REVIEW: Teen Titans Lost Annual #1

REVIEW: Teen Titans Lost Love Annual #1

Writer: Rob Haney

Pencils: Jay Stephens

Inks: Mike Allred

Colors: Laura Allred

DC Comics

The long-finished annual, which the DC editorial was refusing to publish back when Geoff Johns relaunched the titans franchise because it would clash with the cartoon and the new title, has been dwelling in the bat-cave archives for 6 years now. Thankfully public bashing from Mike on his message boards, further publicised from Rich Johnston’s Lying In The Gutters, helped turn the titde and get this little gem out to its adoring public.

And the world is a better place for it. Observe:

President JFK getting abducted by Alien Body-Snatchers from the Planet Andy Warhol

— getting taken to their Dali leader
–to lead them in battle against their Jack kirby Hairy Hippie Enemies!

Also Featuring:

Inter-spacial Inter-racial Inter-species (Under-aged) Harems


Seduction of the Innocent (in the White house!)

(heretofore referred to as ‘Robingate‘)

Certainly the most unapologetically fun and nastily retro read of the month, providing laughs, thrills, action and the most eerie JFK assassination theory since Milligan’s Shade the Changing Man!