SUPER BOWL Roundtable

Name: Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz

Logic behind pick: The Super Bowl is about toughness and heart. In the third coldest game of all time, the Giants went into Lambeau Field and beat Green Bay on its own turf. Having actually lived there for four years of my life, I can say that a cold Green Bay winter day is not something you want to experience firsthand. To go into one of the NFL’s toughest places to play and out-tough the Packers, and one of the best big game quarterbacks of all time, takes toughness. They’ve gone to Dallas and won as well. This is a neutral site and the biggest game of the year.

San Diego played the Patriots tough for 60 minutes with a collection of crippled All-Pros. The Giants did the same in week 17, when they had nothing to win by going all out. This is the playoffs and the Giants have overcome all the odds against them. Brandon Jacobs will smash Junior Seau into retirement and Rodney Harrison into better steroids.

Pick: Giants 27, Patriots 22

MVP: Brandon Jacobs

Bonus: First player to say they’re going to Disney World: Eli Manning, who will follow it up by cock-punching Tom Brady to make it a complete victory.

Name: Danny Cox

Pick: New York Giants 31 – Patriots 24

Logic behind pick: There is really no logic behind my pick as seeing this Super Bowl has garnered as little interest from me as the Seahawks/Steelers game a few years ago. I hate the Manning family or more so Archie and Eli. But the situation here is taking the lesser of two evils.

I hate the New England Patriots with a passion and there has been nothing but talk about their undefeated season this entire year. I kept telling my father that they could be undefeated all they want, but all it takes is one loss in the postseason for them to not go all the way and get the most important thing of all…the Super Bowl win.

Tom Brady is a prick, Randy Moss is arrogant (although he hasn’t been bad this season), Donte Stallworth is a douche, and the rest of the squad is so-so. They’re not as good as the “greatest team in history” everyone claims them to be. Teams have almost beaten them this season but failed to finish it off or simply had to deal with other issues coughREFScough, sorry Baltimore.

MVP: Plaxico Burress

Bonus: First player to say they’re going to Disney World: Eli Manning

Name: Shawn M. Smith

Logic behind pick: This is pretty painful for me:

1) I grew up a Dolphins fan (or “Dolphan” as we liked to be called when we are successful, and since this season was terrible, I broke it down on purpose, apparently) and hate to see anyone from within their division succeed.

2) After one of the most abysmal seasons in history, the only thing that I had to cling to was the fact that the only undefeated team in NFL history was the ’72 Dolphins.

I emphasize the word “was” because the Patriots are going to steamroll the Giants. Yes, Eli gained confidence from the last game of the regular season. Awesome.

The Patriots really didn’t care then and I can assure you that if a perfect season weren’t on the line that night, they would have had no problem letting them win. That being said, this might be the most disgusting talented collection of players in football history here in the 2007-2008 Patriots. Allow me to say without any hesitation that the Pats win, thus ensuring me another reason to be depressed this offseason.

Pick: Patriots 31 – Giants 21
MVP: Tom Brady

Bonus: First player to say they’re going to Disney World: Tom Brady

Name: Charlie Marsh

Pick: Giants – 23, Patriots – 17

Logic behind pick: Plaxico Burress can tell the future.

What? Not good enough? Fine. The Giants have shown that they can hang with the best teams in the league over the past month, including the Patriots, whom they had beat in the final game of the season but gave up so they could have their place in history. That won’t happen this time. Screw history!

MVP: Eli Manning

First player to say they’re going to Disney World: Osi Umenyiora

Name: Joe Corey

Logic behind pick: The Diabolical Bill is back. He probably had the whole boot thing plotted out. he probably wanted Brady wheeled around Manhattan in an Iron Lung. The big difference between this year and the last two is Rodney Harrison on the field. He knows how to make that impact stop.

Pick: Patriots 41 – 14

MVP: Wes Welker

Bonus: First player to say they’re going to Disney World: Rodney Harrison

Name: Chad Jorgenson

Logic behind pick: I can really see this game going any which way possible. It could be a blow out for the Giants, it could be a 2 point Patriots win. I think it’s going to come down to each teams opening possession. If New England gets the ball and marches right down field and scores, all the pressure of having to go 19-0 is going to melt away and they will run away with it. If New England gets the ball to start, gets shut down three and out, and has to punt to New York, who then marches right down field and scores, all the pressure of going 19-0 is going to magnify on the Pats sideline and the Giants could run away. I’m not sure which way it’s going to go, but it’s going to be a run away over by half time game and that kind of game favors

Pick: New England 44- New York 20

MVP: Randy Moss

Bonus: First player to say they’re going to Disney World: Donte’ Stallworth

Three for the Pats
Three for the Giants

What say you?