Richly Deserved: Celebrity Apprentice Episode 3

Last week we said goodbye to Nadia Comaneci, who simply didn’t fit in with the Omarosas of Empresario.

Back to the suite and Piers ribbed Jennie for her statement she’s fire Nadia. Meanwhile Nely was crying and Carol tried to cheer her up. And who was the first to comfort her back in the suite? Omarosa! She also tried to rally her troops. She’s come to play.

Time for the next task. They gather at the pier. Trump asks Vinnie how many bodies are in the river. Trump introduces Mr. “Mad Money”, Jim Cramer. Gene was presented his cheque for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation. He then asks Gene to go over to Empresario and become project manager. Gene, most of them are married.

Two executives from Kodak explain the task, a mobile Kodak experience complete with trailer, camera, the whole bit.

Gene told the women he is a ‘benevolent dictator’. Omarosa didn’t like that. Gene said he’s Mr. “outside the box”. He chooses a them “It’s a Kodak world”.

Meanwhile, Tito Ortiz takes over Hydra. They meet with the Kodak executives. The idea is to sell printers with more economical use of ink.

Nely and Carol meet with the execs next and they learn what they are trying to sell. Nely explained the meeting to her team. Gene stops her and says “they’re wrong.” What a reality TV superstar this guy is.

Back at Hydra, Stephen took over the meeting, walking on the table. Piers wants a knockout punch saying it’s “about the ink”. They use a knockout theme once again banking on Lennox and Tito.

Gene is a perfectionist but does not like to get down and dirty. Nely became second in command. Omarosa said Gene let the girls do all the work but she didn’t seem to care.

Trace, Lennox, and the guys were supervising work on the trailer. Then they went to the graphic artists where Stephen and Piers were helping out. Stephen took pictures of Lennox and Tito. Unfortunately the table tilted as they were getting off and coffee fell on the laptop which held all their graphic design work for the task. Oh oh.

A dejected Hydra looked at a blank screen. Trace asked for calm. Piers and Vinnie went to an outside printer.

Dawn breaks and Omarosa said Gene didn’t have a clue as to the name of the product. He puts the beautiful women front and centre. The truck looked great. Gene explained the concept to Jim Cramer but he didn’t get a whole lot of feedback. Meanwhile the guys were putting some makeshift signs on the bus. Cramer loved Trace’s explanation of the ink concept but hates, hates, hates the “dumpster” he called their truck.

The Kodak execs meet with Gene. He tried to explain the concept and Omarosa was actually very impressed. Vinnie and Stephen use the megaphone while Trace and the others try to sell. Stephen’s brother Alec came by to help out. Alec says there’s no one more full of crap by Stephen, saying that in a good way. Alec bought a couple (money to charity) and Piers was actually far more impressed by him than Stephen. Overall, the guys seemed impressed with themselves.

Trump talks to the execs who were clearly more impressed with the Empresario presentation. The teams gather in the boardroom. Trump asked Gene about not meeting with the executives. Gene explained his position. Tito explained the coffee-spilling incident. Cramer said Empresario had the better presentation but Hyrda gave the better product message and won, also making the most sales. They guys celebrated their third win.

Omarosa said they didn’t have the right concept. Gene told Trump he feels the client is wrong. Ivanka also told Gene in this case, his concept didn’t work. Trump then accused Nely of talking too much at the executive’s meeting. Gene once again said they were wrong. Omarosa asked Trump to ask Gene the name of the product. He still got it wrong. Carol said either her or Nely should be fired. Jennie was also asked and she said Gene. They guys watching this loved it. Omarosa and Marilu also said Gene should be fired. Nely said Jennie should be fired. WHAT????? Nely explained she doesn’t see Jennie as having leadership qualities.

Gene asked if he could only bring back one person. He said Omarosa. Trump asked him for a second name. He thought about it as they went to commercial.

He chose Jennie. He clearly wants out of this mess, doesn’t he? Cramer is stunned as is Ivanka. They come back in. Gene tells Omarosa to hold his arm. Omarosa accused him of not noticing any woman. Jennie was a bit surprised. Trump called him tough. Gene called himself a softie. Trump called him the most independent thinker he is. They get into an interesting exchange. Trump told him neither Omarosa nor Jennie deserved to be there. He then said he has no choice. Gene is fired. And I don’t think he could care less.

Omarosa and Jennie go back to the suite pretty much saying Nely will soon be fired. Gene uttered some more nonsense in the cab.

It was certainly an unbelievable hour of television, that’s for sure.