News on TNA Changes

TNA is making arrangements with Spike TV to begin airing live episodes of Impact. The plan is to move their tapings from Mondays and Tuesdays to Thursdays and Fridays, alternating between live and taped shows each week. They are looking at starting this in late March, although since ROH has shows in Orlando on the 28th and 29th of that month they may hold off a little longer. One consequence of this plan is that TNA wrestlers will not be paid extra for working Fridays but they will miss out on indy bookings for Fridays. There is also talk of switching to HD once the show starts going live, whilst a one-hour spin-off show for the Knockouts Division has also been discussed with Spike.

The pre-taped Abyss vs Judas Mesias match at Against All Odds is to be presented as though it was live on the PPV, although from a different location. Earl Hebner and Jim Cornette are involved in the match and so they would not be expected to appear on the rest of the card.

TNA held its first drug-testing on 22 January. Nobody is getting punished as these are just to get a feel for the levels of the roster.

Raven’s contract has expired and TNA have no plans to bring him back.

British promoter Alex Shane has been contacted by TNA about running shows in Coventry, Liverpool and Essex in June. Dixie Carter met with him in London last week to finalise the deal. Another Global Impact special is expected from these dates.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 04 February 2008 (subscribe here)

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