Updates on Lashley, Heyman, Shane & More

Further to yesterday’s story, WWE has officially granted Bobby Lashley his release.

WWE has also released Ace Steele, Cassidy Riley, Robert Anthony, Michael DiPaolo (ECW’s Roadkill), Shawn McGrath, and George Murdoch from their developmental deals.

Paul Heyman has an interview with The Sun about why he left WWE up here.

Hulk Hogan is the new celebrity spokesperson for FLW Fantasy Fishing.

Here is the updated WWE DVD release schedule for 2008, courtesy of Gerwick.net. The scrapped Sting and Randy Savage sets appear to have been filled by none other than Shane McMahon…

The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin
Release Date: 2/12/08

Royal Rumble 2008
Release Date: 2/26/08

Triple H: The King of Kings (3 Discs)
Release Date: 3/25/08

No Way Out 2008
Release Date: 3/25/08

Evolution of The Hardys (3 Discs)
Release Date: 5/6/08

WrestleMania 24
Release Date: 5/20/08

Backlash 2008
Release Date: 5/27/08

Batista Unleashed (3 Discs)
Release Date: 5/27/08

The Rock (3 Discs)
Release Date: 6/3/08

Judgment Day 2008
Release Date: 6/17/08

One Night Stand 2008
Release Date: 7/01/08

The Best of WCW Starrcade (2 Discs)
Release Date: 7/8/08

Vengeance 2008
Release Date: 7/22/08

The Complete Summerslam Anthology (20 Discs)
Release Date: 8/5/08

The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect (2 Discs)
Release Date: 8/5/08

The Great American Bash 2008
Release Date: 8/19/08

SummerSlam 2008
Release Date: 9/16/08

Unforgiven 2008
Release Date: 10/14/08

Edge (2 Discs)
Release Date: 11/4/08

No Mercy 2008
Release Date: 11/4/08

Cyber Sunday 2008
Release Date: 11/25/08

Survivor Series 2008
Release Date: 12/23/08

Shane McMahon: Here Comes the Money (2 Discs)
Release Date: 12/30/08

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