Jack Evans Injury Update


Jack Evans is due for Surgery tomorrow on his broken face, according to Jack’s blog post sent to us by Dr. Keith Lipinski:

Thursday, January 24, 2008
The Drizzling SHITZ
Damn got back from the hospital things are worse then I thought I go in for Surgery tommorow (I was supposed to stay in the hospital today but I dont have insurance and I know how expensive those over night stays are! FORGET THAT!) 4 plates in my face and at least 6 weeks recovery time.

On the bright side who knows maybe that is enough time to miss TWO Chicago shows with ONE injury. That’s like getting TWO Birds Stoned at ONCE! I think that is how the saying goes.

Anyway wish me luck as a waste my remaining hours at home spooning yogurt and baby gerber(which is in fact the greatest food in the world and we gotta TAKE THAT SHIT BACK from the Babies. They don’t deserve it all they do is cry and shit themselves anyway) until 12:00 midnight in which I guess I can no longer eat. Something about breaking your face gives you the same rules as a Mogui and the last thing we want is to feed a mogui past midnight!

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