Hitting Shelves This Week…

Things slow down a bit this for this release date, but there’s still a buttload of stuff that is sure to pique anyone’s interest. For twenty years it has shown us the dumb, the hilarious, and the insane; so enjoy some of the best moments from Cops. Three big films from the past year are making their way to DVD in the form of Rendition, Michael Clayton, and In The Valley Of Elah. And if you’re looking to get your horror fix, even though Easter is right around the corner, be sure to check out Spiral. All this and more so make sure that furry rabbit knows what to drop off in your baskets.

February 19, 2008

After Sex

Sex is nothing to be laughed at, but getting involved in the lives of nine couples as their relationships are dissected bit by bit from the beginning all the way to the aftermath of some that didn’t quite make it.

DVD Features: None

Black Water

This documentary examines a small Tahitian village called Teahupoo, known for its amazing coral reef wave.

DVD Features: Interviews, behind the scenes, making of, numerous featurettes


A young woman is all excited as her first trip ever to Paris is proving to be a fun and enjoyable one. Things get a bit scary and strange though when she is invited to play in the catacombs and ends up separated from her friends.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, “Descend Into The Catacombs” featurette


A cop known for acting on impulse more often then going by the book, Detective Quentin Connors is just coming back from suspension and now has rookie Shane Dekker under his wing and their first assignment is containing a hostage situation led by the dangerous Lorenz.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, “The Order Behind Chaos” featurette

Cops: 20th Anniversary Edition

For twenty years, fans have watched as the cops of countless cities have gone on high speed chases, tackled criminals after a long foot chase, or let the dogs free to sniff out drugs hidden in someone’s car. Now the best moments from all twenty years are here in one big collection to satisfy everyone’s appetite for watching the dumb come to justice.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, bonus shorts, “Parodies And Tributes” featurette, behind the scenes, clips and highlights, and much more

The Final Inquiry

Following a solar eclipse that coincides with a series of earthquakes, Roman emperor Tiberius asks investigator Tito Valerio Tauro for help in finding out what caused these natural phenomena to occur at the same time. What Tito finds are clues concerning the possible resurrection of a Jewish rabbi.

DVD Features: Making of, behind the scenes

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Volume One

Go back in time with this 2002 series that focuses on the early years of Prince Adam as he just learns of his new powers to become the strongest man in the universe, He-Man. Not only that, but he faces off against his arch-enemy Skeletor for the first time.

DVD Features: 13 episodes from the first season

In the Valley of Elah

Witness a story about a family that will do anything for each other. A war veteran and his wife join forces with a police officer to go in a search for their son that recently returned from duty in Iraq but has gone missing.

DVD Features: Deleted scenes, “After Iraq” featurette, “Coming Home” featurette

La Fea Mas Bella

Lety is an intelligent young woman with good grades and a professional attitude, but is rejected from a string of job prospects. She starts to consider whether her frumpy appearance is what’s keeping her back. After lucking into a secretarial post at a slick film production company, her looks come under increased scrutiny in what seems like a foreign world of intimidating power and glamour.

DVD Features: Featuring a number of episodes from the series

Lust, Caution

Shanghai…World War II era. Wang Jiazhi is a young woman caught up in an emotional game of intrigue with Mr. Yee, a powerful political figure that takes the woman into a thriller filled with danger, lust, and espionage.

DVD Features: R-rated and NC-17-rated versions available, “Tiles Of Deception, Lurid Affection” featurette

Nightmare Detective

Keiko Kirishima is a Japanese detective that realizes that two suicide cases were actually murder when evidence begins to point out the victims were killed in their dreams. Needing help against this paranormal killer, she enlists the help of the “nightmare detective.”

DVD Features: None

Peanuts: It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

The Peanuts gang is all set for the arrival of the Easter Bunny as the holiday draws closer; including dying Easter Eggs which Marcy has no clue how to do. Snoopy meanwhile is searching for a new home for Woodstock.

DVD Features: It’s Arbor Day Charlie Brown

The Perfect Witness

Mickey is a struggling filmmaker who accidentally stumbles across a serial killer and captures one of his murders on film. Mickey eventually contacts the killer and blackmails him into making a documentary with him, but it tests the wits and mentality of all involved.

DVD Features: Trailers


The world is full of different ways to bring the news to the people. This film focuses on the modern forms of media today bringing the news coverage of the war in Iraq into the homes of everyone not directly involved.

DVD Features: Making of, behind the scenes, photo galleries, and much more


When an Egyptian terrorism suspect “disappears” on a flight from Africa to Washington DC, his American wife and a CIA analyst find themselves caught up in a struggle to secure his release from a secret detention facility somewhere outside the US.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, making of, deleted/alternate scenes, documentary


A young telemarketer whose life is rather reclusive enjoys a whimsical new friend entering his life. But when he uses his artistic ability to begin sketching his new friend’s portrait, voices from his past fill his head and begin his spiral into a dangerous network.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, making of, trailers

Terror’s Advocate

Barbet Schroeder directs this documentary on Jacques Vergès, the controversial lawyer and former Free French Forces guerrilla who has defended unpopular figures such as Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie and Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy.

DVD Features: None

Walker, Texas Ranger: The Complete Fourth Season

Chuck Norris returns for a fourth season as Cord Walker, a Texas ranger with a right frame of mind, a big ol’ cowboy hat, and the martial arts skills to bring criminals to justice.

DVD Features: All 26 episodes from the fourth season

Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton is a hard-nosed attorney that has gotten quite the reputation and even earned the name of “The Fixer.” When the biggest case of his career comes across his desk, it stands to provide disastrous results for all those involved including himself.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes