Mtv Mix – Volume 67

We have the return of new season of Making the Band 4! Diddy is making three albums at once with his new music sensations. Should be fun! Also, Rob & Big, Life of Ryan, and The Gauntlet III just keep moving along. Next week we return with a full house, but this good enough for now. Jump on board the “Mix Express”….



Making of the Band 4

Basically, this is the second season of Making the Band 4. Last season, Diddy made both a male R&B group but also a solo R&B male artist as well. Robert, Willie, Brian, Mike, and Qwanell all became a group, while Donnie became a solo artist. This season we watch as and Donnie make their respective albums. But Diddy loves twists, so he decided to bring make the female group in made in Making of the Band 3, Danity Kane (Aubrey, Aundrea, D. Woods, Shannon, and Dawn). It’s the “Battle of the Seasons and the Sexes”! Prepare for war!

Needless to say everyone is surprised to see everyone else in the same meeting with Diddy. He tells them all to have some fun for the weekend, because it’s nothing but work after that. He has some serious words with Aubrey alone, though. He doesn’t like the things he has saw from her in the media. He thinks that she might be holding Danity Kane back and screwing up the group. They air out their differences, and everything seems to be fine between them for now.

The boys and girls then go on a date that is WAY awkward at first until the alcohol starts flowing. Then, it turns into an episode of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Everyone is bumping and grinding. Aubrey has an ego on her, but she has more that if you catch my drift. Aubrey and Donnie look to be pairing off. As are Qwanell and Dawn, and D. Woods and Robert. Willie has a good commentary on Aubrey and Donnie. “Aubrey is wild and Donnie is not!”

Diddy finally brings everyone together in the studio and tells them that all three of their albums will get recorded at the same time in the same house. He thinks they all have a connection and all of their albums have to be done in the next five weeks. Usually it takes 18 months to produce an album, but Diddy says he has to be hard on them this time because “times have changed” and they have to stay ahead of everyone else. It’s make it or break time! Love or war between them, they all still have to come and make their album no matter what.

The boys and Danity Kane start working on their first songs. DK’s first song is called “Is Anybody Listening?”. The boys’ first song is called “Co-Star”. Qwanell comes in to talk to Dawn and we learn that Qwanell is only 19, so that puts Dawn off immediately. Meanwhile, Donnie gets to work on his album. His first song is called “I Don’t Care”. Donnie feels the pressure of singing all alone. Back to the boys and their song. They get all nervous when Diddy comes in and he chews them out for singing their song like Jodeci or some other group in the past. He wants them to be them. Diddy thinks they are “acting” like singers instead of “feeling” like singers. Not a great way to start for them, but luckily for them we have about two months to see how all of these albums turn out. Welcome to “Drama House”!


Life of Ryan

Ryan is starting three businesses and that causes nothing but stress for Ryan. It’s hard being young and rich! His dad makes no sense, and neither does his manager. So Ryan talks to fellow “extreme sporter” Carey Hart. He owns his own tattoo shop and rides motorcycles for a living. He gives Ryan some good advice

Meanwhile, Shane is bummed that Ryan is so busy now. No time for them to hang out anymore. Same with his friends, but Ryan makes time to take his shirt and skate at the park!

Kayla finally comes home. Ryan hasn’t talked to her in FOREVER. Ryan brings Kayla a gift when she finally sees her again. It’s a purse, what every girl loves. They seem to be happy together, but we rushed out of that episode so who knows. They want to keep that drama going for another episode or two, so come back next week!

Rob & Big

Rob puts a pink wig on Meaty and Meaty looks like a hardcore rocker. But when he tries to shake the wig off, but ends up looking like he is “headbanging”. Funny!

Rob & Big go to the grocery store and find a cereal called “Good Friends” with a picture of a white girl and a black girl on the box. Rob thinks that he and Big should be on the cover since he is white and Big Black is black! Rob leaves a funny message for whoever is in charge over at “Good Friends”. “Black crunchy flakes and a little white almond!”

Rob notices that Meaty gets more fans than he does now. Everywhere they go, people stop to pet Meaty because he is so cute apparently. They decide to get Meaty an agent from “Le Paws”. But Meaty is not very obedient and pretty much blows his chance there.

Next up for Meaty is a modeling audition. He does a photo shoot at a dog food company “Natural Balance”. It is owned by legendary actor, Dick Van Patten. He gets his own ad campaign and Rob likens it to 50 Cent being the protege of Dr. Dre. His mug gets plastered on his own line of dog treats called “Meaty Munchies”. Meaty doesn’t know how to chew so Rob breaks off some pieces for Meaty and himself along with Big Black. “Tastes like jerky!”

Rob has another great idea. The cereal company won’t call him back, so he decides Big and himself should dress like the women on the cover of the box of cereal. The problem is they look like 80 year old women, while the women on the box are only like 40 years old. “I look like a Golden Girl!” This is entirely too ridiculous, but there is their cover shot! Rob makes his own box of cereal instead with their womenly photo on it. It’s called “Special Buddies”. That doesn’t sound right! Rob made the “cereal game really weird!”


Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet III

Beth gets called out by Nehemiah. Beth made it seem like they hooked up on their last challenge together, and Nehemiah didn’t like that all. He doesn’t want anything to do with her. Nehemiah has started to like Angel, so that add to the list kids.

Time for the next challenge! It’s a female elimination day! This challenge is called “Screw You”! Derek goes twice for the rookie men since they have less men than the veterans. They go in pairs and basically they spin around and then have to do an obstacle course. The veterans go with male/female pairs and that seems like a better idea that all-male or all-female that the rookies decided to do. In the end, The Veterans win again!

Time for the veterans to pick who goes into the gauntlet and who gets protected. The veterans “protect” Brooke and throw Jillian into the gauntlet! Frank doesn’t want Jillian to leave, because he digs her. Time for the rookies to freak out and get paranoid about alliances and rumors. The Rookies eventually pick Angel.

The next Gauntlet will be called “Ram It Home”! Jillian vs. Angel. One love interest will be going home. They have to push a hanging structure to push it to the opposite side that their opponent is pushing away from. Angel uses her weight advantage for awhile, but Angel is too weak and Jillian rams it home! Nehemiah is sad. Angel is gone! And we are back to being totally predictable MTV! Remember, watch the beginning of every episode closely as you will see something come back at the end dealing with that. Most likely who will get eliminated that week. It’s pretty obvious if you look back at all the challenges, but what do I know.

Now we get to the making out. Get out your scorecards. Jillian/Frank, Brad/Tori, Paula/Derek, Tyler/Ryan, and Brooke/Ev among others. Ryan and Tyler discuss their relationship. They don’t have one. Ryan just wants to make out and that bums Tyler out it seems.

So we’re doing double challenges each week this season. Well we do have a lot of eliminations to get to before May 20, when The Real World 20 is scheduled to premiere in this timeslot. Time for the next challenge! It’s a male elimination day! This challenge is called “Roped In”! Lots of teamwork involved with this challenge, which spells trouble, as hey have to guide one team member around to place blocks into pre-cut holes. In the end, The Veterans win again!! 3-0! More bickering between the rookies. Derek is pissed!

Time for the veterans to pick who goes into the gauntlet and who gets protected. TJ informs everyone that no team member can be protected twice in a row, so that screws up the veterans’ plans. Evan says the veterans have “all chiefs and no indians”. The veterans “protect” Tyrie and throw Tyler into the gauntlet! Tyler is hurt by the way John calls out his name like that, making fun of him basically. These former roommates have issues. Now Janelle is calling out Tyler. She tells him to not play this game personally. It’s a game, but Tyler doesn’t agree. The Rookies eventually pick Frank.

The next Gauntlet will be called “Forcefield”! Tyler vs. Frank. You know how this one works. They have to crawl to the finish line, while being attached to a bungee cord. Basically someone has to give up for this thing to end or that’s how it was the first time they did this. Tyler is using up a lot of energy while Frank is staying calm and is just digging in. Predictable MTV strikes again as Frank’s strategy works. Tyler is gone! Frank gets to hang out with Jillian some more, while Ryan has less stress now with Tyler gone. Evan is concerned about the veterans girls losing and having them explode. Remember, this show is predictable so it will eventually happen.

And that ends the 67th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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