Blind Dating – DVD Review

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James Keach


Chris Pine………Danny
Eddie Kaye Thomas………Larry
Anjali Jay………Leeza
Stephen Tobolowsky………Dr. Perkins
Jane Seymour………Dr. Evans

DVD Release Date: February 5, 2008
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 99 Minutes
List Price: $19.59

The Movie

Danny has been blind since birth so he has never had the joy of seeing the beautiful things of the world in all their glory. Over protected by his family, he’s also never seen the ugly things either. But as a young man now, he wants to venture out and see how things are for himself in the real world. Figuratively speaking of course. Danny decides to set out and get into dating so he can meet himself a nice girl and hopefully find out what this “love thing” is all about.

He tries his hand at dating but ends up meeting all the wrong kind of women. Some think he is gay, some don’t quite understand his blindness, and others are just so incredibly dumb that he’s better off not being able to actually see them. Things just aren’t going right and he soon hears about a new surgical procedure that could give him some form of sight which would possibly make things easier. Little did Danny know that the place he would go to get his eyes fixed is where he would meet the woman of his dreams.

Leeza is a young Indian woman that is the receptionist at the eye doctor and sort of takes a liking to Danny as well, but she has a fiancé. The good news is that she doesn’t really love her fiancé, but the bad news is that it is still something keeping her and Danny apart. Other things including some cultural differences are also standing in their way, but that doesn’t stop Danny from doing whatever he can to get the one he wants. If blindness hasn’t beaten him, he doesn’t plan on letting anything else do so either.

Blind Dating is a rather by-the-book love story with the added twist of trying to put in as many things as possible to keep the two main characters apart. First there is the blindness, then there is Leeza’s fiancé, then we have Leeza’s Indian descent, and it goes on and on. By the time you get halfway through the film, the obviousness of what is going to happen is slapping you across the face. It’s a simple story and one that is rather heartwarming at times and sometimes just plain…well, there. Nothing really stands out and nothing really drags it down, it’s just there.

There are some amusing moments in the film and those usually happen between Danny and Leeza or Danny and his brother Larry. Larry trying to get Danny ready for his dates has it’s laugh out loud moments but then there are the rather tired and corny gags about Danny’s blindness that get old very fast. Like before though, the humor is there but never quite over the top and once it really does start getting amusing, the corniness sets in and brings it all back to Earth. A whole lot of “not bad” and a whole lot of “not good,” but nothing swings it too far in either direction.

The Video

The film is shown in 1.77:1 Anamorphic Widescreen format and it looks just fine. All the colors are bright and everything is clean and clear.

The Audio

The film is heard in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and there really isn’t much call for the surround sound here, but it still sounds good. All dialogue can be heard perfectly well with the background music never taking over too much.

Special Features

Behind The Scenes Of Blind Dating – This is a very simple five minute behind the scenes look at the film that doesn’t show much at all. There are a lot of clips shown from the film and the occasional “cut” or “action” call from the director with everyone laughing and having a grand old time.

Deleted Scenes – There are sixteen deleted scenes and a lot of them have to do with more blatant blind jokes and stuff dealing with the fact that Danny can’t see. Like everything on this DVD, they sit on the fence of some being humorous and others not at all.

Theatrical Trailer

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The Inside Pulse

Blind Dating seems like it is destined to be one of those films that will air over and over again on TBS or TNT and people will watch it because they were flipping channels and happened to catch it on. It’s not horrible, but it’s nothing spectacular. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t really all that good either. The best word that can be used to describe this film is mediocre. Don’t bother purchasing this DVD for your collection because the special features are very few and nothing really worth checking out anyway. You can spend the few bucks needed to rent it if you like, but believe me it will be shown repeatedly on cable before you know it. Do yourself a favor. Go rent or buy The Forty Year-Old Virgin and you’ll get essentially the same film but one hundred million times funnier.

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