Serial Watcher – Lost – Episode 4-01

This is Lost‘s long awaited return, and I wanted to do something different. As Lost is known for giving us its far share of “holy $hit” moments, this isn’t going to be an ordinary recap. I’m writing this as I watch the show, in real time. No commercial breaks, not going back and editing, no retrospect. This can turn out great and it can turn out terrible, but I’m taking the chance.
Before I start, just a quick word about the Lost: Past, Present and Future special that aired just before the season premier. It was a very good scene setter and did a great job at not only reminding loyal viewers of everything that went on so far, but also introducing the show, characters and secrets to new potential viewers. So kudos to ABC.

Previously on lost: Are you kidding me? Who can forget the last episode?

Is this Lost or Dukes of Hazard? And what did those fruit do to that car?
Jack’s watching the car chase. So, is this a flash forward or a flashback? I think I’m going to ask myself this question a lot.
Hurly is the driver? Given jack’s response earlier I’m betting on flash forward.
Yes! Flash forward!
But wait, Oceanic Six? Does this mean only six of the Lostaways made it off the island? We have Jack, Kate and Hurly. Who are the other three?
The detective that questions Hurly knew Anna Lucia. That’s not a funny coincidence. There are no funny coincidences on Lost, it’s all planned from above.
What’s up Hurly? Why are you having Charlie’s flashback? And why are you trying to get back in the “nut house”?

Back on the island: Jack, Kate and Hurly really seem happy about getting off the island. If they only knew what happens to them. Hell, if I only knew what happens to them!
No matter how much time have passed, Ben Linus is still one of the best creepy characters on TV. Just looking at him gives me the chills. No matter what he says or does. But he does seem genuine in his care for Alex.
Nice hit, Rousseau.
Hmm, Hurly’s cannonball didn’t cause as big a splash as I thought.
Finally, they hear the news about Charlie. It’s still extremely sad, but he had a heroes’ death.
WTF??? Where’s Naomi?
Hurly is the man. But stay safe.
Jack and Kate are still arguing. And haven’t they learned yet not to take anything for granted on the island?
Okay, that’s a nice looking commando unit. Sawyer, Sayid, Juliet, Jin, Desmond and Hurly. All the bada$$es. I just hope they all make it alive.

Flash Forward: The Oceanic lawyer that visits Hurly at the institution looks dangerous and creepy. I don’t like him.
Good boy Hurly, don’t trust him.
Seriously, who the hell is this guy???

Back on the island: Sawyer’s acting nice to Hurly. That’s new.
Oh Oh, Hurly’s lost.
Damn, this is scary.
Is that JACOB?
I like how Jack is dragging Ben with him.
Ben is still creepy. But is he telling the truth about Kate taking the phone?
Yes he did.
Damn! That was quite an attack from Naomi on Kate!
How did Naomi survive so far?
R.I.P Naomi.
Okay, the Jacob stuff is even creepier than Ben. We’re talking Twilight Zone scary.
G*D DAMN John!
The Lostaways are reunited. So, who’s gonna tell Claire about Charlie?
Rose and Bernard are so sweet. Why haven’t wee seen more of them?
I love Hurly. He’s so underrated.

Flash Forward: Charlie! I know it’s just an illusion that Hurly’s having (And Hurly knows that also), but it’s so good to see him.
So Hurly saw Charlie in the store. That explains the drowning scare he had at the police station.
That was one mean slap Charlie gave Hurly.
And how come the other patient also saw Charlie? Or was Hurly imagining that too?
Who, who needs Hurly and why?

Back on the island: Nice punch Jack! John sure deserved it.
OMG! Jack pulled the trigger on John! Good thing there were no bullets.
Another faceoff between John and Jack about leadership, the island and getting off it. It never gets old and they play perfectly off each other.
The new, more bada$$ and assertive Hurly is great. Charlie did not die in vein.
So we have Jack’s camp who wants to get off the island and John’s camp that’s hiding in the barracks.
Head count: Hurly, Claire, Sawyer, Rousseau (and family), Ben with John. Kate, Sayid, Rose, Bernard with Jack.

Flash Forward: Future Jack, visiting Hurly, looks better in this episode than he did in the season finale. I’m guessing this takes place prior to that episode.
Jack and Hurly are sharing a secret. Like we didn’t have enough of those.
Why does Hurly apologize about going with Locke rather than Jack? He followed his heart. And Jack doesn’t seem angry about it.
This definitely takes place before the season finale because Hurly wants Jack to go back to the island and Jack says no way. Is Hurly the one who died in that episode? And how come they both got off the island if Hurly went with Locke?

Back on the island: Nice moment between Jack and Kate, but where are the rest of the Lostways?
Okay, who’s that guy who parachuted and why do Jack and Kate seem shocked to see him?

Closing thoughts: That was an excellent season premiere. We got many new questions and I’m sure we’ll get more, with probably a few answers, in the seven episodes left this season. I like the flash forwards, as they are a nice way to keep the show fresh and develop new mysteries.

I won’t be here for the next two episodes since I will be on vacation. But I’d love to get feedback on this recap format. Should I stick with this one for Lost or go back to standard recaps? Drop me a line (The e-mail link is at the bottom) and let me know.