chrissy’s dad. Best line of the night after Chrissy says the party was “fine”. Dad says “Just fine? You got to see all of your old high school friends for the first time in a week and it was just fine?” Yeah, like a week is a long time, Dad. Chrissy tells her dad that she misses Clay. Dad says that “sometimes high-school sweethearts end up together years later”. True dat! BUT they are really jacking up the melodrama here. Only one more episode left of this mini-season, though, so that’s a good thing.


Run’s House

Run’s House was gone for the holidays last week and they are still on vacation this week. There has already been 10 episodes of this season that has aired, but I am told that season four will continue next week. So if that happens, you know I will be all over that.

And that ends the 62nd volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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