Beware the Future's Awesome Might: Marvel in April


It’s back, buit you can’t know all the players without checking out Comic Book Resources

CRIMINAL 2 #3I really appreciate the way this book is evolving from a comic to a comic plus. It is not really something I’ve seen in comics during my lifetime and I think it is a great way to charge a bit more and make it worth the consumer’s dollar.

MARVEL ILLUSTRATED: MOBY–DICK #3 (of 6)Wow, Marvel, if your mission is to bore people with the comic book format, why not just go right ahead and adapt Billy Budd. It’s a quicker story and yet more boring. Everybody wins!

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Watch out! Behind you!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #556–557Well played, solicitation writer, I applaud your Prince reference.
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I like the cover too. Nice solitary image of Spidey there.

SPIDER-MAN: WITH GREAT POWER… #4 (of 5)You know, I love Harris’s art as much or more than most, but…I just cannot bring myself to care one lick about this book. Sorry, but it is true.

CIVIL WAR CHRONICLES #10There still reprinting these stories? Damn!

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This cover would be a lot more dynamic if it didn’t feature two characters with completely immovable facial features.

I also dig how, in the text, they finish the whole thing off with “Also guest-starring MS. MARVEL!” as if that’s the “Holy Shit” moment of the piece. Can you imagine some reader looking at it thinking, “End of the first year, graduation, AWOL, 3-D Man, Skrull…oh daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, Ms. Marvel. It is SO on!”?

Now, if it was Paladin…

DAREDEVIL: BLOOD OF THE TARANTULAI dug the Daredevil Annual that featured the same writing team and Black Tarantula, so I’ll definitely pick this up. I’m a little sad/disconcerted to not see the main DD title solicited for April though.

IMMORTAL IRON FIST #14Ahh, Immortal Iron Fist solicitation text. Thank God for you. You fill the void in my heart left by the end of Warlock solicitations. And, plus, you’re really good!

MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #38This cover can only mean one thing…
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…a certain Nazi made of bees named Swarm!!!! Today is a good day (even if I did, in fact, have to use my AK).

MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #8Yay for drunken Machine Man. Boo for him doing it to “keep the ghosts at bay”. I’ll keep hope alive though that this is Machine Man, Nextwave edition.

SECRET INVASION #1 (of 8), MIGHTY AVENGERS #12, NEW AVENGERS #40Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…
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the new Marvel Zombies…Marvel Skrulls! Soon to be on every cover everywhere.

You cannot stop the homages! EVER!

I do like that New Avengers cover though…it strikes me as the coolest.
(Covers, if you didn’t figure, run in the same order as the underlined titles).

MOON KNIGHT #17Oh, good news!
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Turns out we’re not quite done with those Zombie homage covers yet. What are relief.

OMEGA: THE UNKNOWN #7 (of 10)I wouldn’t say I like this book, necessarily, but I am utterly fascinated by it. And it is not like a morbid so bad it is good fascination. I find it to be literally entrancing. I just don’t know if it is good though.

THE LAST DEFENDERS #2 (of 6)I’m the only one who enjoyed The New Defenders, aren’t I?

THE ORDER #10Sigh…I will miss you Order. Gone too soon.

KICK-ASS #3I appreciate the solicitation text here and its psychic abilities. Apparently, I’ll be “wowed” by the first two issues and despite its violence, the book will be selling so well, Marvel could not possibly stop publishing it. Yay for the solicitation text’s psychic ability!

ULTIMATE HULK VS. IRON MAN: ULTIMATE HUMAN PREMIERE HCWait a sec…isn’t the last issue of this solicited for this month too? Why, yes, it is (see above). Ahh, Marvel, I respect your collection policy even if it is more than a bit crazy.

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Hello gratuity!!

On the upside, it is being penned by Scalped writer Jason Aaron, so if ever I was going to buy a Wolverine book, now would be the time. (Alas, I am never going to buy a Wolverine book.)

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