News on Orndorf, Hogan, Heenan, and Some Stuff NOT From the 80s

Ron Simmons is the first African American wrestler featured on’s Black History Month page.

Also on are several ads for tonight’s Lesnar vs. Mir fight at UFC 81.

WWE might be hiring a controversial anchor from Philly. But WWE denies it.

More from Mr. Wonderful here.

The U.S. Presidential campaign’s getting… interesting, with Hulk Hogan (Barack Obama) and Ric Flair (Mike Huckabee) — as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger (John McCain), Sylvester Stallone (McCain) and others with wrestling ties — making their endorsements. Of course, Glen Jacobs (Kane) and Sean Morley (Val Venis) are also in the game, endorsing Ron Paul. Keith Olberman makes fun of Hogan here!

PWInsider is reporting that Bobby “The Brain” Heenan is said to be getting better and joking about wanting out of the hospital. He will start physical rehab soon. We wish him a full and quick recovery.

Mike Johnson at PWInsider is reporting that, according to his sources, Raven’s not in TNA’s future plans. He is, however, still under contract. Meanwhile, TNA has removed Senshi and Rick Steiner from its roster page at

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