TNA Notes on Matt Morgan, House Shows & More

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In an interview with Alex Marvez, Matt Morgan talks about the differences in TNA and WWE, the work ethic Jim Cornette instilled in him while at OVW and more. “WWE has almost an A-B-C formula with giants and monsters,” Morgan says. “Anyone above 6-foot-7 has to have some form of retardation, slowness or something mentally wrong with their character. I don’t understand why that is. Why can’t a giant be smart and think he’s God’s gift to the world of giants? That was my Blueprint character (in OVW).” has reported that TNA is sending Kevin Nash to Greenville, SC — the location of Against All Odds — on January 31 and February 1 to promote the PPV. The plan going into this Monday and Tuesday’s TV tapings is for the seemingly feuding Nash and Samoa Joe to team up again to challenge AJ Styles and Tomko for the tag titles.

For details on TNA’s upcoming Ohio and New York house shows, click here.

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