MTV Mix – Volume 65

A short week this week as we only had three shows. But next week another BIG MTV show returns. For now, enjoy all of the comedy and some drama on Life of Ryan, Rob & Big, and Run’s House. Mix it up!



Life of Ryan

Ryan likes a new girl named Kayla. Kayla is Taylor’s friend. Ryan and Kayla hang with Taylor and Casey. Eventually Ryan tells Kayla that they should “hang out this weekend”. By the way, I guess all the MTV shows now have that creepy “voice-over” where it shouldn’t be. You know the extra comments that we hear but doesn’t really fit into what we see on the screen at the time.

Meanwhile, Ryan thinks his middle brother, Shane, is a really good skateboarder and should enter some competitions. Shane doesn’t want to get stressed like Ryan, though. Ryan decides to enter him in a contest anyways. Shane is having a hard time getting into this contest. Ryan tells him he doesn’t have to do it, if he doesn’t want to. He should want to and have fun with it. If not, then he can go.

Weird moment alert! Ryan tells Taylor that he always “wanted to find a clone of her but blonde!” Hmmm, so that’s Kayla I guess but still a little awkward. Shane does end up doing the contest and he actually finishes second. Ryan said “you killed it dude!” Shane doesn’t know if he wants to continue doing that, though. Too stressful for him.

Rob & Big

WOW! This season’s episodes are starting off with a BANG! This time Rob & Big get dissed by Spiderman. It’s a lame guy dressed as him who stops in the middle of the road and then throws a cup of coffee at their windshield and flips them off.

For some reason, Rob & Big go race some turtles. Seriously this crazy. Rob & Big look for “turtle droppers”. Pretty girls drop turtles into a bucket where the turtles start their race. It’s weird. Rob & Big’s turtle sucked. So their mission now is to get their own turtle and train him to be the fastest turtle ever!

They want to go talk to “The Herpe” a.k.a. a herpetologist, a person who studies turtles, but they eventually find one out in a pond by themselves. This turtle is insane. It actually slides down the stairs to the bottom level by itself. It wants to run! They do a few practice runs with their turtle named “Speedy Claxton”.

Meanwhile, Rob & Big go race their all-black scooters on a motocross track with world champion, Ricky Carmichael. All for fun, though. Now it’s time for business. The turtle training and racing! I’m thinking that this turtle has to be trained now. But who knows for sure.

Before the final race, though, Rob & Big have to get revenge on Spiderman! They pay an Elvis to notify them when Spidey was in the area. They roll down on their scooters and go after Spiderman with their net gun! HA! Speedy doesn’t win his race. He froze up at the end and let “Jumping Jack Flash” beat him. Rob & Big toss him back in the pond and that’s that.


Run’s House

Justine is excited that their new baby girl is coming to the house. But they have to say goodbye to Angela and Vanessa first. Well the girls have second thoughts and decide to stay a little longer and leave after the new baby gets home. They still plan to leave for Los Angeles, though. The boys decorate the house for the new baby’s arrival.

Meanwhile, JoJo is hiding something. He is sad. He acts like he is not, but it eventually all comes out. He is sad that Vanessa and Angela are moving out to Los Angeles again. He grew up with them and feels connected more with them, since he can talk to them about things that he can’t talk to his parents or his little brothers about. They said they can talk on the phone and they can fly him out to Los Angeles for a visit, etc.

Rev Run sits in his tub and writes. Good morning. What’s more important than family? If you ask me, nothing. Growth and change are inevitable. But the only constant in life are your loved ones. Remember, life is an incredible journey that’s only enhanced by those you share it with. So keep your friends close, but keep your family closer. God is love, Rev Run.

And that ends the 65th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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