Leave Your Spandex At the Door 03.02.2008

This is Leave Your Spandex @t the Door, the Greekest Geek-fest on the net.

Catching a short breath after the Nexus Awards, this is column #115, four days late by packed with extra goodness!!

Panel of the Week Voting

• Don’t Be a Man-Thing!

• Valuable Parenting Tips from Batman

Renegade Editorial Boxes

• Black Canary: Byrned

Dan Slott Brings Back the Funny

• Who The H— Is Donna Troy?

Prophetic After the Fact

Teen Titans Lost Love Annual #1

Well, Excuse Me, Princess

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This week in comics…

Panel of the Week Voting

A very close call, by only two votes, last week! But still Long Beach Iron Man is our winner with 33%!

This week’s selection has a very clear winner, and I’ve only included Fell’s amusing panel to break up the Marvel-ness of the past few weeks! It’s not my fault DC can’t seem to publish even a single decent amusing panel between her titles lately…

Panel A
X-Mansion Iron-Man (Marvel Adventures Iron-Man #9)

Panel B
A Fastball Special, FAST! (Astonishing X-Men #24)

Panel C
King of Pimp-Slappers (Fell #9)

Panel D
The CCA, Spidey Style! (Amazing Spider-man #548)

Don’t Be a MAN-THING!

Nate Cosby being brilliant again on the recap page (yuh-huh) of X-Men First Class #8 (Marvel Comics).

No wonder we voted him Editor of the Year!

Valuable Parenting Tips from Batman

So that’s why they calls them Sidekicks!

Source: Teen Titans Year One #1 (DC Comics)

Renegade Editorial Boxes

Yes, it’s Nate Cosby again, speaking in the editorial box . Don’t get in the way of my man-love!

Source: World War Hulk Aftersmash: Damage Control #1 (Marvel Comics)

Black Canary: Byrned

It’s not the rampant ‘wink wink’ misogynism in a Green Arrow/Black Canary sequence that’s shocking. It’s the fact that it’s not written by Judd Winnick for once!

Source: JLA Classified #51 by Roger Stern and John Byrne! (DC Comics)

Dan Slott Brings Back the Funny

Amazing Spider-man #547: a great, fun read with a timeless version of Spider-man, combining action, humour and great villains, in the traditional Spider-comics recipe.

Yup, just like any issue of Marvel Adventures, only with sharper higher-budget artwork (Civil War’s Steve McNiven).

It’s still not good enough to justify the existence of One More Day

Who (The Heck) Is Donna Try?

Source: Countdown #15 (DC Comics)

Prophetic After the Fact

Source: Cable&Deadpool #49 (Marvel Comics)

Teen Titans Lost Love Annual #1

The long-finished annual, which the DC editorial was refusing to publish back when Geoff Johns relaunched the titans franchise because it would clash with the cartoon and the new title, has been dwelling in the bat-cave archives for 6 years now. Thankfully public bashing from Mike on his message boards, further publicised from Rich Johnston’s Lying In The Gutters, helped turn the titde and get this little gem out to its adoring public.

And the world is a better place for it.

Full Review Here

Well, Excuse Me, Princess

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