Pulse Wrestling’s PPV Report: WWE Royal Rumble

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Live from Madison Square Garden
Commentary: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman, Joey Styles, & Tazz

But first…

PK chimes in with a Dark March result from someone who is watching this LIVE. Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore defeated Deuce & Domino before the Rumble. My comments…why aren’t they fighting Miz and Morrison for the WWE Tag Team Titles?

Yay for widescreen viewing…boo to me for still having a square TV. The opening video is awesome, but that is typical for the WWE. Our first match tonight is our Career Ending Match. Ric Flair comes out all decked up in gold and he talks to the fans, reminiscing his career in the Garden. Ric Flair doesn’t get to finish as MVP makes his way to the ring.

Ric Flair v. Montel Vontavious Porter
Career Threatening Match

Michael and Coach are on commentary as Ric Flair struts around the ring. They lock up and MVP takes him down. Another lock up in the center and MVP pushes him into the corner. We get a clean break as MVP taunts a bit. Another lockup and Ric Flair has an arm drag. MVP gets to the ropes and we get a dirty break, as MVP slaps the taste out of Ric Flair. Flair fires back with some knife edge chops, but running the ropes proved to be costly as MVP takes control. The Yakuza Kick connects for a two count. MVP gets another cover, this time for one. Arm drag takedown by MVP and he works the neck and arm of Ric Flair. Flair gets back up, but MVP nails some lefts and rights in the corner. Flair knocks MVP down in the center of the ring. Figure Four try does not go, as MVP tries to avoid it. MVP wisely gets a schoolboy for two as Ric Flair is in trouble. MVP has Flair in the corner, but the referee admonishes him. MVP sends Flair from corner to corner, nailing a body slam. KICK TO THE JAW CONNECTS for THREE!

BUT NO! Ric Flair had his foot on the ropes. Charles Robinson waved off the three count and the match continues, but Flair nearly wins the match with a rollup, but he gets two. MVP is frustrated as he has Flair on top. SUPERPLEX CONNECTS…FOR TWO! TWO! MVP is pissed off as he bitchslaps Flair. MVP has Flair up in a Fireman’s Carry, but Flair gets off. Flair takes down MVP and both men are on the mat. They get up at six and Flair gets an inside cradle for two! Backslide attempt gets two and Flair goes with the knife edge chops! MVP nails a jawbreaker. Playmaker attempt is COUNTERED to the Figure Four! MVP taps!

Winner via submission: Ric Flair
Grade: B+

Backstage, Vince McMahon has a pep talk with Hornswoggle. He actually thinks that Hornswoggle will actually win the Rumble tonight. Finlay walks in. Vince wishes them luck.

Mike Adamle is here! He puts over Ric Flair and he has a LOT of enthusiasm. He goes over the rivalry between JBL and Chris Jericho. Back to the show as Chris Jericho is here to save us from a Wrestling God.

Chris Jericho v. John Bradshaw Layfield

The bell sounds and the two men can only stare at each other. Now they go at it, Jericho being the aggressor. The referee gets in between them as JBL tries to wave it off. Jericho continues to punk out JBL. Another lockup and finally JBL comes out fighting. Both men take each other down and pummel each other. Jericho goes on the outside, but comes back in and he beats down on JBL. Stiff kicks connect and JBL is in trouble early on. The Liontamer connects, but JBL finds the ropes. JBL takes a powder outside, but Jericho connects with a baseball slide. He exposes the barricade, but JBL blocks it. Jericho backs JBL against the ring apron then sends him to the ring steps! Jericho rushes JBL, but JBL hangs his neck up on the top rope and he is down!

JBL is in control and he explodes with a short arm clothesline. He chokes Jericho on the bottom rope and he guillotines him! JBL continues the choking, but the referee admonishes him. JBL reminds the ref that he had until five. JBL takes Jericho out of the corner and Jericho fights back…into a Million Dollar Sleeper by JBL! Jericho is down on the mat as JBL has the hold cinched in. Jericho gets back up and he misses a big boot! He nails a clothesline, taking JBL down! The referee starts the count and both men are up at five! JBL connects with the big boot this time around, but he can’t capitalize instantly. Once he finds his bearings, he sends Chris Jericho to the ring post and HE IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! JBL beats on Jericho and he is bleeding like a gusher. Back inside the ring, JBL continues to kick Jericho in the head. JBL doesn’t stop and the referee continues to warn him. Jericho explodes out of the corner and he takes it to JBL. Jericho’s face is a full crimson mask as he nails the elbows. The Lionsault connects and JBL is back up. Jericho clotheslines JBL outside and he dishes it out! JBL bashes Jericho’s head on the ECW Commentary table. Jericho EXPLODES with a chair shot and that is all, folks!

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield via DQ
Grade: B+

Jericho tosses JBL inside the ring and he THROWS THE CHAIR at JBL’s face. He beats on him until he leaves the ring. Jericho wraps a cable around JBL’s neck and he hangs him using the ropes as leverage! JBL passes out, but Jericho isn’t finished with him. He walks up the ramp a complete mess as that match was awesome! JBL raises his hand in victory as he has trouble getting back to his feet.

Backstage, Ashley talks to Santino Marella, who is conveniently outside Maria’s locker room. He tells Ashley that Maria isn’t interested in Playboy. He blows her off and heads inside Maria’s locker room.

Wrestlemania Countdown: 63 days

We recap the highlights of the Beat the Clock Challenge that took place earlier this month. This is how Edge v. Rey came to be. Back to the live feed and Edge makes his entrance first. Once Edge gets inside the ring, Vickie Guerrero, Zack Ryder, & Curt Hawkins come out and enjoy a ringside seat, for the lack of a better term. Justin Roberts is in the ring and he does the super-special ring announcing.

Edge © v. Rey Mysterio
World Heavyweight Championship

The bell rings and both men circle the ring. Edge punks Rey to the corner and they lock up. Edge is in control as he works a wrost lock on Rey. Rey fires some kicks to the legs and he gets on top of Edge, nailing a flip hurrancurana! Edge is back up and they lock up again. Edge has a side headlock on and he takes Rey down. Rey dropkicks the head for a near fall. Another lock up is faked as Edge chokes Rey at the ropes. Rey dodges Edge and he slides underneath the bottom rope. Edge baseball slides Rey and Hawkins and Ryder attempt to attack him on the outside, but the referee isn’t dumb. He EJECTS the two Edgeheads as Vickie Guerrero cries foul. Back inside the ring, Mysterio connects with a Senton for two! Edge tries to hang Mysterio up on the top turnbuckle, but Mysterio is smart and he lands on them. Not for long as Edge kicks Rey’s leg, dropping him south. Edge tosses Rey back inside the ring and he puts the boots to him. Edge continues to work the knee of Mysterio, hooking on a half Boston Crab as Rey is screaming. Rey uses his good leg to kick Edge’s face.

Edge is back up and Rey hits the enzugiri! 619 attempt is countered to a powerslam for two! Edge tries to torque the bad knee of Mysterio, but Mysterio again uses his good leg to get out of it. He hobbles up, but he falls back down in the corner. Edge picks Rey up, but Mysterio can’t stand up. Edge tries to pull off the leg brace, but Rey gets a high impact bulldog and that buys some time. Both men are back up and Rey nails some kicks and punches. He hobbles a bit. Sunset flip try by Edge, Rey rolls through and he KICKS Edge in the head, CONCUSSION STYLE…FOR TWO! Rey nails another Senton for two! He hobbles to the apron and he climbs to the top, but Edge stops it. Edge gets knocked off and Rey nails a DOUBLE FOOT STOMP for TWO! Rey nails a hurrancurana, sending Edge outside the ring. Edge tries to get Rey out, but Rey nails a tornado DDT OUTSIDE! He goes for a cover…TWO!

Edge stops the momentum with a kick to the face and he sets up for a spear…he misses! Hurrancurana connects, as does the 619! Vickie Guerrero is WELL AGAIN as she stops the referee’s count! No DQ by the ref, however. Edge goes for a spear, but Rey sends Edge to the ropes again. 619 again, this time Vickie Guerrero takes the brunt of the blow! Rey tries for a senton, but he flies into a SPEAR! Game, Set, Match!

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Edge
Grade: B+

Post match, Hawkins and Ryder come out to assist Edge with helping Vickie, who needs the wheelchair again.

In the locker room, Mr. Kennedy congratulates Ric Flair on a job well done. Mr. Kennedy says that after he wins the Royal Rumble tonight, that he will have time on his hands. Shawn Michaels gets involved in this little charade, but Mr. Kennedy decides that discretion is the better part of valor. Shawn ribs on Mr. Kennedy after he leaves. Enter Batista and Triple H and it is the Four Horseman 2K8! Triple H tells Flair to put his pants on. He says that tonight, the best man will win. Shawn Michaels chimes in with a new T-Shirt pimp. He hands it to Ric Flair.

No Way Out comes to us from Las Vegas, Nevada…February 17th!

Maria comes out and it time for the Kiss Cam in HIGH DEFINITION! After the Kiss Cam, Ashley makes her way to the ring. She hugs Maria and Maria hands her the microphone. She received a call from Hugh Hefner and he wants Maria to pose for Playboy! Before Maria responds, Santino comes out with someone under a black sheet. Santino responds for Maria, saying that nobody wants to see Maria with no clothes on. He disses New York and I am certain that a particular friend of mine would pay money to be able to hop the barricade and take Santino out on live Pay-Per-View. He disses the Giants and Ashley says that Santino can’t make the decision for Maria. She asks the fans and she gets a overwhelming response. Santino says that the people are sheep. He has a Royal Rumble to prepare for and he invites his friend to the ring. We get boobies alright…but that of Big Dick Johnson, who has more clothing on his ass this time around, even if it’s supporting the Patriots. Ashley takes and she dispatches Santino.

Some fat guy with a hairy chest stands next to a lifeguard. Then he gets this stupid idea of trying to drown. She tries to do mouth-to-mouth, but she’s interrupted by Mae Young.

Back to Mike Adamle, who BOTCHES Hardy’s name! Welcome to the WWE, Mike! We take a trip down memory lane, showcasing the video montage of Randy Orton that played last week on RAW. That is followed by the Jeff Hardy video that also played last week. The WWE Championship Match is NEXT!

The fans pop HUGE for Jeff Hardy’s entrance! MSG hasn’t been kind on those that the WWE pushes as a top face, but Hardy is truly the exception here. Randy Orton comes out to what seems like little reaction. Then again, his title reign hasn’t been what I would call a credible reign. Lillian Garcia is in the ring, as she is set to do her super special ring announcing for this contest. Again, Jeff Hardy gets a huge pop and Randy Orton gets mild boos, but mainly little reaction from the MSG fans.

Randy Orton © v. Jeff Hardy
WWE Championship Match

The referee discusses the rules for the match, then he rings the bell. Hardy and Orton jockey for position. They lock up and they keep the Greco-Roman lock for a long time. Hardy gets to the ropes and we get a dirty break, as Hardy shoves the champion. Hardy nails a arm drag, locking the neck. Orton maneuvers Hardy’s shoulders to the mat for one. Hardy continues with the headlock, but Orton applies a headscissors. Both men get up and Hardy nails an inverted atomic drop, followed by the double leg drop. Baseball slide gets two and Orton is now on the offensive.

Orton beats some sense to Hardy and he talks smack, getting a slightly louder negative reaction. Hardy nails a clothesline, sending Orton out of the ring. HUGE BASEBALL SLIDE knocks Orton SMACK DAB into the security wall. Orton is back up after a moment, and Hardy nails a plancha, keeping Orton down. Orton says “the Hell with it” and tries to walk, but Hardy stops that. Back inside the ring, it looks like Hardy was going to hop inside, but Orton nails a timed dropkick that sends Hardy out of the ring. Orton slides out of the ring and he nails a suplex on the floor! Be gets Hardy back inside the ring and covers for two!

Orton works on the legs of Hardy, followed by the gut with his stomps. He applies a blatant choke on Hardy and nearly gets DQ’ed. He nails a knee drop for two! Orton follows up with a clubbing blow to the back and he picks Hardy back up. Hardy battles back and he tosses Orton to the outside, landing on the concrete! Hardy tight walks the apron and he leaps onto Orton! Back inside the ring, Hardy gets a two count! He sends Orton to the corner and he misses the offensive move. Hardy slams into the ring post! Orton applies a bodyscissors and a headlock combo, driving the momentum out of Hardy. Orton relaxes on the bodyscissors, which proves costly as Hardy is back up…but not for long, as Orton gets a powerslam for two!

Orton is back with a headlock. Hardy tries to battle back and he gets out of it. Orton nails a shot to the back, but Hardy responds with a wraparound clothesline and both men are down! Orton is up first, but Hardy beats him to the punch. Hardy keeps Orton down and he thrusts him to the turnbuckle. WHISPER IN THE WIND CONNECTS FOR TWO! That was very close. Hardy nails a reverse kick, sending Orton to the corner. He hits the turnbuckle dropkicn and he goes up top. Orton moves out of the way, thinking that Hardy leaped, but Hardy nails a missle dropkick that sends Orton out of the ring! Hardy nails a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to Randy Orton on the outside! The referee is at seven and both men are back inside the ring. Hardy gets the fans riled up and he waits for Orton to get up. Twist of Fate is COUNTERED to the RKO out of nowhere! That gets the three?!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton
Grade: B+

Post match, Randy Orton celebrates by the entrance to the ring. The fans salute Hardy as he leaves the ring. We go to our ECW Commentary Team, Joey Styles and Tazz, who pimp the Rumble Match.

We are getting closer to the 30 Man Royal Rumble. I will be attempting a Play-By-Play for it, but it will be difficult to follow. I’ll break it up as good as I can. After the PBP, I will post the order of entry and order of elimination that will come from PK.

Justin Roberts introduces the LEGENDARY MICHAEL BUFFER! He goes over the rules for the Royal Rumble. It’s noted that there will be 90 second intervals. Buffer gets his cliché off and we get a shock! Bells toll…and The Undertaker draws the #1 spot! #2 is a bigger shocker, Shawn Michaels!

Royal Rumble Match
First two entrants: The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels

We will get commentary from all six commentators. Undertaker misses the charge and Michaels gets some offense in. Taker sends Michaels to the turnbuckle. Double handed choke connects and Taker nails some strikes and sends Michaels into the ropes again. Taker runs towards Michaels and he misses! Michaels looks to eliminate Taker, but Taker prevents that and Santino Marella enters the fray. He gets SWEET CHIN MUSICKED! Undertaker eliminates Santino and Michaels tries to capitalize! Undertaker is in control and he tries to go Old School, but Michaels tosses Undertaker across the ring! Michaels gets the knife edge chops and The Great Khali enters the contest. Undertaker goes right to Khali, but Khali nails the tomahawk chop! He lays into the Undertaker while Michaels takes a breather in the corner. Khali attempts a Chokeslam, but Undertaker tries to counter. Khali is eliminated and it’s back to Michaels and Taker for five seconds. In comes Hardcore Holly and he lays the boots to Michaels and he gets some of Taker. Taker sends Holly to the ropes and he nails some vicious punches. Holly fights back, but he runs into a big boot! Michaels tries to eliminate Undertaker, but Undertaker counters. Holly stops the fun and in comes John Morrison in the #6 spot! Morrison goes after Michaels, but Taker takes offense to that and Michaels tosses Morrison, but he holds on! Michaels nails the elbow and he tunes up the band. #7 is NY’s own Tommy Dreamer! He is a man on fire as he takes it to everyone. Michaels tries to take Morrison out, but Morrison hangs Michaels on top. Morrison tries to eliminate Holly, but he survives. The action is all over as we get another countdown.

Michaels tries to eliminate Dreamer, but in comes the Animal! Spinebuster to Dreamer! Back Body Drop to Morrison! Batista and Undertaker stare off, but Dreamer tries to do the Dreamer Driver, but he gets eliminated by Batista! Morrison goes after Batista, but gets SPEARED out of his boots! Undertaker goes after Batista and Michaels tries to eliminate Holly and HORNSWOGGLE is in the match! The commentary team say that the 90 seconds is flying! I agree. Hornswoggle hides underneath the ring as Undertaker gets speared by Batista. Holly works on Morrison, but Michaels interjects himself. Another clock and out comes Chuck Palumbo! He takes it to Batista and Michaels! He squares off against Michaels in the corner. Morrison gets tossed, but he hangs on again! Undertaker goes after Palumbo, Michaels tries to eliminate Morrison, and Holly is being manhandled by Batista. In at #11, Jamie Noble! He is taped up and he is on fire against Palumbo. He climbs on top and Palumbo kicks him out of the ring! Undertaker goes after Palumbo, Batista has Holly, and Morrison has Michaels! The trainer is called out to check on Jaime Noble and Hornswoggle is still underneath the ring! Morrison hangs on again and CM Punk enters the fray! He is on FIRE, attacking anything that moves. Chokeslam attempt by Taker, but Punk is resilient.

Palumbo goes after Punk, almost nails a powerbomb, but Punk eliminates Palumbo! Punk has Michaels in the ropes as Cody Rhodes is in. He takes it to Punk and nearly eliminates him! Rhodes goes after Morrison, but he is stupid and goes after the Undertaker! DROPKICK to Undertaker! Batista nails a back drop on Michaels. CLOTHESLINE to Rhodes by Undertaker and Umaga is in at #14. He takes out everything that moves, except for Holly. SAMOAN SPIKE to Holly and he is gone! Batista works over Umaga for a second, but Umaga turns the tables! Undertaker has CM Punk, Michaels is ALMOST Eliminated by Rhodes! Morrison takes it to Rhodes as Michaels goes to the top rope. CM Punk tosses Michaels over and in comes Snitsky! Snitsky plays the monster role this time around, but Morrison has balls. He pays for it, however. Cody Rhodes tries to eliminate Snitsky, but no eliminations occur. Morrison nearly gets Michaels eliminated. Undertaker goes after Umaga, Snitsky has Rhodes and I cannot keep up!

The Miz is #16 and he takes it to Punk! Punk is in trouble as Miz and Morrison team up to try to eliminate Punk. Snitsky has Rhodes in a danger zone and Undertaker tries to eliminate Umaga! Punk is being double teamed and Shelton Benjamin is in the match! He runs to the top and he drives BOTH Miz and Morrison to the top turnbuckle. Shawn Michaels ELIMINATES BENJAMIN with SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Taker pairs off with Umaga and #18 is “The Superfly”! Snuka and Michaels pair off, but Undertaker interjects himself in. Miz runs into a Snuka clothesline and he takes it to Batista. #19 “Hot Rod” Roddy Piper! He takes the shirt off and he has a flabby stomach. He takes it to Snuka. Piper with the thumb to the eyes and 90 seconds seem like 30 as KANE is #20. Piper and Snuka are ELIMINATED by Kane! Miz eats a Chokeslam! Undertaker measures Kane, but he goes to Michaels and he nails a Chokeslam! Carlito is in and he spits apple to Cody! BACKCRACKER to Punk by Carlito! Bulldog by Rhodes! Punk is out near the ropes. Mick Foley is #22 and he gets in the ring. Kane and Morrison go after him, but Foley is resilient! Last Ride by Undertaker on Batista! SAMOAN DROP by Umaga on Undertaker! Morrison nails a kick to Foley! Chaos everywhere as MR. KENNEDY is #23! He enters the ring and he goes after Rhodes. Mic Check to Miz! Mic Check to Punk! Michaels and Taker have been inside for 30 minutes! Undertaker CHOKESLAMS Kennedy! Undertaker splashes Umaga, Snitsky, and Morrison! Oh No. Big Daddy V is next in the ring. Snitsky is eliminated! Undertaker is eliminated! Michaels is eliminated! Undertaker destroys Snitsky!

Rhodes nearly gets eliminated! Rhodes tries to eliminate Kennedy, but Henry is in the contest! Big Daddy V faces off against Punk and Hornswoggle helps eliminate Miz! Punk gets a meeting of the mindless by V and Henry. Rhodes nearly gets eliminated, but he survives! Chavo, the ECW Champion is #26? WTF? He goes after Punk! Morrison is ELIMINATED by Kane! Hornsoggle makes a mistake and he is in the rumble. He squares off against the two biggest stars and Finlay enters the Rumble anyway! He takes Hornswoggle to safety. The clock has slowed down a bit now. Kane goes against Kennedy, but V gets on Kane. Finlay has been officially disqualified for jumping the gun and using the weapon! Elijah Burke is #28. Batista is on the outside, but has not been eliminated. Chavo tries to eliminate Punk and he does! Batista was a victim of a Samoan Spike. #29 is Triple H! Rhodes is gone and Triple H takes out Big Daddy V! Triple H and Mick Foley slug it out! He eliminates Foley and Burke at the same time! Triple H goes after Chavo, then goes to Umaga! Umaga misses the splash and he gets introduced to the ring post! Pedigree by Triple H on Umaga! #30 is JOHN CENA?! HOLY SHIT! Everyone is surprised!!! Cena goes after Henry. Forearm Smash connects and CENA IS ON FIRE!

Carlito is eliminated! Chavo is eliminated! Henry is gone! Triple H and Cena go at it! Cena gets hit with the SPINEBUSTER, but Umaga gets Triple H! Umaga is gone! Kane has both Batista and Triple H.

Final Four: Kane, John Cena, Batista, & Triple H

Kane is eliminated and the three remaining people taunt each other! They battle it out! Batista takes Cena down and he goes after Triple H. Cena and Triple H try to double team Batista, but to no avail! Cena is a victim of a SPINEBUSTER! SPINEBUSTER TO TRIPLE H! Batista is picking his spot and he goes after Cena! Batista Bomb is countered! Triple H ELIMINATES BATISTA!

Final Two: John Cena v. Triple H

The crowd is on the edge of their seats! Triple H points at the Wrestlemania logo. The two men stare at each other and they go at it. Triple H is the aggressor, but Cena fights back! They trade off punches! Sideslam by Cena! YOU CAN’T SEE ME! He drops the Five Knuckle Shuffle and he looks for it! FU try is countered, the Pedigree is countered and both men clothesline each other and both men are down! Both men are up and Cena puts a boot up. FU try again, but the DDT connects by Triple H! Triple H tries to eliminate Cena, but he holds on. Cena again goes for the FU, but Triple H looks for the Pedigree…FU BY CENA AND TRIPLE H IS ELIMINATED!

Winner of the 2008 Royal Rumble: John Cena
Grade: A

As promised, PK chimes in with the OFFICIAL Order of Entry/Elimination.

Order of Entry
1) The Undertaker
2) Shawn Michaels
3) Santino Marella
4) The Great Khali
5) Hardcore Holly
6) John Morrison
7) Tommy Dreamer
8) Batista
9) Hornswoggle
10) Chuck Palumbo
11) Jamie Noble
12) CM Punk
13) Cody Rhodes
14) Umaga
15) Snitsky
16) The Miz
17) Shelton Benjamin
18) Jimmy Snuka
19) Roddy Piper
20) Kane
21) Carlito
22) Mick Foley
23) Mr. Kennedy
24) Big Daddy V
25) Mark Henry
26) Chavo Guerrero
27) Finlay
28) Elijah Burke
29) Triple H
30) John Cena

Order of Elimination
1) Santino Marella (Undertaker)
2) The Great Khali (Undertaker)
3) Tommy Dreamer (Batista)
4) Jamie Noble (Palumbo)
5) Chuck Palumbo (Punk)
6) Hardcore Holly (Umaga)
7) Shelton Benjamin (HBK)
8) Roddy Piper (Kane)
9) Jimmy Snuka (Kane)
10) Snitsky (Undertaker)
11) The Undertaker (HBK)
12) Shawn Michaels (Kennedy)
13) The Miz (Hornswoggle)
14) John Morrison (Kane)
15) Finlay (DQed)
16) Hornswoggle (himself)
17) CM Punk (Chavo Guerrero)
18) Cody Rhodes (HHH)
19) Big Daddy V (HHH)
20) Elijah Burke (HHH)
21) Mick Foley (HHH)
22) Carlito (Cena)
23) Chavo Guerrero (Cena)
24) Mark Henry (Cena)
25) Kennedy (Umaga)
26) Umaga (Batista)
27) Kane (HHH & Batista)
28) Batista (HHH)
29) HHH (Cena)

Show over. See you tomorrow night on RAW for the fallout of the Royal Rumble!

The Inside Pulse
The Royal Rumble Report Card

Ric Flair d. MVP – B+
JBL d. Chris Jericho via DQ – B+
Edge d. Rey Mysterio – B+
Randy Orton d. Jeff Hardy – B+
John Cena wins the 2008 Royal Rumble – A
Extra Credit: John Cena Blowing the Roof off the Garden
Extra Credit: The Entire Pay-Per-View – Production, Videos, Sound, Graphics, the whole nine yards.

The Final Grade for the Royal Rumble: A

Definitely worth the $40!

Paul Marshall has been with Pulse Wrestling since September 2007. He currently does a weekly WWE Column titled "This Week In 'E". Follow him on Twitter here.