Smackdown Preview for February 1, 2008



Preview: Going against the family
February 1, 2008

Edge may have escaped Royal Rumble with the gold around his waist, but the Rated-R Superstar’s lover, General Manager Vickie Guerrero, wasn’t so lucky, as she was injured while trying to help Edge avoid a 619 during the match. Friday on SmackDown, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge will team with ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero to take on Rey Mysterio & CM Punk in tag team action. Rey & Punk both will be looking for retribution against the tandem of the Ultimate Opportunist and the ECW Champion, and it all goes down this Friday night. Will Rey Mysterio & CM Punk find success going against the “Guerrero family” or will the golden duo of Edge & Chavo continue to roll on?

Ric Flair’s fate was in his own hands on Sunday night, as his career was on the line at Royal Rumble. The “Nature Boy” was victorious over MVP, defeating him with a Figure Four Leglock. MVP tapped out, and the legend’s career continues. This Friday night, however, the Ballin’ Superstar will have another chance at ending Flair’s livelihood when the two have a Royal Rumble rematch in a Career Threatening Match. Will MVP find a way to defeat Ric Flair and send the 16-time World Champion to the sidelines, or will “Naitch” keep his impressive streak going with his career on the line?

In recent weeks, Undertaker has been in the crosshairs of the largest duo in WWE – Big Daddy V & Mark Henry. Last week, Undertaker proved to be more dangerous than ever when he used a move nobody had ever seen to incapacitate Big Daddy V, prompting Henry to claim Undertaker had “gone too far.” The Phenom will look to turn up the heat even more this Friday on SmackDown with the help of his brother, the Big Red Monster Kane. What will happen when the Brothers of Destruction reunite to face The Most Dominating Force in WWE & the World’s Strongest Man?

Also, on next Friday’s SmackDown, will we find out Michelle McCool’s condition, after her supposed best friend Chuck Palumbo’s actions caused her to be taken away in an ambulance? Doctors said she may have suffered a concussion. But what is the status of the even more strained relationship between Jamie Noble and Palumbo, considering his meltdown on Friday? And finally, what Superstars will carry momentum from Royal Rumble into the SmackDown arena?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more on SmackDown, Friday at 8/7 CT on The CW Network.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.