Next Week’s Raw Results

To air 11 February…

– Hornswoggle beats Vince McMahon after Finlay hits Vince with the shillelaigh… shillalay… stick.

– Backstage, Vince announces that he will fire Finlay later tonight.

– Chris Jericho beats JBL. Umaga attacks both of them afterwards.

– Backstage, Vince says he has changed his mind and that Finlay will have to watch him beat Hornswoggle in a Steel Cage Match next week.

– Paul Burchill beats Brian Kendrick, with his sister Katie at ringside.

– John Cena beats Mark Henry. Randy Orton comes out for a stare-down afterwards but won’t make eye contact with Cena.

– Ken Kennedy offers Ric Flair the chance to forfeit their No Way Out match. Flair refuses and so Kennedy attacks his knee again.

– Melina beats Maria. Jillian Hall kisses Santino Marella at ringside to distract Maria. Afterwards, Santino apologises to Maria but tells her that next week she has to choose between him and Playboy.

– Jeff Hardy beats Shawn Michaels. Said to be a good match.


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